Thinking Positive Can It Really Get You What You Want

Each website I visited mentioned there way of what people should do in order to really be happy. Instead of thinking happy and positive thoughts and imagine that by doing this you will get the things you desire like “The Secret” says people should actually do things where they can be happy. Things that would make people actually happy for instance, on the website “Happier” towards the bottom they explained things of what people should do like spend money on experiences and not things, do things for others and etc. These things can stimulate you and really make you happy and to this website they want you to follow these things because they believe that sharing with others and focusing on the positive aspects of your life will make you happier, productive, and healthier. Their point in everything is to get people to be happy. In another website I looked at called “Happify” the website uses various ways in which they will make people happy. They have daily activities that could correlate with people’s goals to make them more peaceful, productive, and motivated to do more in their life. Also, using apps in which they have activities or games that could change their life habits. They want to increase happiness in everyone people quoted that they feel more energized, changed their negative thoughts, given a different perspective and etc.

This next website I saw “Hedonometer” was made to show how people felt about different things such as their happiness towards a lot of topics in the world and it was shown that a lot of people are averaged about what they are happy and not happy about. The kind of words people said showed the difference of how much more happy they could be than a few days ago or how much sadder they could be. A lot is recorded and shows the kinds of things people say upon something that occurred to show how they feel. The last website I looked at was “World Well-Being Project” this website shows us different aspects which people decided to test on. They take many words from different social websites to see how people respond to different language and how happy they are and what makes them happy. And what kinds of things people could think more about depending on their environment.

All these websites made me think that maybe it is better to try and have good self esteem or try and do things that can make you happy. I know for instance with myself I can be a cranky person easily or get in a bad mood. I mostly always have negative energy because I think how bad I might do in a test or getting late to school. I rarely think positive about things. But I can agree on that doing things with other people can make you happy and be healthier because when I spend time with my family or boyfriend I can have a different mood and have a nice time and create memories I will remember. These websites didn’t make us think that by doing these things you will automatically be happy but if you want to be happier and energetic you should try these things. To try and see how it can change you and how you can become happier and more positive about your life. You actually have to try these activities and advice’s if you want to be happier.