My favorite place in NYC

Like most New Yorkers¬†choosing only one place to call my favorite is extremely difficult. I’m the type of person who loves to visit new places and try¬†new things. While exploring the city I’ve found some pretty interesting places to hang out and eat at. Places like Lula’s¬†Sweet Apothecary where they have the best vegan ice cream ever!¬†and just a few blocks away a pretty unusual burst of nature is located between two building the 6BC Botanical Garden. Even though on my many adventures through the city I’ve found amazing places like this¬†if I really have to choose only one it would probably have to be my kitchen at home. Although I don’t¬†currently have my dream kitchen I work pretty well with what have.¬†While I’m in there¬†I’m able to clear my mind and focus on my baking. Most of the time its a place where I like to be¬†by myself but its also a place where¬†I’m able to spend time with my family but most of all my two nieces.

Even as a child I would spend most of my time in the kitchen with my mother since she ¬†was usually in there. I was inseparable from my mother so as she cooked I was right there next to her insisting on helping. As I got older I was actually able to help her in making edible food unlike what I use to make believe¬†was food.¬†In our family like most families holidays were extremely important but most of all so was the food served. we would have the menu planned out for weeks in advanced and would always¬†assign everyone a task.¬†My usual task would be something small like mash potatoes or the veggies. But now¬†I’ve moved on to bigger tasks like helping prep the turkey before thanksgiving or making tamales on Christmas eve.

Now that I’m older I’m in charge of dinner most nights if I’m not working.¬†Which I don’t completely mind. But for the most part when I have some free time I like to bake a lot. I start of with one simple thing and end up making/prepping three other things. For the most part I bake for and with my nieces. My oldest niece is now six years old and is in first grade so she often like to bring in treats for her class on holidays. So the same way I was always clinging onto my mother she does the same thing by following me around and tries to help me. I enjoy the time I get to spend with her and its amazing to see how much she learns and is able to do things that takes a lot of people a long time to master.

Out of all the wonderful places in New York City my kitchen is defiantly my favorite its a place where I can bond with my family and clear my mind. While¬†I’m in there I can relax and focus on the task at hand. I can also¬†create thing that people enjoy and¬†put a smile on their faces. Its more of a safe haven for me and is only a few feet away from my room which is my second favorite place.