HUS Chapter 3 Discussion Questions

1. The trends of technology are attempting to aid a clients well being in the field of human services. This is done so because as technology has improved, areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development has improved with it. Technology has been able to upgrade these areas giving the client better quality of service.

 2. Technology promotes wellbeing in professional development for human service workers and clients. This is because  technology gives the professional a place to organize and store all clients information instead of having a bunch of folders were papers can get damaged or lost. Also because as technology improves professionals are able to receieve more information of human services all over the world. This is important because professionals can learn something new and provide the client with this new information.

3.  Manage care promotes clients wellbeing. Manage care is a set if tools and methods. These methods are for professionals to follow so that they are able to manage resources and is mostly promoted in the areas of health care and mental health. This promotes a clients wellbeing because the professional is able to provide the client with better services.

4. Some limitations of managed care can be gatekeeping. Gatekeeping controls access to services. For example, a client will need a referal in order to acquire the service needed.

5. Service delivery is the use of proper ethics and standards in order to provide the client with accurate service that is helpful for them. This provides wellbeing to the client because the professional interaction between client and professional, will allow the client to open up and let the professional do his/her job done properly. This good relationship between each other will help the client get a more effective treatment.

6. Human services professionals are able to pay attention to variuse groups in order to promote well being to specific populations. This is because professionals want to gain knowledge of different culture, beliefs and tradition in order to be familiar with these populations. Thia promotes wellbeing to the client because the professional has a beyter understanding of these populations and is able to give them the right service.

7. What is happwnibg internationaly promotes wellbeing to U.S citizens. This is because as technology expands people and knowledge expand too. But also a growing population can hinder the well being of U.S citizens because then the use of these services and health care can be full.

8.  The concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes wellbeing because you are helping a man how to catch food for himself, in order for him to eat and survive. It is the same concept for human services because the professional is helping the client how to be self sufficient.

9. Cultural competency promotes wellbeing. This is because the knowledge and understanding of different cultures gives professionals a different understanding. This helps the wellbeing of a client because the professional is able to give the client the appropriate service.