Research paper proposal

For my research project I would like to focus on the effects of mass media on individual’s well-being. Mass media includes everything on T.V, news papers and on the radio. We tend to be influenced by our surroundings so I’m interested to see how our everyday entertainment or things we find normal influence our decision making and even our ethical behaviors. We pick up on trends that are constantly promoted such as the recent Ebola scare. It is flu season but since for a long period of time everyone was discussing this virus every time someone would sneeze or look sick others would automatically be scared or assume that they had the virus. Although some of the things we hear or see on mass media have negative effects on our behavior some are used to improve policies or to make people aware of risky situations. For example recently I have noticed that elementary schools are creating safety drills that were never in place when I went to grade school. considering a recent spike in school shootings I believe that the awareness the media has created makes a safer school environment.


Coleman, Loren. ” The Copycat Effect: How the media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow’s Headlines New York : Paraview Pocket Books, 2004.

I found this book interesting and relevant to my topic considering that it uses the effects of mass media relating to crimes. This book discusses copycat crimes and how because of the media people get the idea to commit their own crimes, these people feel encouraged and even inspired by people who have already committed such crimes and believe that they can get away with it. Because of the media they are able to follow closely on such cases and plan their own.