Happiness Research Project on Different Countries

The topic of my research project is happiness in different countries. This topic is interestingĀ to me because many people say they want to live the “American dream”, but at the same timeĀ  they then want to go on vacation and/or retire somewhere else. Many people hear happiness and they turn to money, materialistic things and etc. Happiness is not just the possessions you may have, but it is more of what, other than possessions, will make you truly happy. This interests me and it should interest others as well because it can teach others that happiness is achieved in the smallest matter. Individuals do not necessarily need to have the biggest house nor the newest car in the market. These things are great satisfying goods of course; but as long asĀ an individualĀ have supporting and caringĀ people around them they will be happy. Some of the questions I will be addressing are Does the “American Dream” really make people happy? What do they do that makes them happy/happier? Who are they mostly around with ? Do people in 3rd world countries work harder or less than people in the U.S? Does this contribute to their happiness?

Annotated Resource:

HappyĀ directed by Roko Belic (2011)

This documantary movie shows peoples lives in different 3rd world countries. It then shows peoples lives in the U.S and Japan wich are busy developed countries. It compares the peoples experience and life style and how happy they are. The video shows how people can have nothing and still feel satisfied and happy with how they are living.

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