The Secret of Life: The Law of Attraction

Last week the class focused on a video based on a book called “The Secret”. The video was very intresting. It talked about “The Law of Attraction” wich in short words means that “thoughts become things”. The video tried explaining it scientifically sayinf “Every thought has frequency”. The video had people explaining their experience with the law of attraction and it was shown to be true. Throughout the video it is said that negative thoughts will show up over and over because people will focus more on the bad than on the good. It showed that people who believe in the law of attraction had this problem of focusing on the bad. With help it is shown that the individual had stopped focusing so much on the bad and focused more on the positive. This change in their thought had changed their life around. It went from bad to better and good. The people in the video seemed very happy with the outcomes.The video also says that if people focus on what they want they will get it. This does not necessarily mean think about what you want and it will automatically appear, no. This just means that keeping in mind ones goals is a goos way to achieve it because you never let it out sight. The video also saids that “time lets you rethink things carefully”. This is talking about the bad things we sometimes wish to happen when we are upset. This saids that since things dont happen as soon as we think of it, time lets you cool down and know that you really did not mean to wish or think about what you thought of.

After seeing the video, i related it to myself. Idont know if the law of attraction is real, but i do belive that focusing on what one wants and the positive things will help one to achieve that goal. Obviosly something bad  will always happen because it is life and thats how things is. But i do believe staying positve can help ones selfesteem and will help one strive for what we want.

The video kwpt saying that individuals are the “michle angelo of their lives”. I agree with this because i always thought we are the authours of our lives. in other words we have control in our lives. Ofcourse something bad may happen but it is up to people to let that bad thing ruin their day or keep walking and continue in a good mood. To me the book/video “The Secret” is more of a motivational video/book.

The Victory Speeches of the Primary Election of 2013

Like any other victory speeches; Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota both said their thank you’s to the public, their team, and their families. They both then went on talking about their beliefs and their goals once winning the election to be the mayor of New York City. In the Bill de Blasio speech, Blasio mentioned one of his beliefs of how New York City is the “tales of two cities.” (11:24) Blasio argued this point by mentioning half of the citizens of New York City are living at or near the poverty line, parents are scared that their children aren’t receiving the best education needed, and that the New York City Police Department had be somewhat racial profiling. In the Joe Lhota speech, Lhota argued one of his goals is  to help making New York City more affordable (10:51) to the middle class families. To support his argument, Lhota mentions that he will support small businesses. Another main goal of Lhota is to improve the educational system for the New York City children. To support this goal he mention that he will  support and open up more charter schools, increase the standard of the teachers, and the standards on training.

Joe Lhota and Bill De Blasio both seems to have their own vision of happiness; well-being of New York City. As we all know, well-being is the state of comfortable, heathly, or happy. Bill de Blasio believes that the New York City Police Department’s Stop and frisk(16:28) had been demoting the well-being of New yorkers. Especially to specific groups. However, Joe Lhota vision of the well-being of New Yorker City is by supporting the New York City Police Department’s stop and frisk.(8:25) He mentioned that it will keep the street safe. One goal they both believe that can promote the well-being of New York City is education. Even though there plans are different, they both want the best education for the children of New York City.

From the speeches given from both candidates, they both somewhat represents different groups of New York City. Bill De Blasio seems to represent minor groups of New York City and Joe Lhota seems to represent more on the middle class of New York City. They seem to use ethos in their speeches because I see a lot of their character in it and their beliefs. They also seem to use pathos to capture New Yorkers.