ENG 1101 Essay #1 Extension: Final Draft Due NEXT Tuesday (10/28)

Hi folks:

I hope that you had good weekends. I’m just writing with some “happy” news for you: I have decided to extend the due date for Essay #1, to give you another week to work on your revisions (by now you should all have either met with me or receive your comments back via e-mail … if you didn’t, please make sure to check your e-mail again). The final draft is now due next Tuesday (10/28), instead of tomorrow.

You will be doing important in-class work this week, so please make sure to come to class and have a wonderful time with each other and the professors who will be covering classes. I’m heading up to Canada (for my two conferences) this morning, and will return in time for next Tuesday’s class.

Remember, you should be using this deadline extension to re-think your argument (many of you need to re-read the texts and analyze/think more critically through them), revise, edit, and proofread your essay, and you can also visit the City Tech Learning Center to get more one-on-one help with revising your essay. Just a friendly reminder that your updated Reflection Cover Letter for the final draft should take all of this work (including peer review and individual conferences with me, if you had one) into account.

Please “reply” here to let me know you read/understood this message, and have a great week. Happy revising!

Professor Belli