Class notes 12/09/14

Professor Belli started the class with some reminders:
→ Submit Cover letters for First Draft of Research Essay. This will be useful for Professor Belli to know what she can help you with.
→ No Final Drafts will be accepted without Works Cited or Cover letter (1-2 pages)
→ FINAL Draft of Research Essay will be December 16th at 10:00 am. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Followed by these reminders, Professor Belli asked us to re-read our first draft of the research essay and do some free writing. We had to write about what are the major issues do we have in our essays, what are the next steps that we need to take to finish it and what is it that is blocking us from completing this task.

Some suggestions from Professor Belli for us to fix in our essays:
Transitions/topic sentence
Incorporation of research
Signal/introduce quotes.

After the suggestions above, Professor Belli made us rip out three pieces of paper and write in each one of them one thing that is being an issue in our essay, a next step we will take to fix our essay and something that is blocking us from completing the essay. After that, three people collected the pieces of paper, went in front of the class and read out loud each paper meanwhile Professor Belli wrote on the board what each of the small papers said. The results:

Writing the essay
Orden of ideas
Topic sentences
English Class
Incorporating sources
Write research
Works cited

Next Steps:
More Research
Finish topic/send for feedback
re-read/ proofread
Add more
Finish revision
Writing it
Incorporating feedback
Topic sentences

Time management
Negative thoughts
Fear of failure
Personal life
Lack of time
Feeling stuffed
Lack of concentration
Professor Belli

Some TIPS of how to make your research essay be successful:
Integration: integrate your sources effectively and ethically.
Synthesis: bring the essay together, connecting with each other the facts that you find and your argument.
Analysis: break down the information you provide for your readers.

Introducing quotes:
Make sure you don’t just throw in quotes without introducing them, citing them or analyzing them appropriately. Also, REMEMBER to contextualize your sources, meaning that you need to include in your paragraphs what is it that makes credible the person who you acquired the information from.

*When you paraphrase make sure that you also give credit to the source you got the information from.

Look at Signal Phrases (Links are in the schedule)
Signal phrases are to introduce your source.
Indicate where source material comes from.
Shapes your reader’s response to a source through appropriate word choice.

Good luck to everyone finishing their essay!

Father Figure Wanted: the effect of absence of a father in a woman’s love relationships.

Growing up without a parent can negatively affect a child’s ability to achieve happiness in their lives. There are many reasons for parents not to be present in a child’s growth, whether its due to death, an illness, divorce, or lack of time due to their jobs. All of these reasons have their own effects on children. The effects occur in the children’s personality, which could often be negative such as having: low self-esteem, lack of ability to socialize, inability to maintain relationships and so on. When the children’s personality is affected negatively, their ability to achieve happiness diminishes. This is the case with women who grew up with the emotional absence of their father. Research shows that women are specifically damaged in their ability to have healthy love relationships due to the absence of their father at some point in their life. Women are likely to have unhealthy love relationships due to insecurity: caused by the emotional absence of a father throughout childhood.

The benefits that a woman misses by the emotional absence of a father in her childhood are management of emotions, encouragement of risk taking, competition and more. According to the article “Growing Up Without A Father: The Impact On Girls and Women.” By Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya. Fathers are essential for girls in their child development because they provide with a different type of nurturing. They focus more on teamwork and competitiveness. This different type of focus has an effect on the girl’s ability to manage emotions, intelligence and academic achievement. Fathers also are essential to provide with a sense of what self-control and teaches it to girls. Therefore if a girl does not receive this during her childhood development, when she grows older she will have difficulties with her personality by being insecure, having low self- esteem and being unable to recognize her self-worth.

Girls need to be taught by their father about men so when they grow up to women, they would be able to acquire healthy relationships. A blog that was posted in website “Love-Life Learning Center” created by Dr. Tom Jordan and his wife whose professions are in the field of psychology: states that fathers need to nurture their daughters in order for them to have a secure sense of themselves as individuals and as desirable women. However, if fathers do not provide with this type of nurturing then the daughters will have grief and will search for the missing father’s love somewhere else. A father also has the responsibility of advising their daughters about how men are, what they value, how they get to respect women and so on. This is how a daughter would have information in order to be able to look for their ideal man in the future. Although, if daughters cannot acquire this information and nurturing from their fathers due to their absence then they will fail to cultivate healthy relationships leading them to develop negative characteristics.

Not receiving the adequate nurturing and information of a father will lead a daughter to grow into an insecure woman. According to a paper named “ Fatherless Women: What Happens to the Adult Woman who was Raised Without her Father” By Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. She confirms that a girl sees her self-worth reflected in a father’s behavior towards her. Therefore a woman who was raised having a positive relationship with her father will be self-confident. However, the woman who lacked of someone to assure her self-worth will have a low self-esteem. Hence, making it more difficult for the woman with low self-esteem to overcome obstacles throughout her life. Moreover, Kortosch explains three types of love relationships that adult women would have if they experienced the emotional absence of a father. The first one is called “The multi-faceted arena of relationships” this is the type of relationships where women who don’t have a sense of validation for themselves tend to look for it by having sex with men until they think they found the “right” one that makes them feel accepted. The second one is “Marrying “Daddy” which is the type of relationship where women seek for older men wanting to find the father figure they never had. If the lover recognizes that the woman is going to go through a transformation that will make her into her own older woman, from daughter to woman then their relationship will be successful. However, if the man doesn’t recognize this transformation or doesn’t want to then he will respond negatively to the woman and make her feel silly and even more less confident about herself. That would show that he just wanted to take advantage of the naïve, young woman he married to. The third type of relationships is “Avoiding engaging emotions” which is where women just avoid getting involved their emotions with men and so they decide to focus instead on their careers, taking care of others by serving them, serving to god, to their sister’s sons and daughters and so on. Also prostitutes who involve their body with men but not necessarily involving their feelings at all. Last but not least the woman who ends up having relationships with those who are married and which is convenient to her because she never really wants to commit either anyway.

Works Cited
Akinsanya, Brevada G. “Insight News.” Insight News RSS. N.p., 03 Nov. 2011. Web. 23 Nov. 2014.

Jordan, Tom. “Absent Father & His Daughter’s Love-Life.” LoveLife Learning Center. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.

Kortsch, Gabriella. “Fatherless Women: What Happens to the Adult Woman Who Was Raised Without Her Father?” Trans4mind. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.

Parental involvement affects your future happiness/ Second research proposal

There are many factors in life that can have a positive or negative effect in achieving happiness. One of these factors is the absence of a parent during child development. In my research project I am going to explain with different sources how a child is affected in their life by the absence of a parent. In the research that I have made so far, I obtained results that indicate that the absence of a parent is very negative to a child’s development. When a parent is absent too often in their home, their children tend to acquire emotional distress. This will eventually lead them to depression and other diseases that may affect other aspects of their lives. Also, when a parent is involved more often in the child’s schooling, their children are triggered to be more successful and have more academic achievement. Moreover, I intend to do more research and make connections of how the characteristics that are developed in childhood affect a person in their adulthood. An example would be how due to a negative characteristic from a person such as: insecurity caused by parental absence, affect their life. If a person is insecure then he/she won’t be able to make important life decisions such as getting married or even just having enough confidence to believe in himself/herself to achieve economic success. Therefore, based on the research I have done so far I believe that a person’s characteristics are impacted greatly by parents. According to the characteristics developed in an individual, these will determine how the individual achieves happiness. The definition of happiness in this research paper will be: economic stability, emotional stability, and ability to maintain relationships. To acquire economic stability a person requires self-sufficiency, which means that it will involve the characteristics that were formed during child development in order to achieve this. Also, in order to achieve emotional stability the person will require these characteristics that were formed. By emotional stability I mean a person’s ability to maintain a strong character. Moreover, being able to maintain relationships such as love relationships will also require of these characteristics. In conclusion, the absence of a parent during child development can affect the individual later in life when trying to achieve happiness.

“” Parental Involvement and Children’s Well-Being. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2014.

This source explains how parental involvement in adolescence impacts a teenagers life. In further detail this website explains that when the amount of time parents are present at home affects the teenagers’ emotional health and can cause them emotional distress. Self- esteem is something that also gets affected due to exhibit of love and responsiveness from parents. Moreover, this source explains that when parents are more involved in the schooling of their teenagers they tend to have higher achievements. The source will help me to explain how an individual’s life can be impacted by the type of involvement from their parents.

“Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger.” Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

In this article, something that is emphasized is how the courts of the U.S don’t understand how essential it is for a child to have their fathers. It is important for a child to spend time and experiences with their father because otherwise the children will have difficulties adapting to society. Its been reported that children that don’t have a father have more issues in trying to form any kind of relationships and being social. This source will help me to narrow down my topic and focus on how specifically fathers are needed for a better child development. It will also help me to explain how the absence of a father can impact the behaviors of a child.

Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail. “How Absence of a Loving Father Can Wreck a Child’s Life: New Study Shows Relationship with Both Parents Is Crucial.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 14 June 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This source explains how a large part of the population of kids in America lack of a father figure and this affects all aspects of their life. Also it explains how if parents rejected individuals during their childhood, they felt more anxious and insecure: including more aggressive. Furthermore, this will help me to support the rest of my research regarding fathers and their absence in individual’s childhood. I think this article explains well and straight to the point how a father’s absence affects a child.

Happiness at home= happiness in life?

There are many factors in life that can have a positive or negative effect in achieving happiness. I have decided to study one of these factors. My possible topic for my research paper is about how growing up without a parent can affect a child’s ability to achieve happiness in their lives. This topic interests me because I believe that a person’s characteristics are the ones that lead them to success or failure/happiness or unhappiness. However, the characteristics that people have are often developed due to certain situation they went through in their life. A certain situation that can be considered is not having one of their parents in their life. This situation may affect the person and causes them to be in a certain way. This topic may be of interest to others because people are often curious of why others or themselves are the way they are. My research paper would give people insight to how individuals were affected by the absence of one of their parents and are suffering consequences in their personal traits and may not be able to achieve happiness because of that.

The sources that I may use for this research paper will be books such as my psychology book, articles about statistics in my topic, articles from newspapers related to my topic and I may ask some people about their experiences. I think some of the questions I should be asking about my topic are: what does a mother and father contribute to their child’s life? What contributions are essential in the well development of their child? What would a child lack of without one of their parents? Emotional stability? Economic stability? , How do these things affect the point of view of the child towards the world?, Are there negative characteristics that the child develops that may affect them in their lives?, How do these characteristics prevent them or may be an obstacle to achieve their desires, goals and happiness?. I think my proposal is argumentative because many people can give different reasons of why a person may not be able to achieve happiness. They may say is not justified that a person is not successfully happy because they were affected by the lack of one parent throughout their childhood. People may say that it was because of a bad relationship the person might have had, the bad economy, and so on.

Annotated Source:

Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, U.S., Children’s Bureau Rosenberg, Jeffrey., and Children’s Bureau Rosenberg, Jeffrey. “The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children.” Fathers and Their Impact on Children’s Well-Being. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

This source mentions about how children who grow up without a father tend to develop negative characteristics such as: low self-esteem, lower IQs, anti-socialism and so on. It also states that the relationship of mother-father has an important impact of how parents will treat their children. If a father has a good relationship with the child’s mother then he would most likely spend more time with the children. Therefore he will give more attention to the children, who will eventually be healthier psychologically and emotionally. Same if a mother has a good relationship with the child’s father, she will respond more affectionate and caring for the children. This source will help me to prove that there are behaviors parents have that affect their child’s characteristics. Hence, the child’s characteristics will eventually affect them on how they achieve happiness in their lives.


Apps help but not really.

My thoughts about these happiness apps are a little diverse. In one side I think they are might be good to collect data such as a person’s location where they live, their gender, ethnicity etc. and see how that affects their wellbeing. Meaning, if they have economic stability, enough resources provided by the government and so on. However, I also think that the apps are not enough for a person to reach happiness. Yes, it gives some tips of what can be done to feel better at the moment. Although, it doesn’t give you exact processes that would help you solve the problems that may be affecting your happiness. Here are some thoughts about some of the apps:

“Track your happiness” is the app that makes you take a survey at the beginning asking you about general information about yourself, like gender, ethnicity, age etc. then this app sends you surveys to your email where at the beginning of the day, the middle and at night. In each of these surveys there are about 15 questions that ask you what you are doing, how do you feel, etc. At the end of each survey this app collects the data and graphs it in correlation with your happiness and activities accordingly. I think this app is not so helpful to improve a person’s happiness but more like to collect information of how people’s happiness is affected by their environment and daily activities.

“Happy habits” is an app that you can download to your phone and this app contains a series of activities that you can do to increase your level of happiness at the moment. I first took the survey with 119 questions, which at the end gave me a detailed summary of what are my characteristics as a person and how i could improve in them to be happy. The summary about the characteristics measured them from low, average and high. The characteristics measured were: optimism, illness susceptibility, locus of control, compassion, trusting of others, affiliation, pleasantness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, assertiveness, self-confidence, gratefulness, approval seeking, and playfulness. Mines ended up being sort of accurate I would say, and the advice that they give is realistic. Asides from the test this app contains information that educates people about cognitive psychology, which is the approach the application takes. Moreover, they have meditation techniques and activities that are in fact relaxing and help improve happiness. I have tried meditation before and I can say that after it I would always end up relaxed and feeling fresh in mind and body.

Emotion sense app claimed that they were going to collect data from my phone including my location, texts, calls and more. When I read this, I immediately went back and did not agree to the terms and conditions. I already don’t trust facebook and some other websites that have my private information. I obviously wouldn’t like another app to get this private information from me. I would feel very uncomfortable with someone reading my messages or spying on my calls. Not that I have anything bad or embarrassing to hide but I just like the fact that I can keep some things to myself.

Astoria Park: my one special place.

Although I haven’t been to many places, I love to always visit new ones, learn about them and get different experiences from each one. There are places that are not necessarily the best ones to be physically in but the emotions you experienced were wonderful and suddenly they become the favorite place you can think of. Other places you just fall in love with them because of their nice location or environment that make you feel a deep connection. For me, Astoria Park is definitely one of my favorite places in New York City and I think not only mine but to many others as well. According to the article “The Happiest and Saddest Places o New York City, According to Twitter” by Brian Merchant, the New England Complex Systems Institute reports that Astoria Park ranks between the top 10 happiest places of New York.

When I came to the United States 5 years ago I first lived in Ozone Park, Queens. I lived there for a year and then moved to Astoria when I was going into high school. I moved just a block away from the park, and I remember when I saw it for the first time in the summer. I was standing right in front of it, looking side to side, up and down. I visualized the big green trees and the blooming flowers around it. I thought to myself “This will be the place to be myself”. So, it became like that.

I have experienced so many things in this park that I don’t even know where to start from. In the summer it becomes the most magical place to be in every day. I go there to read, think, exercise, or just lie on the grass and stare at the blue sky thinking about nothing. I remember myself going in the spring to do homework or projects. There was also a period of time where I used to run in the track field every night, or go to practice in the day with my school’s soccer club.

Moreover, I used to go there occasionally with my family and friends to just spend an afternoon having a picnic and chatting about our lives. Not to forget that I also appreciate the fact that there are always events going on in the park when its summer. I can go watch movies for free on a big screen and lie on the grass and have a relaxed time. Or listen to bands performing in this opened space. There is also a public pool in the park, although I never go its good for my brother because he loves it. Another great thing about it is that there is always a fair in the summer where you can ride some big games and eat sweets until your stomach hurts. In fall and winter I mostly go to walk out some sorrows I may have and just sit on the pavement next to the river observing how it flows. Whether I am happy, stressed, or sad it’s always the one place that I can go to.

Here is a picture of it at day and night! By the way, I took  my profile picture in the park as well.


10736106_1509501702637665_129479855_n (different place in the park)


Screens between emotions.

In modern days technology is being used for everything, even to promote happiness. Two of the websites explain that we explored were “happier” and “happify”. These websites explain ways to be happy and they give activities online that will supposedly boost your level of positivity. They make you think about the good things in your life and be grateful for them. Also, “hedonometer” is another website where a timeline of twitter shows what trends have been the happiest for people over the past years. Moreover, another website that we looked into was “ the world-well being project” which is about trying to look for ways of measuring psychological and health well-being through the usage of language in social media.

It is very creative and advanced what these types of websites are being used for. Which is providing proper with different types of websites are being used for. Which is providing people with different types of activities that may or may not improve their emotional well-being. However, I personally believe that technology is not enough for a person to express their feelings. A person needs to talk out their emotions with someone else. Or do something that involves physical and mental effort. These positive efforts will eventually provide the individuals with sufficient skills to deal with their negative emotions.

People are social animals. They need to interact with each other in order to survive in this life. Technology provides them with convenient communication, sure. Although, it does not provide individuals with effective communication. It is very different to have a conversation face to face, compared to having a conversation through a screen. A person can miss on interpreting in a right way the language of another individual. For example, having some eye contact would be more meaningful or just a small pat on the shoulder and so on. Also, I think some of these websites might be too positive up to the point where it seems a little unrealistic to be so positive when many factors in life are making people depressed. The only way that technology might be beneficial in my opinion is by convenience of finding data correlating to improvement of the wellbeing. It is much faster and more accessible for researchers of topics.

It depends on what you believe.

The past week our class watched a video that explained the concept of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. In this video, the idea that is being portrayed is the law of attraction. Meaning, that whatever your thinking is, no matter who you are, whether is positive or negative: it will happen and you will have it. We also watched two parodies about this video. The first parody suggests that the words, music and tone of the original video are exaggerated with sophistication. Moreover, the experts that are shown in the original video are replaced by the first parody with people who are irrelevant to the topic. The second parody is making fun of the ideas of Rhonda Byrne that were presented by her in an Oprah show. This parody brings up the fact that Byrne is just a normal person who is not a scientist. Therefore, there is no reason for her to have credibility in her claims. Moreover, the parody focuses in challenging the idea of the law of attraction by showing examples of personal and public issues in which the law may not work.

I think that the concept of the law of attraction is true, to a certain extent. Our thoughts definitely have an influence in our actions. Therefore, whether you have positive or negative thoughts: your actions will be the same according to it. I agree with the first parody that emphasizes in the fact that the video of the secret is exaggerated with the presentation of the content. However, that is just a strategy that is used to sell. Whether the audience believes its content or not, it is all up do them. It’s like buying Proactive (or anything else). The commercials show that the product is for everyone but in real life it may not necessarily be true. Also, let’s keep in mind that there is something called the “Placebo effect” which is when an individual has improved in his health after receiving a “treatment” that may not necessarily cure the disease he has. This improved health is because the individual was TOLD that the treatment will cure him. The brain of the individual used the idea of the “treatment” that will cure him, and it healed itself. So, why wouldn’t there be a possibility that our way of thinking influences what happens in our lives, if our brain is so powerful. Our brain is the one that responds to things that happen. Whether our responses are good or bad, it’s up to us.

In the second parody, Pamela who was left by her husband wants him back. However, he doesn’t want her and Pamela does things that she assumes will be effective to get her husband back. These are competing desires. I think that in this case a person must acknowledge and respect the desires of others, and work around them to look for a way we can still satisfy our wants but without disrespecting other’s desires. Pamela could have set her mind to look for a different husband and maybe she would have found one that made her as or more happy. Moreover, when they use the example of Olessi, it exposes that using the law of attraction may be difficult in this situation. Which is true. However, the way it may be applied might be different. The issue might have started with negative thoughts and actions of people. The solution to the issue may not only require positive thoughts to the solution but also positive actions. Which is the same as how the problem started, with thoughts and actions of people. The difference in these two cases is that in one the law of attraction is used individually and the other as a community.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families, and/or communities.                              Medical model addresses to the individual as someone who has a disease or sickness. The elements of this system are: symptom-diagnosis-treatment-cure. This model helps to the wellbeing of the individual by helping them with any type of malfunction of their brain or body. It provides medicine such as: antidepressant, antipsychotic and anti anxiety drugs. These help to the well-being of the individual.

Public health addresses to the community as a whole in health aspects. There are three different approaches to define public health. One is to first know the history of the community: the failures, achievements and health successes. The second is to know what is the purpose of the community towards the promotion of mental and physical health, preventing injuries, diseases and disabilities. The third one is to focus explicitly on how to prevent all of the diseases. Public health helps to improve the well-being of the communities by focusing on a larger scale.

Human services addresses the individual, families and communities. In human services, it is determined that a problem of an individual is caused by their environment. This model helps the wellbeing of individuals by using the problem-solving method. In this method human service professionals are in charge of identifying what the problem is, help the individual identify their strengths to solve the problem, and teach them how to solve the problem on their own. It could be possible that this models works along with the other two because individuals could need help from them as well.

Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness. Philippe Pinel helped those with mental illness by declaring that they were suffering from a disease and not from being possessed by demons. Pinel was appointed as physician by ideologues because he had connections with them. Therefore, by having connections with ideologues he was successful in his declarations. Since back in 1800s the church had a lot of influence in society. Moreover, he published three books that helped in different ways. One was for the classification of diseases, second was the foundation for modern psychiatry and third spread his methodology to the next generation.

Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession.                                                                                                       The psychodynamic model itself was developed by Sigmund Freud. In this method the clients would speak all of their thoughts and feelings to their therapists. This method is still used today in human services. Human service professionals ask many questions to clients and let them speak all of their thoughts and feelings in order to determine their problem. Eventually, once the problem is identified thanks to the client speaking all about their feelings and thoughts: the professional could think of a solution.

Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses.                                                                                                                       There are medications that help to promote the wellbeing of individuals with mental illnesses. Some of these medications are: Antipsychotic, Antidepressant, and Antianxiety drugs. Antipsychotic helps individuals who have depressive psychosis, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder. This medicine controls certain behaviors such as hallucinations and impulsivity. Antidepressant alleviates depression. Antianxiety alleviates anxiety, fear or tension. All of these medications are for the well-being of the individuals with mental illnesses.

Describe how electroshock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.                                                                    A person with severe depression could be treated with electric shocks of 70-130 volts on the brain. This treatment was used during the 1940s. The shocks would leave the patient unconscious or convulsing. The effects of the shocks would be confusion and memory loss but the problem of behavior would decrease after weeks of treatment.

Describe how the “strengths based” model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society.                                                                                                               The strengths-based approach consists of asking the client to think about situations and problems in the past. The purpose of this is so they could remember what were the skills that they used that helped them solve those problems. If the client remembers the skills that they used then they may be able to use those skills for their current problem. It is the same with society. We study the past so we don’t repeat the bad things in the present, and we remember the effective solutions that we used so we can use them again now.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Describe how the trends of technology , in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.                                                           Technology has been improving the past years. Therefore, the human services field has used it for its benefit. The areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development have been impacted by technology. By using technology in these areas, clients receive help faster and more efficient. Also, it helps the professionals to reach clients with limited access to services. Moreover, it has helped to provide service in a more cost-effective way.

Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients.                                                Using technology as a source of professional development is very beneficial. Since information has become available in CD-ROM and DVD, these are convenient for the professional because they are found in local universities or libraries. Also, softwares have been developed where programs teach problem solving, counseling, case management and more. Therefore, professionals have easier access to the required information. Moreover, podcasting has also been of great use by professionals. Audios and videos with information are sent to professionals without them requesting it, in order to keep them updated of today’s information. Ultimately, professionals can acquire information more quickly and this helps to prepare themselves to help improve more effectively the well-being of the clients.

Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client well-being.       Managed care has sets of tools and methods that are used in the areas of healthcare, and mental health. These tools are made to manage resources and deliver human services. These sets of tools and methods help the clients by receiving sources more efficiently and effectively. A client will be able to have greater well-being with these tools and methods.

Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.                                                                                                                            The main limitation of managed care is gatekeeping. This method is to control access to services. A client who needs mental health services requires to have a referral from a physician. Therefore, this makes it harder for the client to acquire the services needed. Whenever clients go through this, they may see that having a referral is just a barrier for them to get services and this disappoints them.

Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.                 In service delivery a professional provides information to the client according to what his/her needs are. Also, a professional needs to make sure that the information that is being provided is accurate, useful and reliable for the client. Service delivery promotes well being because a professional has to make sure to take good care of the client. Eventually, the client will receive the services needed and will improve their well-being.

Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.                                   Professional development is always needed. Therefore, when a professional studies about different cultures and backgrounds they acquire knowledge to apply it to their services. By having this knowledge, the professional is able to understand any kind of clients from different cultures and backgrounds. Hence, these specific populations will acquire the services that are needed.

Describe how, what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.                                                                                                       A lot of immigration has been occurring in the past decades. Therefore there has been an increase in the population of the United States. Things that are debated due to this “issue” is whether immigrants should be given the right to education, healthcare etc. It might not be possible that US citizens will be hindered by this, that is if the government provides laws that help immigrants become citizens. Hence, making it possible for them to provide taxes as well and from there resources can be made for everyone.

Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.         A professional is in charge of helping a client to reach self-sufficiency. Since “teaching a man to fish” means to teach an individual how to help themselves. Ultimately, that is what a professional is doing: teaching the client to support him/her self. Therefore, if a client learns to support themselves then they have reached self-sufficiency and they can increase their well-being.

Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.                                   In order to provide efficient services a professional must have knowledge about different cultures to address the different needs of clients. By having knowledge of various cultures, a professional is considered competent to deal with different individuals. When the professional has cultural competency, the services that he/she provides could be faster and more efficient. The individual’s well-being will eventually increase by being taken care of someone who has the ability to understand him/her.