Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Describe how the trends of technology , in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.                                                           Technology has been improving the past years. Therefore, the human services field has used it for its benefit. The areas of communication, information management, service delivery and professional development have been impacted by technology. By using technology in these areas, clients receive help faster and more efficient. Also, it helps the professionals to reach clients with limited access to services. Moreover, it has helped to provide service in a more cost-effective way.

Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients.                                                Using technology as a source of professional development is very beneficial. Since information has become available in CD-ROM and DVD, these are convenient for the professional because they are found in local universities or libraries. Also, softwares have been developed where programs teach problem solving, counseling, case management and more. Therefore, professionals have easier access to the required information. Moreover, podcasting has also been of great use by professionals. Audios and videos with information are sent to professionals without them requesting it, in order to keep them updated of today’s information. Ultimately, professionals can acquire information more quickly and this helps to prepare themselves to help improve more effectively the well-being of the clients.

Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client well-being.       Managed care has sets of tools and methods that are used in the areas of healthcare, and mental health. These tools are made to manage resources and deliver human services. These sets of tools and methods help the clients by receiving sources more efficiently and effectively. A client will be able to have greater well-being with these tools and methods.

Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.                                                                                                                            The main limitation of managed care is gatekeeping. This method is to control access to services. A client who needs mental health services requires to have a referral from a physician. Therefore, this makes it harder for the client to acquire the services needed. Whenever clients go through this, they may see that having a referral is just a barrier for them to get services and this disappoints them.

Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.                 In service delivery a professional provides information to the client according to what his/her needs are. Also, a professional needs to make sure that the information that is being provided is accurate, useful and reliable for the client. Service delivery promotes well being because a professional has to make sure to take good care of the client. Eventually, the client will receive the services needed and will improve their well-being.

Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.                                   Professional development is always needed. Therefore, when a professional studies about different cultures and backgrounds they acquire knowledge to apply it to their services. By having this knowledge, the professional is able to understand any kind of clients from different cultures and backgrounds. Hence, these specific populations will acquire the services that are needed.

Describe how, what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.                                                                                                       A lot of immigration has been occurring in the past decades. Therefore there has been an increase in the population of the United States. Things that are debated due to this “issue” is whether immigrants should be given the right to education, healthcare etc. It might not be possible that US citizens will be hindered by this, that is if the government provides laws that help immigrants become citizens. Hence, making it possible for them to provide taxes as well and from there resources can be made for everyone.

Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.         A professional is in charge of helping a client to reach self-sufficiency. Since “teaching a man to fish” means to teach an individual how to help themselves. Ultimately, that is what a professional is doing: teaching the client to support him/her self. Therefore, if a client learns to support themselves then they have reached self-sufficiency and they can increase their well-being.

Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.                                   In order to provide efficient services a professional must have knowledge about different cultures to address the different needs of clients. By having knowledge of various cultures, a professional is considered competent to deal with different individuals. When the professional has cultural competency, the services that he/she provides could be faster and more efficient. The individual’s well-being will eventually increase by being taken care of someone who has the ability to understand him/her.