Second Research Proposal

I would like to stick to my first topic proposal I believe it’s very interesting to see the effects of mass media on individuals. But more specifically on children and adolescent. Growing up in a society that is based on technology can be difficult. Teens believe that everything they see on T.V or social media is the ideal way of living and that they should live up to those standards whether they are good or bad. Also communicating with others and reciving information all happens thought a screen. The closet thing teens have to the news is social media like Facebook or Instagram. This is where they recive most of their information and spend most of their time. Other sources of information are the T.V and Radio. So if they are surrounded by constant informations whether it’s good or bad, it tends to leave an impression on them. Some may even use the things they see online or on T.V and comite crimes or pranks that in danger other or themselves. Also through the information they recive though the media they decide whether or not their body image or their friends are ideal in the eyes of society.

I came across this site and I found it very interesting to see that such a site exists. This website is created to inform parents on social media and other forms of media. it explains how apps and social media works in order for parents to talk to their children about them. It focus on tips and advice for parents to prevent cyberbullying and safe online habits. I also found that it caters to every age range and is easy to navigate.It had a section for frequent asked questions and it also gives rates on apps and current movies.


Coleman, Loren. ” The Copycat Effect: How the media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines New York : Paraview Pocket Books, 2004.

I found this book interesting and relevant to my topic considering that it uses the effects of mass media relating to crimes. This book discusses copycat crimes and how because of the media people get the idea to commit their own crimes, these people feel encouraged and even inspired by people who have already committed such crimes and believe that they can get away with it. Because of the media they are able to follow closely on such cases and plan their own.


Children, Media and Sex: A Big Book of Blank Pages
Published: January 31, 2006
In this article Brody discusses how the media effects children. Brody states that for the most part children are online or on a form of media without being supervised. Parents are usually very busy and are unable to supervise their children at all times despite efforts such as the V chip which monitor what children are able to watch. for the most part the article focuses on sexual behaviors and growing up too fast in our society due to the things they see in movies and during T.V commercials.