There’s an app for that

Thought out the last few year technology has evolved to an everyday necessity. With apps, social media and the internet in general life it at your finger tips. Anything you can possibly imagine or want is just a few clicks away. You can basically get anything from a pizza to a life coach over a screen. With technology at its peek it’s only logical that happiness is also a click away.

Websites like happier or happify use a social media approach to bring happiness to its users. They both offer activities  like games, life tips and articles. Happier also promotes it’s scientific approach to the methods they teach and constantly mentions how it’s forever free but with a $10 subscription a few added features are avaliable. Happify on the other hand ptomotes that their methods are used to train you brain to build skills for lasting happiness. Both websites use a step by step approach to tech their users well being and happiness.

While I was exploring the website for the world well-being project it found it interesting how they were able to collect such data that we tend to ignor. Social networks use trends/hashtags to categorize specific topics. But for the most part we aren’t aware of how positive or negative things we say on line are kept forever. Being able to see a cluster of word like that is really eye opening. Especially the difference between genders the topics are actually kind of funny to see.