Class notes 12/4/14


First Draft

– Essays we’ll be returned with comments on Tuesday

– Work without a work cited page will not be graded
Background Paragraph

– Most research intensive
– Broad overview of the topic
– Most in text citations
– You should be gathering your ideas and facts
– State what is relevant to you

*Narrow down and make your topic clear

****The back ground paragraph is not about the topic it’s focused on the argument

The sources you use in your final draft are not limited to the ones submitted on the annotated bibliography

When writing your essay look back at the introduction and background paragraph of your first draft and gather ideas from both to make a better final background paragraph.

It is important to review your work and maybe do some more peer reviewing over the next week.

Research Essay Pre- Draft

Far from a happily ever after; analyzing the effects of movies on young girls

As children everyone grew up watching movies. They were movies that taught valuable lessons and have been in peoples lives and memories ever since they were first watched they are the classics.¬†But as¬†impressionable young children how many of the¬†lessons really made a positive impact on peoples lives. unrealistic goals¬†were set for young¬†girls everywhere. That they¬†had to look a¬†certain way and rely only on a prince to save them that¬†it is¬†the only way to achieve a happy ending. This could cause low self-esteem and even relationship issues in the long run. some kids even become anti-social and aggressive. Although everyone grew up¬†on these movies and felt like there was nothing wrong with a prince saving the day in the long run it isn’t that simple.

Many parent don’t realize that the exposure to constantly watching movies and cartoons¬†can cause their children to model the characters behaviors and even change their own personality.¬†“Movies provide children, parents, teachers and daycare workers with a little breathing space. While the children are busy watching these movies, parents and others can complete chores, etc ”¬†(R. Y. Langham, The Psychological Effects of Children’s movies 2013)¬†placing a child in front of a T.V set can buy parents a couple of hours to do what they have to but at what cost ? Children tend to model figures that they admire or are constantly exposed to. So if they exposed to violent and aggressive figures¬†odds are they the child themselves will¬†become as aggressive.¬†Also so much time spent in front of a T.V screen lives no time for the child to develop actual¬†contact with a human causing¬†the child¬†to become antisocial. ”¬†It is this extreme or constant attachment with television and movies that can lend itself well to depression in particular, but other mental health issues” ( R.Y Langham) as Langham states many health issues can come from constant exposure to the T.V. But health issues aren’t the only problem when it comes¬†to movies.

As a young girl growing up to princesses and fairytales one idea is stuck in their head. To be beautiful and to find their prince charming. Movies based on fairytales cause girls to have an unrealistic take on relationships and love. They are indirectly told that the ideal¬†way of life is to be beautiful and rely on a man. When talking about movies like “Sleeping Beauty”¬†Castillo stated ”¬†The problem is: What is between the lines? Aurora is described as an extraordinarily beautiful woman, so young girls will understand, even if they are not directly told, that is how they are supposed to strive to look.” (Paul Castillo, The Negative Effects of Disney on Children).¬†Although most oft eh effects of movies seem to be more negative there is an upside to these movies.

Most of the new programing and movies recently released are extremely different from those that are older. Their messages contradict pervious ideals like striving for beauty and love and place an emphases on independence and self-realization.¬†In movies such as¬†“Brave” and “Frozen” the hero of the movie ended up being the main characters young independent women and not a prince. And on the other hand children seem to learn a lot of valuable skills from¬†T.V shows “these movies can help strengthen children‚Äôs communication, language, problem-solving and coping skills. Some Disney movies can even teach children words in foreign languages.” (Langham2013)

Growing up to the classics that impacted lives over the centuries can cause plenty of negative effects on children but it can also help with education. Many of the movies people have learned to love over the years have an outdated ideal of love and beauty but they are the classics and a lot of valuable lessons were learned.



R. Y. Langham.”The Psychological Effects of Children’s movies”, Association for Natural Psychology, September 3,2014. web.November 18,2014.

Paul Castillo. ” The Negative Effects of Disney on Children” The Sundial, December 4, 2006.web. November 16.2014

Second Research Proposal

I would like to stick to my first topic proposal I believe it’s very interesting to see the effects of mass media on individuals. But more specifically on children and adolescent. Growing up in a society that is based on technology can be difficult. Teens believe that everything they see on T.V or social media is the ideal way of living and that they should live up to those standards whether they are good or bad. Also communicating with others and reciving information all happens thought a screen. The closet thing teens have to the news is social media like Facebook or Instagram. This is where they recive most of their information and spend most of their time. Other sources of information are the T.V and Radio. So if they are surrounded by constant informations whether it’s good or bad, it tends to leave an impression on them. Some may even use the things they see online or on T.V and comite crimes or pranks that in danger other or themselves. Also through the information they recive though the media they decide whether or not their body image or their friends are ideal in the eyes of society.

I came across this site and I found it very interesting to see that such a site exists. This website is created to inform parents on social media and other forms of media. it explains how apps and social media works in order for parents to talk to their children about them. It focus on tips and advice for parents to prevent cyberbullying and safe online habits. I also found that it caters to every age range and is easy to navigate.It had a section for frequent asked questions and it also gives rates on apps and current movies.


Coleman, Loren. ‚ÄĚ The Copycat Effect: How the media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow‚Äôs Headlines New York : Paraview Pocket Books, 2004.

I found this book interesting and relevant to my topic considering that it uses the effects of mass media relating to crimes. This book discusses copycat crimes and how because of the media people get the idea to commit their own crimes, these people feel encouraged and even inspired by people who have already committed such crimes and believe that they can get away with it. Because of the media they are able to follow closely on such cases and plan their own.


Children, Media and Sex: A Big Book of Blank Pages
Published: January 31, 2006
In this article Brody discusses how the media effects children. Brody states that for the most part children are online or on a form of media without being supervised. Parents are usually very busy and are unable to supervise their children at all times despite efforts such as the V chip which monitor what children are able to watch. for the most part the article focuses on sexual behaviors and growing up too fast in our society due to the things they see in movies and during T.V commercials.


Research paper proposal

For my research project I would like to focus on the effects of mass media on individual’s well-being. Mass media includes everything on T.V, news papers and on the radio. We tend to be influenced by our surroundings so I’m interested to see how our everyday entertainment or things we find normal influence our decision making and even our ethical behaviors. We pick up on trends that are constantly promoted such as the recent Ebola scare. It is flu season but since for a long period of time everyone was discussing this virus every time someone would sneeze or look sick others would¬†automatically¬†be scared or assume that they had the virus. Although some of the things we hear or see on mass media have negative effects on our behavior some are used to improve policies or to make people aware of risky situations. For example recently I have noticed that elementary schools are creating safety¬†drills that were never in place when I went to grade school. considering a recent spike in school shootings I believe that the awareness the media has created makes a safer school environment.


Coleman, Loren. ” The Copycat Effect: How the media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines New York :¬†Paraview Pocket Books,¬†2004.

I found this book interesting and relevant to my topic considering that it uses the effects of mass media relating to crimes. This book discusses copycat crimes and how because of the media people get the idea to commit their own crimes, these people feel encouraged and even inspired by people who have already committed such crimes and believe that they can get away with it. Because of the media they are able to follow closely on such cases and plan their own.




Class Notes Nov.6

Todays class was held in the library. We went over basic services that are available and for the most part free. We were also given a brief tour and were shown how to uses references within the City Tech Library Website.

                                                                      1st Floor

Activating you library card

  • Can get you books
  • Access to computers which are located all around the library. Including the¬†multimedia lab up the stairs towards the back of the library near the exit sign.
  • You can also print up to 25 copies per day¬†

Copy Machine

  • Is the only service that is not free
  • It cost $1 to purchase copy card
  • 10 cents per copy

“Reference Desk” Where¬†librarians are located

They can help with

  • Research
  • Finding references
  • Detecting plagiarism

                                                                              2nd Floor (quite place)

  • Outlets are available along the walls and some between book selves
  • Group study rooms are available with 3 or more people( ask librarian for key)
  • Class room space available as well



  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Good internet/research sources

City Tech Library Website

  • Why is Google a good search engine ?



  • Why not ?

– Anyone can edit it

– Sources aren’t reliable

– People make mistakes its only natural

What can you find in the library that you cant find on Google ?

  • Free books/text books are available (some for 2 hour periods in library use only)
  • Its part of tuition use it !
  • It is legal

Essay Topics

  • If your topic is too general you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of results
  • Narrow down your topic
  • Be specific !


  • Every book has a call number ( Letter followed by number on the side of the book)
  • You can find books by

-Looking it up on library website

-Ask a librarian

– Look it up on iPads around the library

  • Why are book¬†a better reference?

– They are written on one specific topic unlike general articles

Library Catalog

  • Use specific key words
  • you will receive irrelevant answers if key word is too general


  • Search for book
  • Click on the book you want then


  • Can download full book or specific chapters
  • You can also Email wanted chapters or entire book

Subject Headings

Gives you different words to look up according to the topic you are already searching. Its sort of the synonyms of the topic.

More Results

In order to get more results from other than the City Tech library

at the bottom left corner Click LOCATIONS Select ALL CUNY LIBARIES

  • If the book you need is located at a different CUNY school you can have it delivered to a location near you (if its not City Tech)


  • You will need

–¬†A library number which is located at the bottom left corner of you City Tech ID

  • You will receive an email at your¬†City Tech email when the book has arrived

Data Basis ( When writing a research paper)


select DATABASES (articles & more)


Type in KEY WORD and begin your search

  • ABSTRACT: gives a 3-4 sentence description on article/book

Source Types

  • You are able to chose where you receive articles/books¬†from ( magazines, academic journals etc.)
  • You can also limit the publication dates to more current or older texts


  • To cite your source look on the right side of you screen and click on CITE once you have selected this a list of formats, including MLA, are available Copy and Paste into your paper ( some of the formats might be incorrect recheck formatting on Openlab )


Serendipity– When something happens almost by accident





Happiness apps

There is literally an app available for everything. There are apps to help you find the nearest starbucks to apps that deliver food right to your door. With these apps you are able to get anything you need with in minutes. It is even arguable if such apps make us lazy or if they are actually designed for convenience. If you’re an extremely busy mother that can barely make it to the market for tonight’s¬†dinner or a disable person who isn’t even able to make it down the block these apps are life savers. Apps that can help you study for a huge exam or even apps that can keep you entertained are available with in a few clicks of your phone.

So of course there has to be apps available to track your happiness. Or to even¬†promote happiness and well-being. It might have seemed somewhat silly a few years ago to have your phone ask how you’re feeling at that very moment or to even have it tell you who you’re the happiest with. But now a days that something typical and available with apps such as Mappiness. With Mappiness researches from the London School of Economics are able to track you anonymously through GPS. They are also able to graph your happiness out with just answering a few questions a few times a day. Their primary interest is to figure out how your environment affects your happiness.

But not only are you able to use apps alone but you can use these apps more socially with groups of friends with what’s called a buddy system. With the app called Headspace you are able to share your experience and other fun content with your friends what have similar interests. Headspace focuses on treating your head¬†right through techniques that fulfill their mission of a healthier, happier world one phone at a time. Within this app there are techniques available to deal with stress, relationships and even creativity. This app even uses ethos to establish their reputation by using Emma Watson as a sponsor she states how genus this app is. They also use other former anonymous clients that speak on how¬†amazing this app is.

My favorite place in NYC

Like most New Yorkers¬†choosing only one place to call my favorite is extremely difficult. I’m the type of person who loves to visit new places and try¬†new things. While exploring the city I’ve found some pretty interesting places to hang out and eat at. Places like Lula’s¬†Sweet Apothecary where they have the best vegan ice cream ever!¬†and just a few blocks away a pretty unusual burst of nature is located between two building the 6BC Botanical Garden. Even though on my many adventures through the city I’ve found amazing places like this¬†if I really have to choose only one it would probably have to be my kitchen at home. Although I don’t¬†currently have my dream kitchen I work pretty well with what have.¬†While I’m in there¬†I’m able to clear my mind and focus on my baking. Most of the time its a place where I like to be¬†by myself but its also a place where¬†I’m able to spend time with my family but most of all my two nieces.

Even as a child I would spend most of my time in the kitchen with my mother since she ¬†was usually in there. I was inseparable from my mother so as she cooked I was right there next to her insisting on helping. As I got older I was actually able to help her in making edible food unlike what I use to make believe¬†was food.¬†In our family like most families holidays were extremely important but most of all so was the food served. we would have the menu planned out for weeks in advanced and would always¬†assign everyone a task.¬†My usual task would be something small like mash potatoes or the veggies. But now¬†I’ve moved on to bigger tasks like helping prep the turkey before thanksgiving or making tamales on Christmas eve.

Now that I’m older I’m in charge of dinner most nights if I’m not working.¬†Which I don’t completely mind. But for the most part when I have some free time I like to bake a lot. I start of with one simple thing and end up making/prepping three other things. For the most part I bake for and with my nieces. My oldest niece is now six years old and is in first grade so she often like to bring in treats for her class on holidays. So the same way I was always clinging onto my mother she does the same thing by following me around and tries to help me. I enjoy the time I get to spend with her and its amazing to see how much she learns and is able to do things that takes a lot of people a long time to master.

Out of all the wonderful places in New York City my kitchen is defiantly my favorite its a place where I can bond with my family and clear my mind. While¬†I’m in there I can relax and focus on the task at hand. I can also¬†create thing that people enjoy and¬†put a smile on their faces. Its more of a safe haven for me and is only a few feet away from my room which is my second favorite place.

There’s an app for that

Thought out the last few year technology has evolved to an everyday necessity. With apps, social media and the internet in general life it at your finger tips. Anything you can possibly imagine or want is just a few clicks away. You can basically get anything from a pizza to a life coach over a screen. With technology at its peek it’s only logical that happiness is also a click away.

Websites like happier or happify use a social media approach to bring happiness to its users. They both offer activities ¬†like games, life tips and articles. Happier also promotes it’s scientific approach to the methods they teach and constantly mentions how it’s forever free but with a $10 subscription a few added features are avaliable. Happify on the other hand ptomotes that their methods are used to train you brain to build skills for lasting happiness. Both websites use a step by step approach to tech their users well being and happiness.

While I was exploring the website for the world well-being project it found it interesting how they were able to collect such data that we tend to ignor. Social networks use trends/hashtags to categorize specific topics. But for the most part we aren’t aware of how positive or negative things we say on line are kept forever. Being able to see a cluster of word like that is really eye opening. Especially the difference between genders the topics are actually kind of funny to see.




Chapter 4


1. Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families and /or communities.

The three models of service delivery are designed to impact the client, their families and the communities well-being positively. The three models include the medical model, the public health model and the human service model. The medical model’s purpose is to provide care to an individual with a disease or illness by a physician in a hospital or at a medical clinic. As well as provide proper medication and therapies if needed. The public health model is similar to the medical model but instead of focusing on individuals it emphasizes on groups based on geography, problems and age as well as educating people to prevent these issues. This model also promotes physical and mental health. The human service model’s primary focus is to help individuals solve their problems. This model uses self empowerment and self-sufficiency to show individuals problem solving skills.

2. Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness.

Philippe Pinel wanted individuals with mental illnesses to be treated with the same respect others were treated with. Pinel believed individuals with mental illnesses suffered from disease rather than being possessed by demons or suffering from their sins. He promoted medication instead of the usual treatment for mental illnesses such as beating and imprisonment. His three published works spread knowledge for generations to come.

3. Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession.

Because of the psychodynamic model clients are able to discus their problems without the fear of being judged and receive the help they need.

4. Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses.

Medication promotes well-being to the mentally ill because it may be necessary in their treatment to keep them well. specific medication may be prescribed to an individual to deal with there disability and their behavior.

5. Describe how electroshock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.

By using the electroshock treatment individuals with severe depression were able to diminish problem behaviors for several weeks after treatment.

6. Describe how the ‚Äústrengths based‚ÄĚ model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society.

The strengths based model promotes well-being in clients and in society by providing tools for individuals to emphasize their strengths, resources and coping skills. It also encourages clients to think about past problems or situations that were resolved effectively and work towards using those problem solving skills.


Reflections of essay 1 peer review

After revising my peers essays over the weekend and discussing them in class I’ve realized I have a lot of revising to do on my own. While I was reading them I gathered a lot of new ideas to use¬† on my own essay and the understanding of what I need to improve in my own essay. I had many structure issues I have to correct as well as including personal and real life experiences. My introduction needs major tweaking.¬†It is longer than I intended it to be and has good examples I should use throughout the actual body rather than in the intro.¬† It’s also somewhat vague and my thesis isn’t quite clear. I was told my thesis wasn’t clear till the end of the essay.¬†I’m going to attempt revising the body and¬†conclusion before writing the introduction itself.¬†I’ve also noticed how difficult it is¬†to use the 3rd person. Throughout my whole essay I switch from 2nd to 1st¬†person without even realizing my errors.

When it comes to my personal/ real life experience¬†I’m not exactly¬†sure on what to use. I don’t want to use anything that¬†doesn’t support my claims/ points.¬†The essays my¬†peers wrote we filled with good experiences that connected well to their claims. While writing¬† my first draft I made an outline that I didn’t end up following. This time around I’m going to make my outline more specific and actually follow it. I’ve realized that if my outline is well thought out and specific enough¬†all I have to really do is input words to fill up my essay. I think that is also the reason I had structure issues. I was missing a lot of the requirements like properly citing my work. When I was using the texts we’ve used in class I was trying to use them to prove my claims rather than to prove the points the author used. So throughout that process I ended up not paying too much attention to the structure of my work.

Now that I’ve taken a look at what my peers thought of my work and discussed it I have a better understanding of what my essay needs to be better. Some techniques I’ll attempt to use this time around will be writing the introduction last and developing a clear and well thought out thesis with three main clams. While trying to support my claims my citations will be properly stated and will refer to my work rather than the author’s. I’ll also write multiple drafts before handing the final draft in next Thursday and do my best to stop by the writing center. The comments my peers made on my work were extremely helpful and I will take everything they suggested into account while writing my next draft. I’ve realized that peer review not only helps identify issues you’ve had while writing but also to realize that other people might have the same problems as you and that you can relate and help them better their work with the comments you’ve made.