Screens between emotions.

In modern days technology is being used for everything, even to promote happiness. Two of the websites explain that we explored were “happier” and “happify”. These websites explain ways to be happy and they give activities online that will supposedly boost your level of positivity. They make you think about the good things in your life and be grateful for them. Also, “hedonometer” is another website where a timeline of twitter shows what trends have been the happiest for people over the past years. Moreover, another website that we looked into was “ the world-well being project” which is about trying to look for ways of measuring psychological and health well-being through the usage of language in social media.

It is very creative and advanced what these types of websites are being used for. Which is providing proper with different types of websites are being used for. Which is providing people with different types of activities that may or may not improve their emotional well-being. However, I personally believe that technology is not enough for a person to express their feelings. A person needs to talk out their emotions with someone else. Or do something that involves physical and mental effort. These positive efforts will eventually provide the individuals with sufficient skills to deal with their negative emotions.

People are social animals. They need to interact with each other in order to survive in this life. Technology provides them with convenient communication, sure. Although, it does not provide individuals with effective communication. It is very different to have a conversation face to face, compared to having a conversation through a screen. A person can miss on interpreting in a right way the language of another individual. For example, having some eye contact would be more meaningful or just a small pat on the shoulder and so on. Also, I think some of these websites might be too positive up to the point where it seems a little unrealistic to be so positive when many factors in life are making people depressed. The only way that technology might be beneficial in my opinion is by convenience of finding data correlating to improvement of the wellbeing. It is much faster and more accessible for researchers of topics.