HUS Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2:

1. Today in society the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well being of clients who were in distress is different now. Back then people with dissabilities were given to the king, the king would protect them and provide them with what they needed. But also they had different ways in healing some illnesses. For example, people with mental illness were thought to have a demon in them. Therefore they would drill a hole in their heads “to let the evil out”.

2. The evolution of humans wellbeing services from the middle ages to the present day was from not being well developed to know being proffesionals. Indtitutes like the orphanage and the church provided aid for those people in need under their beliefs. The hospitals were also in charge of taking in people and giving them were to stay and providr the with food. They would try to find a doloution for many illnesses but due to lack of training or gaining knowlege. This is the difference now, today human service workers have to study and gain a degree or experience to be s pro

3. Obama-cares mission is to aid the well being of Americas. Obama-cares does this by giving people this health care that many people couldn’t afford. As Obama-care is affordable it is able to put peoples health as a priority any protect them from any sickness.

4. Philosophies were promoted to aid in the well being of clients and society by individualism, lassaiez-faire and social darwinism. Individualism showed people how to take responsibility to their actions in life and how to work hard for what they want.  Laissez-fair is The concept were an individual can help and maintain themselves with the least government help possible. Also social Darwinism is the belief of the survival of the fittest, therefore the weak will die or fail while the fittest will survive and progress.

5. The mental health movement promoted the well being of clients/society. This is because as clinical psychology developed, it gave the people a more effective treatments to their illnesses. This promoted the well being of clients and society because it shows interest in better educating themselves to improve treatments. This led them to providing clients with better service which promotes well being to the individual.

6. The human service movement promoted the well being of clients and society. This is because The community took in their hands to so better training in order to better aid more clients.

7. Entitled benefits like Medicare, Medicaid and welfare promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it gives a boost to people since these benefits are affordable. For example Welfare helps provide aid for the poor and it can help them get a job.

8. Legislation promotes the well being of individuals and society. This is because it provides clients with their prescription of their treatment. Different laws were passed allowing patients with Medicare to get better services including prescription drug benefits.

Human Service 1101:HW3: Chapter 8

1)Describe how the client empowerment model for change effectively impacts a client’s well-being status? Include what the professional would do to implement the model in the counseling session.

One important duty of the human service professional is to promote change to impact the client’s well-being status. The client empowerment model focuses on aiding clients to make their own plans, and their own changes. The professional might implement the model in the counseling session with a teenager by asking, “Had you thought of how you going improve in the relationship of your parents?” This way the teenager can make their own agenda to change the well-being of him/her.

2) Describe how a community-based agency’s mission and goals promotes well-being and happiness for their clients.

The community-based agency’s mission statement is a written document that indicates the purpose and principles of the agency. It is publicly viewable. It answers many questions an client might have or a community might have. For example; “What does this agency do?” The principles made to promotes the well-being and the happiness for their clients. One example of the principles would be that the agency would be well-informed and not make rapid decisions for the best to their clients.

3) Describe how an agency’s organization chart promotes well-being though the chain of command.

The organization chart of an agency gives us a look on not just who is in charge or the chain of command (offices, departments) but what groups work closely together. It tells us how the information get passes along, which department the professionals report to when likes if they need of funds.

4) Describe how the referral process is utilized in the relation to the client well-being.

The referral process is used because of many possible reasons. One reason is that the helper feels that another agency or another professional can impact the well-being of the client more. The first thing the helper would do in the process of referral is that the helper evacuates the client’s dilemmas and needs. The helper then provides the contact between the needed service and the client. Making referrals is difficult, especially for a rookie professional. A new professional might not have many contacts with professionals outside of his or her own work place. It is good to build that as you work for the client’s well-being.

5) Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals.

An informal network is when connections are made by the histories of the agency co-working and personal friendships between the helpers, etc. This aids in the referral to be more supportive from both side, there referrer and the referee even though it much more difficult. It takes more time and effort in building the connections at first.

6) Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well-being of the clients.

Paperwork and documentation requirements can aid in the well-being of clients. This helps the professional to have an knowledge about the clients in case a referral happened. It also provides information for the evaluation process for funding from the insurances companies or the state. Most workers today have an intensive amount of paperwork to do. It is also likely to fill out more than two paper work with the same information. Professionals are likely have to bring this paperwork home and work on them. Professionals usually have to choose between the time and effort going towards the clients or the desk work.

7) Describe how stress and “burnout” of the worker can impact the client’s well-being.

The burnout and the stress of the worker have a negative effect on the client’s well-being. The burnouts arise when professionals has many pressures at work, lost interest of working, etc. It is a really challenge job sometimes. One way to not feel the loss of interest in work environment is professional development. Going back to school for a higher degree can open up more path in the human services field.

8) Describe how professional development activities can impact the well-being of the worker. Describe how it also impacts service delivery to the client.

Like mentioned in my answer of question seven, professional development like going back to school for an higher degree can open more paths in the field. Another activities includes workshops provided by the organization can gives the helper more information of clients’ needs.

9) Describe how a human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client.

The client’s empowerment is used as a tool in the well-being of a client by giving the client strengths to solve their own problems and their struggles. Human service workers should use this tool in every single appointment or meeting with a client.