Chapter 4


1. Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families and /or communities.

The three models of service delivery are designed to impact the client, their families and the communities well-being positively. The three models include the medical model, the public health model and the human service model. The medical model’s purpose is to provide care to an individual with a disease or illness by a physician in a hospital or at a medical clinic. As well as provide proper medication and therapies if needed. The public health model is similar to the medical model but instead of focusing on individuals it emphasizes on groups based on geography, problems and age as well as educating people to prevent these issues. This model also promotes physical and mental health. The human service model’s primary focus is to help individuals solve their problems. This model uses self empowerment and self-sufficiency to show individuals problem solving skills.

2. Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness.

Philippe Pinel wanted individuals with mental illnesses to be treated with the same respect others were treated with. Pinel believed individuals with mental illnesses suffered from disease rather than being possessed by demons or suffering from their sins. He promoted medication instead of the usual treatment for mental illnesses such as beating and imprisonment. His three published works spread knowledge for generations to come.

3. Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession.

Because of the psychodynamic model clients are able to discus their problems without the fear of being judged and receive theĀ help they need.

4. Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses.

Medication promotesĀ well-being to the mentally ill because it may be necessary in their treatment to keep them well. specific medication may be prescribed to an individual to deal with there disability and their behavior.

5. Describe how electroshock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.

By using the electroshock treatment individuals with severe depressionĀ were able to diminish problem behaviors for several weeks after treatment.

6. Describe how the ā€œstrengths basedā€ model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society.

The strengths based model promotes well-being in clients and in society by providing tools for individuals to emphasize their strengths, resources and coping skills. It also encourages clients to think about past problems or situations that were resolved effectively and work towards using those problem solving skills.