Chapter 8 HUS 1101

The client empowerment model for change impacts a client’s well-being status because it allows the client to have a higher self esteem and change to better. The professional will determine a goal with the client and ways to achieve well being for him or her. The professional will help the client be more self sufficient in this process.

The community-based agency mission and goals promotes wellbeing and happiness for their clients. Community-based agency do this by following principles made that promote the wellbeing and happiness of the client. Professionals will help their clients realize the potential they have in better managing their lives and contribute to the community.

An agency’s organizational chart promotes well-being through the chain of command because it is organized and up to date with their clients. Departments work together and communicate often in order to show responsibility to their profession and the wellbeing of their clients.

The referral process is utilized in relation to the clients well being. If the professional believes he or she is not capable of giving the client his or hers best service, then the referral process will begin. The professional will refer the client to someone else who he or she believes will give them better service.

Informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals of a client. This is done so by the professional having a connection between individual and agency in order to have help in a referral. This provides the professional with connections to refer their clients for the clients wellbeing.

Documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the the well-being of the client because it provides professionals with the clients background. This is important because with the documentations and paperwork the professional can have a better superficial understanding of the client and he or she can think about future services and/or referrals.

Stress and ‚Äúburnout‚ÄĚ of the worker can impact the client‚Äôs well-being because the professional is not giving their full service and/or attention to the client. This can cause trouble in the clients well being because the professional is not truly focused on their clients issues.

Professional development activities can impact the well-being of the worker because these activities help the professional develop new skills and thoughts. These activities can impact the service delivery to the client because since the professional is gaining new information, it can open their mind to better methods or services for the client.

Human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client. This is done so because the professional is supporting the client and showing them that they have what it takes to make their lives better. The client empowerment can be used as a tool for the well being of the client because it gives them self sufficiency.

HUS Chapter 9- Code of Ethics

The Human Services code of ethics initiates, guides and promotes a clinical arena for professional and clients well being. This code of ethics has rules that must be met by each professional and client. The code helps professional’s and clients be in a safe environment were neither of them feel threatened or uncomfortable. The code also helps keep a good professional relationship between the client and worker. It guides the professional on how to react and guide them through¬†certain situations but with limitations. The code initiates the well being of both the professional and clients because it helps both feel in a comfortable environment.

The human service proffesionals responsibility to clients promotes well being because the proffesional is in charge of taking care of his/her client. With the good communication and relationship the proffesional and the client should have, the proffesional should be able to gain the clients trust. The proffessionals responsibility include keeping up with the client out of the office, providing high quality service and etc while also respecting the clients privacy. The proffesional should respect the clients privacy unless it is thought that the clients action may hurt themself and/or others. The proffesionals responsibility to the client promotes well being because the professional should do anything on their hands for the safety of the client; the clients satisfaction.

The human service professional’s responsibility to the community and society also promotes well being. This is because the proffesional should be able to guide the client on how to act in the community. The proffesional should also be able to work with supririors to help the client get the help they need. Also the proffesional must keep an open mind about any culture or practices the client might have. The proffesional should now the clients background in order to help them be better in society.

The human service proffesionals responsibility to colleagues promotes well being for the client. This is done by checking that colleagues follow the code of ethics.  Also colleagues share information with each other that might be helpful for their clients. Collegues work together and contribute to finish the job and help the clients. This promotes well being for the client because they have more eyes on the situation.

The human service professional’s responsibility to the profession promotes well being for the client because it shows dedication to the work. Human services proffesional should try to get papers on time to be able to have on check the client. They should have experience from training and gain experience from th office. They should be able to handle the situations that might come up so it promotes safety to the client.

The human services proffessionals responsibilites to employers promotes well being for the client. The professionals show this by working kind and proffesionaly yo show respect to other employees. They should also maintain a good communication between each other. This promotes well being to the client because they will feel good that they are receiving good care and services.

The human service proffessionals responsibilies to self promotes well being for the client because they show intrest and proffession in doing their work. This also promotes well being for the client because they gain trust in knowing the proffessional knows what they are doing.

The human service proffesionals responsibilities to educators  by showing proffessional intrest. They do this by keeping in mind the code of ethics. This includes not letting emotion come in between the client and his/her situation. Educators should always maintain a proffesional relationship with the client.

The 4 steps of ethical decision making strives to promote well being to the client and society are Identifying the problem, consulting with different colleagues, and choose a  identifying and exploring options and choosing a course of action. These steps promote well being to the client snd society because in order to treat the problem the proffessional has to be open to all posibilities, really understand and know the situation. Also because listening to other persepective and opinions on how to go with the situation can teach the proffesional other ways to deal with the situation.

Victory Speeches And the Well-Being of a City

In Bill DeBlasio and Joe Lhota victory speech, they both seem to have the same vision on making New York City a better place, but each believe in a different technique on doing so. During Joe Lhotas speech, he used ethos in order to persuade his supporters by showing alot of his character. Joe Lhota says that “New York City is the city of opportunity”. With this being said he states that the other party is wrong about “tales of 2 cities”. Lhota believes that the city of opportunity will be divided because of “tales of 2 cities” (5:40) he states that it will (5:28) “Tear down the progress thats happend over the last twenty years”. Joe Lhota also believes in security and education for the well being of New York City. Lhota supports NYPD and he says “crime is at historic lows” (8:20). Lhota states that he supports the New York Police Department and a safe neigborhood and because of this he believes that “stop and frisk must continue” (9:00).

In Bill DeBlasio speech he uses pathos by remembering the tragic incident on september 11(9:35). He touches his supporters soft spots by using emotion in order for them to support him. In Deblasio speech he mentions that the well being of the city will include safety and authority, he believes in values and noone geting left behind no matter in what economic status they are in (10:30). Joe DeBlasio talks about “New York had become a tale of two cities.. were the wealthy couldnt be better.. and half of our citizens are living at or near the poverty line” (11:25). DeBlasio believes that they should help and support “poor ¬†people”. He wants to change New York City inside and out by staying united. In DeBlasio speech he states that he is agsinst “stop and frisk”, he believes that it is dangerouse and it is “a risk the city cannot take” (16:51).

Both Joe Lhotas and Bill DeBlasio had taken their time to thank their families and ithers for their support during the campaign. Both Lhota and DeBlasio have a vision on making New York City a better place. Both candidates share the support of security/safety for the citys well being. This relates to my past discussions in English 1101 and Hus 1102 were we talked about well being. Starting to talk about this we used Maslow which brought up the topic of feeling safe. In class we discussed about everyday safety, for example police, firefighters, carring a weapon or not, hospital and etc. In this case, the safety that these two candidates are talking about is the New York Police Departments. Which comes up were  these candidates disagree. Joe Lhota believes that the stop and frisk is helpful and must continue for the safety in the streets of the city, while in other hand Bill DeBlasio disagrees with it. Another difference these two candidates have is there techniques in persuading others. Lhota uses more ethos in his speech while DeBlasio uses more pathos demonstrating his sympathy to those families who lost loved ones in 9|11.

#3 Using Money the Right Way to Be Happy

In “How to Buy Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, She¬† discusses how others may use money as a reason to be “happy”. Many people have money and buy themselves luxuries that they want and then claim to be happy.¬†But in this article¬†an Ivy League educated plastic surgeon says that he¬†” had difficulty feeling motivated”. This shows that “he realized he had everything wanted, but was completely miserable”.¬†With this being shown, one can see that having a lot of money and everything you want, is not necessarily being happy. Many wealthy people out there have so many luxuries and an abundance of money yet there wealthiness¬†doesn’t compliment their happiness. As¬†people say that money is power, both Sonja Lyubomirsky, Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, from the op-ed article “How to¬†Buy Happiness” argue that money is better related to peoples happiness¬†when¬†they use the money for unselfish reasons other than material possessions. Both articles support the fact that “buying happiness is to spend money on others instead of ourselves”.¬†Many studies show that experiences and memories make us happier than materialistic possessions. Luxurious things like the latest phone that came out may make you happy temporarily, it is only a matter of time until it gets scratched, dull, and broken. As in spending money on a family trip may be more meaningful because even months after you come back you can remember those good times and it can spark a smile any day. Sonja says in her article that some research has shown that “spending money on need-satisfying goals…can trigger¬† ‘upward spirals’ -that is, streams of happy moods etc.” Spending money to satisfy others can make people feel better and happier. So that is to say that spending your money on a movie for your little brother can bring you more happiness than buying yourself a new watch. Money supplies our well-being and helps us survive this is true, but using money to be happy is more complicated then that. We think we are happy because we have money but happiness is deeper than that. Studies show that we are more happy when we use our money to do “satisfying pursuits”. In other words we feel good about ourselves when we give to others. Using money to have more “free” times with those who we love, can increase our happiness level. like Sonja says in her article “Sharing with others also stimulates positive social interactions, spawns new friendships and relationships, and improves old ones… extending generosity is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to bolster and sustain well-being”.¬†We buy happiness by choosing to spend money on meaningful things.

Human Services & the Well-Being of Individuals/Society(HUS Chapter 1)

Some problems in living include not having enough food, not living in a safe and clean environment, not having appropriate supervision or support from an adult/mentor and etc. These problems can affect the well-being of someone because all these factors and more can come between the people living in the household. It can also affect people emotionally due to the stress of living under these conditions. The stress and bad relationship in the household and between individuals who are experiencing problems affect their well being because it then adds on and they become unhappy. Happiness is a part of well being and as more time goes by without getting help, the problem grows and their unhappiness grows as well.

Human Services aid in the well being of clients by providing understanding and guide in the persons situation. By the human service orientating the individual going through these problems it supports them emotionally and phisically. Human services aids individuals well being also because in the process of getting them help, they will learn about things they did not know about. Though human services are here to help these individuals, its only so much they can do, so its up to those individuals to take the first step in helping themselves by getting help from human services networking in order to improve their well being.                                                                             

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to aif the well being of individuals and society is a good way to find a more detailed answer on how to solve the problem. Using this approach a human service proffesional can understand better the situation. With this kind of action being done one can get to the bottom of the situation and fix it from the root. Also this way we can help the individual make the right choice on how to go about in this situation.                 

Social care contributes to the well being of an individual because it provides help for individuals who cant provide or help themselves. It also contributes to society because if social care is helping these individuals it can make society a bit better. Social control contributes to individuals because it helps them move forward from their past mistakes trying to provide for themselves. As social control helps these individuals make a better future for themselves, it also contributes to society because its helping these people stay out of trouble in the streets.           

The relationship between the worker and the client is really important. It is important for the client and the worker to have a good relationship because that way there is an understanding in between. Both can see each others point of view and the worker can ¬†help her as much as she can. If the worker and client don’t have a good relationship then ¬†there is going to be trouble in communicating. It is also important for the client and worker to have a good relationship because that way the client starts trusting the worker and is able to express her feelings and thoughts on her own. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

By supporting and guiding the client, the human servive proffesional performs aid in the well being goals of the client. This is done so by teaching the client how to be self sufficient. Guiding them and letting them choose helps them  learn how to solve their own problems. Also they build up there self esteem and can have a better attitude towards the problem helping them meet their goal.                    

 Being a generalist human service worker aids in the well being of those they serve because they are experts and know how to deal w any of there clients. Because generalist human service workers work with different types of groups, it helps them use different skills in order to help there client.                                 

Professional human service workers  may steer the client to be self sufficient by letting them make their own decision. The client builds up their self esteem and gain confidence. Once this is in place the client starts taking in their responsibility.

Human service delivery system provides Alemeda with social care, social control and rehabilitaion in order to create a path of well  being in her life. They do this by giving her options and letting her change herself for the better. Human services lets her decide what steps she wants to take for her own and Anne well being. They understand her decisions wich makes her feel respected.                                       Evidence based practice knowledge can be utilized by the professional to aid the clients well being by supporting the clients ideas. Also they have experience and the right skills to provide support and encourage the client to do the right thing for their well being.


Money, Happiness, and “the American Dream”

After reading “How to Buy Happiness: by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norman i came to comprehend their opinion on happiness, money and “the american dream”. The article states “how we use are money may matter as much or more than how much of it we’ve got”. This statement is true, if you think about it, alot of people believe and say money makes you happy or money buys you happiness but in reality it does not. Its more like what we choose to do with the money that’s what makes us happy. The articles says “a growing body of reaserch shows that the mere whiff of money draws out our selfish sides”. This is true in many occasions, many people have betrayed their close friends and family for just a couple of bucks. With just a bit of money coming towards them many people become selfish without noticing. In addition if you notice as soon as one gets paid we want to spoil ourselves with material things. As i read the article i asked my friend what she would do with one million dollars and with no hesitation she replied “move out”. This as addition to evidence from the article shows that when we have money we think about our wants confusing them with what we need, we dont think about what we could do for others as our first priority. My friend like many other people want the “american dream” of buying there own land or house, but we dont care to see that the land or house will only be temprary happiness. The article states “Dozens of studies show that people get more happiness from buying experiences than from buying material things”. The article supports this by saying that these experiences “makes us who we are” and i suppor it by saying that sharing wonderful experiences ¬†that we can later remember is way much better than buying something that can break. As you see the diffrence is alot, material happiness is only temporary while experiences can last a life time. Many people want to live ” the american dream” and buy a house with luxurius things but even the wealthiest man with the ideal house can not be as happy as a regular citezen renting an apartment. The difference is enjoying money or things with others will make you happier than wasting your money on things you would enjoy more yourself.

A Census Article about “How Happy Are You” And the State of Your Well-being.

The article “How Happy Are You” A Census Wants to Know” by John Tierney is about a Boston suburb, Somerville, Mass. Officials are asking the people of Somerville about their happiness and what they should do to make them feel more happy. They added questions on to their census such as “How satisfied are you with your life in general?” and “Taking everything in account, how satisfied are you with Somerville as a place to live?” These questions added to the census were expected to get back specific answers. In my opinion i do not agree that happiness can be measured. In the article there were also some concerns on whether or not politicians should be promoting happiness or not.

I believe that the officials are making it seems as though one can measure there happiness by how much “green” one has. I do not agree that people could measure there happiness because, they are being blinded by material or environmental things such as “physical settings”. One can have a moment of tranquility and peace when looking at the ¬†physical settings they want to be around, but happiness in my opinion is deeper than that. What happens when you turn around from this “physical setting” and your surroundings, when you wake up at 3 am and you’re laying in bed; Are you happy? So i do not think it should be measured by governments because the government can only do so much, and they can’t measure every single persons complete happiness. That is why i believe happiness is deeper than having “more parks or highways” in ones city. Other than being measured people tend to “promote” happiness. The government tries to promote happiness by giving the people what they want. But even in a world with everything the people want, true happiness is ¬†ones choice.

Things that are important for my well-being would be food on the table, a roof above my head, principles, education, communication, and feeling safe and comfortable. I believe sanitary, hospitals, police and fire departments are important for the well-being of a community. While this is all true well-being and happiness are slightly different. Things that make you feel comfortable and healthy, like food and government agency’s, are all part of ones well-being. And having all of this would make you feel happy at the moment, but true happiness comes from within. Nevertheless Conflicts between individuals and community well-being exist and i believe its normal because people have different opinions and ideas regarding a community well being.

“Lucys Intro”

Hey everyone, my name is Luz Garcia I also go by Lucy. I’m 18 years old and I was born and raised in New York. My birthday is on May 20. I’m a Taurus which I believe describes me a lot. I have 2 younger sisters and a new little brother from my father side, who all live in the Dominican Republic. I also have a little sister from my mothers side who I live with. I went to High School of Graphic Communication Arts in downtown Manhattan. I enjoy playing basketball, drawing, listening to music and having fun, i love to laugh. This summer was different from my other past summers, i was getting ready for college, spending¬†some time with my boyfriend, i attended remedial class for math, and i was babysitting.

This semester i’m planing on focusing on my classes to do very good and learn fast about my career. My first experiences in City Tech were good. Since i attended remedial class in the summer i got use to the ways professors taught their class, so i expect to do well in my classes. My mom and my past experiences have given me the interest for the Human Service field. Majoring in Human Services my career goal is to help kids and teens that have problems in their household, streets and/or school. Many young adults have problems and act out in ways that our city frown upon; and because of that, later in life they have trouble finding jobs because of their past choices. My goal is to help those who are having trouble and give them the second chance they deserve to become successful.

One of my weaknesses is expressing my feelings thoroughly. This weakness affects me as a writer because i have problems expressing all my thoughts on paper and it making sense. Other than that i believe writing about things i find interesting in is my strength. I enjoy free writing because i get to write about something i am interested in and about my opinion on it. Attending H.S.GCA i have gained some knowledge on technology, i know my way around a few programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc.

Happiness to me is feeling good about myself in my own skin, and having those i love and care about around and supporting me. Some people may argue that money or material things are important and having these thing make you happy, but i believe true happiness is deeper. Happiness to me would also be finding my own peace of mind and feeling good as a person. I could sit in an empty room but if it’s fulled with people that make me feel good, and that i love then i’m happy.

From this learning community i expect to learn more about society and individual happiness. I also expect to share my ideas and thoughts with everyone. I hope i also get to develop my writing skills more thoroughly in order to express my thoughts into words. Thank you for your time on reading this introduction, i hope you enjoyed it. ūüôā