Research project part 2 (updated version)

The topic of my research project is how happiness is found more in third world countries compared to developed countries. Many people go from their home land to a well-developed country looking for ways to make more money and be more successful, these people call this the American dream.  This topic is interesting to me because many people say they want to live the “American dream”, but at the same time they then want to go on vacation and/or retire somewhere else. Many people hear happiness and they turn to money, materialistic things and etc. Happiness is not just the possessions you may have, but it is more of what, other than possessions, will make you truly happy. People would fall in love with money and working and forget to give attention to their families. Many people who believe money makes an individual truly happy are the ones who wake up hating their jobs and treating others with a bad attitude. These individuals are not truly happy because they do not take the time off to relax and release stress with their families or close friends. When an individual is truly happy they will be at peace with themselves. To wake up and love what you do throughout the day, love the person oneself is, and love the people who surrounds oneself, is truly being happy.  This interests me and it should interest others as well because it can teach others that happiness is achieved in the smallest matter. In the smallest matter meaning being satisfied with where and how one lives, with the job one has, and being satisfied with the people who spends time with one and etc. Individuals do not necessarily need to have the biggest house nor the newest car in the market. These things are great satisfying goods of course; but as long as an individual has supporting and caring people around them they will be happy.


Some of the resources I will be using will be a documentary movie called “happy” and a post from Forbes staff called “The Happiest (And Saddest) Countries in the World”. Both these resources are relevant to my project because it backs up my idea. Some of the questions I will be addressing are Does the “American Dream” really make people happy? What do they do that makes them happy/happier? Who are they mostly around with? Do people in 3rd world countries work harder or less than people in the U.S? Does this contribute to their happiness?


Annotated Works Cited


Christopher Helman. “The Happiest (And Saddest) Countries in the World” Forbes

C.H. 9 January, 2013 WEB!/ (prosperity index)

This post talks about the different countries they have analyzed throughout the years. They use a “prosperity index” by Legatum Institute to figure out and rank the different countries in the world. This index ranks countries according to economy, health, personal freedom and etc. The index shows that small countries like (Norway) can be small and not so developed but have very happy people. It goes to show that happiness is not attained by working more hours but by having more hours with close friends and family.


Darius20190, “Developing countries much happier than first world countries” LiveLeak.

Darius0190, 31 July, 2014 WEB


This blog talks about how developing countries are happier than developed countries. It shows that people who are part of countries that are not so wealthy, tend to be happier because these individuals know more than money and materialistic possessions. “People in poor countries can find joy in the moral satisfaction that often is not available to citizens of the developed countries.” (Darius0190)


Happy directed by Roko Belic, produced by Eiji Han Shimizu, Frances Reid, Tom Shadyac, edited by Vivian Hillgrove. 2011

This documentary movie asks people from the city what being happy is to them and if they are really happy. It also questions people from third world countries (like India) if they are happy. Some interviews/ documentaries are of how people live in these countries. Also it shows what individuals do and who these individuals surround themselves with. The interviews done explores a variety of people all over the world to be able to come to the conclusion of who are happier. The movie proves how people can have nothing and still feel satisfied and happy with how they are living.


Happiness Research Project on Different Countries

The topic of my research project is happiness in different countries. This topic is interesting to me because many people say they want to live the “American dream”, but at the same time  they then want to go on vacation and/or retire somewhere else. Many people hear happiness and they turn to money, materialistic things and etc. Happiness is not just the possessions you may have, but it is more of what, other than possessions, will make you truly happy. This interests me and it should interest others as well because it can teach others that happiness is achieved in the smallest matter. Individuals do not necessarily need to have the biggest house nor the newest car in the market. These things are great satisfying goods of course; but as long as an individual have supporting and caring people around them they will be happy. Some of the questions I will be addressing are Does the “American Dream” really make people happy? What do they do that makes them happy/happier? Who are they mostly around with ? Do people in 3rd world countries work harder or less than people in the U.S? Does this contribute to their happiness?

Annotated Resource:

Happy directed by Roko Belic (2011)

This documantary movie shows peoples lives in different 3rd world countries. It then shows peoples lives in the U.S and Japan wich are busy developed countries. It compares the peoples experience and life style and how happy they are. The video shows how people can have nothing and still feel satisfied and happy with how they are living.

i love you babe


Relaxing happy place

Like many others I have many places I love being in. My room, boyfriends arms, my house, under a warm and soft blanky etc. but I can say my favorite happy place would be in 176 riverside. This is my happy place because like all other things I enjoy this place sums it up. I could come here alone or accompinied. The view is amazing and it helps me remain calm and collective. This place has the tendecy to relieve my stress and help me make important decisions in life. Just sitting and looking at the beautiful view helps me breath and sort out all of my thoughts to figure out what i will do next. In a bad or good day i like to admire the beautiful view.

Keep Up with Your Happiness Apps

I’ve tried to track many things in life; time, periods, appointments etc. but never my mood or happiness. But hey its possible. After a couple days with three different mood trackers I found some good qualities that these apps hold. The obvious is that the apps asks you how do you feel throughout the day. It would ask a couple questions about the mood you are in currently. Most apps ask with who you are and what you are doing as well.

Something i enjoyed about the app is the constant reminders throughout the day. This is because it almost feels as if someone actually cares to ask about them. ll Also that it is people friendly. When i say this i mean that the app ask questions in a nice way.

The Secret of Life: The Law of Attraction

Last week the class focused on a video based on a book called “The Secret”. The video was very intresting. It talked about “The Law of Attraction” wich in short words means that “thoughts become things”. The video tried explaining it scientifically sayinf “Every thought has frequency”. The video had people explaining their experience with the law of attraction and it was shown to be true. Throughout the video it is said that negative thoughts will show up over and over because people will focus more on the bad than on the good. It showed that people who believe in the law of attraction had this problem of focusing on the bad. With help it is shown that the individual had stopped focusing so much on the bad and focused more on the positive. This change in their thought had changed their life around. It went from bad to better and good. The people in the video seemed very happy with the outcomes.The video also says that if people focus on what they want they will get it. This does not necessarily mean think about what you want and it will automatically appear, no. This just means that keeping in mind ones goals is a goos way to achieve it because you never let it out sight. The video also saids that “time lets you rethink things carefully”. This is talking about the bad things we sometimes wish to happen when we are upset. This saids that since things dont happen as soon as we think of it, time lets you cool down and know that you really did not mean to wish or think about what you thought of.

After seeing the video, i related it to myself. Idont know if the law of attraction is real, but i do belive that focusing on what one wants and the positive things will help one to achieve that goal. Obviosly something bad  will always happen because it is life and thats how things is. But i do believe staying positve can help ones selfesteem and will help one strive for what we want.

The video kwpt saying that individuals are the “michle angelo of their lives”. I agree with this because i always thought we are the authours of our lives. in other words we have control in our lives. Ofcourse something bad may happen but it is up to people to let that bad thing ruin their day or keep walking and continue in a good mood. To me the book/video “The Secret” is more of a motivational video/book.

HUS Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

1. The trends of technology are attempting to aid a clients well being in the field of human services. This is done so because as technology has improved, areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development has improved with it. Technology has been able to upgrade these areas giving the client better quality of service.

 2. Technology promotes wellbeing in professional development for human service workers and clients. This is because  technology gives the professional a place to organize and store all clients information instead of having a bunch of folders were papers can get damaged or lost. Also because as technology improves professionals are able to receieve more information of human services all over the world. This is important because professionals can learn something new and provide the client with this new information.

3.  Manage care promotes clients wellbeing. Manage care is a set if tools and methods. These methods are for professionals to follow so that they are able to manage resources and is mostly promoted in the areas of health care and mental health. This promotes a clients wellbeing because the professional is able to provide the client with better services.

4. Some limitations of managed care can be gatekeeping. Gatekeeping controls access to services. For example, a client will need a referal in order to acquire the service needed.

5. Service delivery is the use of proper ethics and standards in order to provide the client with accurate service that is helpful for them. This provides wellbeing to the client because the professional interaction between client and professional, will allow the client to open up and let the professional do his/her job done properly. This good relationship between each other will help the client get a more effective treatment.

6. Human services professionals are able to pay attention to variuse groups in order to promote well being to specific populations. This is because professionals want to gain knowledge of different culture, beliefs and tradition in order to be familiar with these populations. Thia promotes wellbeing to the client because the professional has a beyter understanding of these populations and is able to give them the right service.

7. What is happwnibg internationaly promotes wellbeing to U.S citizens. This is because as technology expands people and knowledge expand too. But also a growing population can hinder the well being of U.S citizens because then the use of these services and health care can be full.

8.  The concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes wellbeing because you are helping a man how to catch food for himself, in order for him to eat and survive. It is the same concept for human services because the professional is helping the client how to be self sufficient.

9. Cultural competency promotes wellbeing. This is because the knowledge and understanding of different cultures gives professionals a different understanding. This helps the wellbeing of a client because the professional is able to give the client the appropriate service.

10/16/14 Class Notes

Today in class we discussed how to put all essays ideas and evidence together in a formal way to convince the reader of your own opinion.

HomeWork for Tuesday 10/21:

*Essay #1 Final (for grade) Draft , Email professor Belli the Word Document File Before class, also submit the portfolio folder in class

*Remember, proffesor Belli will not be in class next week but the essay is still due and class will still be in session (there will be a subsitute with work for the class) , If you have not received the proffesors revision of your first draft, email her so that you are able to pick it up tommorow, or so the proffesor can scan it to you

*Reminders* Email proffesor Belli the final essay draft correctly: ( Your Name, Essay1, Final Draft ) She will respond “thankyou” if she has received it correctly

The portfolio folder should include:   Cover letter and final draft, previous draft and peer review sheets, also any related free writing that you may want to include. (free writings do not have to be typed.)


it is how you approach the reader about your idea.

Many have been making the mistake of sounding to chatty, or like they are talking to a friend. Keep in mind you are writing a formal essay, caps and exclamation points (!!) are inappropriate.

Third Person:

Many are having difficulties staying in the third person, remember “in my opinion” etc.. is in 1st person,

Using the third person will make you sound confident about your idea and you will better convince the reader, for example “This is the case …” This way you are convincing the reader to see the idea through your eyes.

Topic Sentences:

Keep in mind that the topic sentence should be specific. It should consiste of a fact and why is it significant. Topic sentences should 1. Introduce the main claim, 2. Relate to the thesis, 3. Connect to the previous paragraph

The transition handout can be of much help.

After you finish your final draft make sure to double check your arguments. Write down your topic sentences in a seperate sheet of paper and read them. Does it make sense? Do they flow with each other? Does it make sense? After that proof read, read it outloud and slowly.

Incorporate Evidence:

After quoting remember to analize it. Why is the quote significant to your paragraph? Does it belong there? Does it relate? What is your point? It should show the reader what you are trying to say. Good ways to start analyzing is “This statement shows, this example portrays…” etc

Quotes, texts, and topic sentences should not start with because. The evidence handout can be helpful.


The essay should be in the present tense and so should words when introducing quotes. For example  “proffesor Belli argues/talks/asks…” After including a quote you should cite it like this: (last name of author and page number) no comma in between. If you have already introduced the quote with the authors name then you do not have to include it while you cite it, just include the page number.

 Works Cited Page:

This page should include the articles you stated in your paragraphs, it should be at the end of the essay.

Color Coding:

This is a technique to help you get your ideas together. It is using a color to highlight a certain idea and another color to highlight another idea. You would do this throughout your essay and see if you have any ideas that are the same in different paragraphs. This technique can help some people do better organize their paragraphs. This video can be helpful to explain color coding aswell.


Many people did titles and others did not. The professor wants us to try the two part title. It is having a catchy frase a colon (:) and then something else, preferably your point on the essay. Try your best on completing the title as asked –>    _______ : _______

 I hope everyone finds my notes to be very helpful, if any questions please contact me through open lab message.

Good Peer Review

After days and hours spent on my essay I was proud of the outcome. I really thought my essay was really good. I was a little nervous in giving my essays to my peers because even though I was proud of my essay, I new it was not going to be good enough. I am not the best essay writer, but then again who is (?). The important thing was that I tried my best and its only a first draft. The fact that I was going to have feedback and have my essay reviewed actually calmed me down. Even being proud of my essay I am open to my peers comments and thoughts.

When I got my essay back I was ready to see all the mistakes I had done. After my peers explained their comments and revision, I noticed my essay can be better. They showed me simple mistakes I did like typos. They showed me that I did not introduce my quotes from the texts and articles. My peers also showed me that I had a few ideas in one paragraph. Another helpful tip my peers showed me was their opinions on the structure of my paragraphs. My peers, Meena and Jocelyn, showed me ideas on how they think my essay would sound better. They showed me that I could switch up some sentences so my paragraph can run smoother. Overall my peers liked my essay and the main idea, they just pointed out plenty of things I should fix in order to make the best out of this argumentative essay.

After this experience of talking to my peers about my essay, I felt good. I liked the experience because I had the opinion of two other people who are willing to help me better my essay. I also like the experience because my peers helped me look and point out the mistakes I did not notice even after rereading my essay. I liked this peer review and would look forward to it again. I think peer review is a good way to make a very good and interesting argumentative essay.

For my essay 1 revision, my next steps are as follows. I will reread a few times over my peers corrections and revisions. Then I will start making an outline or draft including my peers editing. I will do this in a manner were I get all the ideas out on paper. This will help me to figure out which way I like better including my peers ideas and revisions. After I get everything out and organized I will type up my essay and have my boyfriend read it. I will also reread it again myself to feel satisfied with it. Finally I will print it out after I feel satisfied.

HUS Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2:

1. Today in society the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well being of clients who were in distress is different now. Back then people with dissabilities were given to the king, the king would protect them and provide them with what they needed. But also they had different ways in healing some illnesses. For example, people with mental illness were thought to have a demon in them. Therefore they would drill a hole in their heads “to let the evil out”.

2. The evolution of humans wellbeing services from the middle ages to the present day was from not being well developed to know being proffesionals. Indtitutes like the orphanage and the church provided aid for those people in need under their beliefs. The hospitals were also in charge of taking in people and giving them were to stay and providr the with food. They would try to find a doloution for many illnesses but due to lack of training or gaining knowlege. This is the difference now, today human service workers have to study and gain a degree or experience to be s pro

3. Obama-cares mission is to aid the well being of Americas. Obama-cares does this by giving people this health care that many people couldn’t afford. As Obama-care is affordable it is able to put peoples health as a priority any protect them from any sickness.

4. Philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients and society by individualism, lassaiez-faire and social darwinism. Individualism showed people how to take responsibility to their actions in life and how to work hard for what they want.  Laissez-fair is The concept were an individual can help and maintain themselves with the least government help possible. Also social Darwinism is the belief of the survival of the fittest, therefore the weak will die or fail while the fittest will survive and progress.

5. The mental health movement promoted the well being of clients/society. This is because as clinical psychology developed, it gave the people a more effective treatments to their illnesses. This promoted the well being of clients and society because it shows interest in better educating themselves to improve treatments. This led them to providing clients with better service which promotes well being to the individual.

6. The human service movement promoted the well being of clients and society. This is because The community took in their hands to so better training in order to better aid more clients.

7. Entitled benefits like Medicare, Medicaid and welfare promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it gives a boost to people since these benefits are affordable. For example Welfare helps provide aid for the poor and it can help them get a job.

8. Legislation promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it provides clients with their prescription of their treatment. Different laws were passed allowing patients with Medicare to get better services including prescription drug benefits.

Intro Rough Draft #1

Happiness is not a simple topic to discuss because of the the different opinions on it. To me happiness is feeling good about what you do and who you are, it is being at your own peace of mind. Although suffering is the opposite of happiness, i believe suffering can help achieve peoples true happiness. In todays society people use money to define happiness, but money can only bring happiness or joy to a certain extent. From articles i have recently read and analyzed, i have come to the conclusion that experience and memories make up much of our true happiness. Pain, money and experience have an effect on peoples wellbeing, and all these factors contribute to helping boost ones happiness.