Good Peer Review

After days and hours spent on my essay I was proud of the outcome. I really thought my essay was really good. I was a little nervous in giving my essays to my peers because even though I was proud of my essay, I new it was not going to be good enough. I am not the best essay writer, but then again who is (?). The important thing was that I tried my best and its only a first draft. The fact that I was going to have feedback and have my essay reviewed actually calmed me down. Even being proud of my essay IĀ am open to my peers comments and thoughts.

When I got my essay back I was ready to see all the mistakes I had done.Ā After my peers explained their comments and revision, I noticed my essay can be better. They showed me simple mistakes I did like typos. They showed meĀ that I did not introduce my quotes from the texts and articles. My peers also showed meĀ that I had a few ideas in one paragraph.Ā AnotherĀ helpful tipĀ my peers showed meĀ was their opinions on the structure of my paragraphs. My peers, MeenaĀ and Jocelyn, showed me ideas on how they think my essay would sound better. They showed meĀ that I could switch up some sentences so my paragraph can run smoother.Ā Overall my peers liked my essay and the main idea, they just pointed out plenty of things I should fix in order to make the best out of this argumentative essay.

After this experience of talking to my peers about my essay, I felt good. I liked the experience because I had the opinion of two other people who are willing to help me better my essay. I also like the experience because my peers helped me look and point out the mistakes I did not notice even after rereading my essay.Ā I liked this peer review and would look forward to it again. I think peer review is a good way to make a very good and interesting argumentative essay.

For my essay 1 revision, my next steps are as follows. I will reread a few times over my peers corrections and revisions. Then I will start making an outline or draft including my peers editing. I will do this in a manner were I get all the ideas out on paper. This will help me to figure out which way I like better including my peers ideas and revisions. After I get everything out and organized I will type up my essay and have my boyfriend read it. I will also reread it again myself to feel satisfied with it. Finally I will print it out after I feel satisfied.