Happy Happy Happy Apps!

So as I looked through all of these apps I saw a common trend which started to be tracking people’s happiness. For most of the apps it tries to see how happy you are the mood you’re in what kind of people surround you and etc in order to obtain statistics on people. They want to see the kind of things that make people happy to than see how they can help. But each app wants to find ways in which they help people become happier for their everyday life. I liked that each app lets you know how happy you might be and tracks everything for you so you can know how happy healthy you might be or just plain happy. They want to help you keep on track with your happiness so they send you alerts when to add your mood and etc.

For instance an app I downloaded to try the “Happify” one started off asking so many questions from your age? to do you think you’re in a serious relationship? or are you a picasso or accountant kind of person? they ask all these questions to know how you feel about yourself and what you think about happy. When you signup than you can do different task. Like one I chose where you stop comparing yourself to others than you might pick an activity i chose one and they showed me three different tasks. The first was Not That Into You the second Love What You Have and the third You Decide How! So I went to choose Love What You Have. This task would help me combat negative bias, reduce feelings of sadness or hopelessness and feel better about life. So far from just looking at this app and the kind of task they might have you do or what the activity will help you get through it seems like they really want to help your life be more happy and healthy.

They want to focus on how each person can become healthier with their lifestyle choice and through each app like the “Headspace” which tries to meditate with you you can have a healthier mind. I like each app finds ways they can help with each person. They’ll give activities that can help the mind they might soothe you with music or pictures they all want to know what really makes people happy. These apps want you to track your happiness and learn how you can change the way you think and your attitude such as the “Live Happy” these apps want you too change for the better.

I downloaded that app that I mentioned because I do want to see how this can affect my happiness or actually do make me happier. I am the kind of person to get mad easily I can be disrespectful or catch attitude. My mother has always said I’ve been like that to since little and I do want to change that. It doesn’t look good in a young girl to act like that anyways. I want to change and have a positive attitude always or find ways to forget things and not get mad.