Class notes

In class today we discussed that we will be moving to essay mode more formal structured essay. With that doing more writing workshops.

We talked about Due dates Getting our first draft in on thurs their will be peer review which group members will read and give you feed back on your essay.

Final draft will include free write written in class, drafts and final essay all together including your COVER LETTER.

Today we did two free write in class which was about your reflection on the essay written in class how we felt writing and during it, strengths/weaknesses. Our second free write was about essay 1 – pre-draft/1st draft/assignment instructions/expectations/guidelines.

Than as a class we talked about our reflections for the first free write. Peers mentioned feeling… Stuck, indecisive on a question to pick to write about, how to answer all questions in prompt, annoyed, nervous, stressed etc.

The second free write peers wrote rhetorical questions to try and write the thesis paragraph, the flow of how to go with the thesis paragraph, and stuck on what to write. Also confused on what claims were which is arguments making a claim in each paragraph could be the topic sentences.

Things to know about the essay 

pre-draft today

first draft thurs

argumentative essay 3-4 pages

4 copies brought to class

email 1st draft to professor Belli

Can choose one text or related text to talk about

Essay should be about Happiness/well-being. But not just happiness in general.



Essay 1 Pre-Draft: Thesis Paragraph

Is happiness a factor of how we really should be or how society thinks people should be and act? Happiness is not only brought through experiences but also experiences of other people. When you give to other people you share happiness with them and yourself. But also with happiness comes suffering as was stated in the article “What Suffering Does” by David Brook he states that “Often, physical or social suffering can give people an outsider’s perspective, an attuned awareness of what other outsiders are enduring”. Through suffering you get to reveal more and more stuff about yourself. Happiness is really brought by sharing with others in your experiences and relating to others to share that happiness and well-being.

Chapter 8

1. Describe how the client empowerment model for change effectively impacts a client’s well-being status? Include what the professional would do to implement the model in the counseling session.

The client empowerment model effectively impacts a client’s well-being status because it gives them a chance for change. The professional gets involved to respond to the specific needs of the community. Another context is for the client’s to participate in community organizing which means to try and create or promote change. The last context is empowerment which means to give the clients skills to stand up for themselves and make their own change.

2. Describe how a community-based agency’s mission and goals promotes well-being and happiness for their clients.

Community-based agency’s mission and goals promotes well-being by helping the client to understand the potential they have. To help the clients better themselves and understand how they can work to solve issues each client has.

3. Describe how an agency’s organizational chart promotes well-being through the chain of command.

Organizational chart promotes well-being through the chain of commands because it helps work together showing the authority the agency has the information it gives and accountability. And some of these different departments work together to better fulfill a task.

4. Describe how the referral process is utilized in relation to the client’s well-being.

Human service professional need to find out the clients needs and problems. Also to find out what the other agency’s provide in services in order to know if it would match with the clients.

5. Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals.

Informal network can aid in the referral and well-being goals because personal networks such as individuals in this context who know the client well can talk and also reach out to other people who can help in the referral, including those in churches, social clubs etc.

6. Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well-being of the client.

Documentation and paperwork aid in the well-being of the client because it lets agency’s know the client’s history. Also includes information of interviews, social history, medical, educational, and mental health records. It also documents time spent by the agency on the client, referrals and case notes and etc.

7. Describe how stress and “burnout” of the worker can impact the client’s well-being.

Stress and “burnout” affect the impact on clients because they don’t get the full help from the professional that they might need. They might not get the professional’s full attention and than will be not respond positively or think well of the helpers.

8. Describe how professional development activities can impact the well-being of the worker. Describe how it also impacts service delivery to the client.

Professional development can impact the well-being of the worker because if they decide to develop and improve skills and to learn knew knowledge of the client than they serve an effective service to the clients. This impacts service delivery to the client because when they learn knew things about the clients because things change they can better assess the client than and have a greater impact.

9. Describe how the human service worker can utilize client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client.

Using client empowerment as a tool in the well-being of a client is good because you are giving the client the power and encouragement. Giving them the power to establish their agenda in life.

Human Services and Ethical Practice

1. Describe how the Human Services Code of Ethics initiates, guides and promotes a clinical arena for professional and client well-being.

Human Services code of ethics initiates, guides and promotes a clinical arena for professional and client well-being because they set standards on how they should be with their clients. They set standards for how to protect the client and guide them but with this also comes some limitations to that.

2. Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to clients promotes well-being. 

Human Service professionals commit to helping clients develop to what they can do best and protecting them from any harm. They are obligated to give the clients high quality service. They are supposed to look for and develop resources for certain cases if they can’t find for the client. They are suppose to do everything to make the client feel satisfied and happy.

3.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to the community and society promote well-being.

Human service professionals provide share social issues with clients if it might pertain to them. They don’t discriminate against each client due to race, ethnicity, gender, culture etc. They are aware of their clients background to know the impact they might have on others. They seek help themselves in order to better benefit their clients such as in training,  experience, education and etc.

4.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to colleagues promotes well-being for the client.

When colleagues have an issue they try and talk things out to solve the problem. Each human service professional avoid copying the other so for that not to happen they speak to other professionals in order to assist the client in a different matter. If colleagues are getting out of hand and one can’t speak to the other one of the colleagues reports the behaviors to supervisory or administrative staff. Everything between colleagues is kept a secret unless it will do harm to the clients.

5.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to the profession promotes well-being for the client.

Human service professionals know their limits they only tell clients what they know from knowledge and offer services only from their own knowledge. They don’t go looking for something else. The professionals look for supervision and consultation when making a decision that involves legal, ethical or other stuff. These professionals are honest and act with integrity etc. They always seek for new and effective ways to enhance themselves in their work field.

6.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to employers promotes well-being for the client.

Human service professional’s always provide well performance to have high quality client services. They evaluate how well they do based on assessment measures. Also if conflict rises they find ways to manage it.

7.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to self promotes well-being for the client.

Human service professional’s see the growth or awareness of themselves which help them  to not have conflict with those of their clients. They also learn that they have more to learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills to better help the clients with their needs and wants.

8.  Describe how the human service professional’s responsibility to educators promotes well-being for the client.

Humans service professionals create a context where students can learn and achieve knowledge, skills, value, and attitudes. Human service professionals are enthusiastic and committed to teaching students.

9.  Describe the four stages of ethical decision making. Indicate how it strives to promote well-being to the client/society.

The first stage is to identify the problem this means gathering a lot of information that might have to be legal, ethical, moral and determine how this could help the client. The second stage is consult with colleagues or experts this gives you help to fix the dilemma if you listen to different opinions. The third stage is identify and explore options meaning you consult and brainstorm to learn of the disadvantages and advantages or maybe benefits. The last stage is choose a course of action and act meaning study the process and choice.

Do you feel divided or united?

Bill De Blasio’s victory speech mentioned the Tale of two cities in which he described the division between the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy indulge in their way of life as they easily get things because they have money their life is perfect enough. On the other hand the poor people where nearly half the citizens are living at or near the poverty line as De Blasio stated (11:25). He wants to make a difference where children can be given the opportunity to reach their god-given potential (12:41). Also where people help others such as the time of 9/11 he spoke how heroic people were to help. Risking their own lives to save others is part of being a New Yorker. De Blasio’s point in all of this is that we should be helping everybody that helping others could benefit in your well-being. Not just for the each individuals life but in making the life of others well and equal. The well-being of the New Yorkers is for everyone to be equal. Having equal opportunities for the people who live here for example having the good education or feeling safe living here in New York. Asking not too much of the wealthy but enough that maybe they could give a helping hand. Than everyone could be happy and not miserable about how their life is. Trying to better the community rather than having luxury condos replace community hospitals. Bill De Blasio is for the people as he wants to make people feel that they can get what they want with some support and more focus on the people. The government should play an equal role with the constituents because we all live in this one country where everyone should be equal in their way of living. No one should have more power than any other group of people or give more opportunities to those in need. For everyone to feel happy and satisfied this is the kind of role the government should play.  De Blasio spoke with pathos in his speech he wanted everyone to know how he would help New Yorkers in everyday life.

Joe Lhota’s victory speech mentioned the way that government work for the people and not against them. In order for everyone to feel safe and to have a stronger city the people need leaders. As Lhota stated “This isn’t leadership this is the abstinence of leadership, leaders make tough decisions choices that are necessary to protect, strengthen our city”. Lhota side is that we need to enforce more leaders and wealthy higher people like the government to make the decisions in each persons life. An example he gives is saying that stop and frisk should be administered more in order for the people to feel safe. But in doing that you are scaring more people into thinking because of how they look or act they might be stopped. This isn’t as much giving people the right thinking in that they will be safe. Lhota takes more the side of the government and how they run things. He takes more of the side to help the middle class and strengthen them. He will help them to get a better stability in life such as helping them economically. As he stated “New York City is the city of opportunities”. But with those opportunities you have to give people a chance to decide for themselves and not really impose on. The role the government would play in this is that they would have more a say in what the people should get rather than the people deciding. Joe Lhota spoke with pathos because he persuades people to think that he will try and protect us but more as in business wide and having to do more with how money is used. He wants the citizens to be unified with equal jobs, pay and education.

Both candidates had almost the same interest but said it very differently in their speeches. Bill De Blasio spoke to the people letting us know that he is for us and to show that he will do everything he can for people to feel safe and heard. Joe Lhota spoke more for the city in how to better it rather than how much the citizens could benefit and their well-being.

Buying your happiness and happiness for others!

In Sonja Lyubomirsky article “How to Buy Happiness” she states various ways that your happiness can be bought from satisfying others happiness to sharing and giving to others. Not only would that benefit you but benefit in the well-being of others as well. She teaches us that money doesn’t always satisfy your needs you can have all the money in the world but it’s how you use your money that makes you really happy. She states, “Growing evidence from Cornell University and University of Colorado at Boulder reveals, for example, that it is experiences-not things-that make us happy”. How you share your experiences with others makes you more social than others. With different experiences you don’t compare those to others because you have been doing something different. You are not following what others are doing or have because that just doesn’t really make you happy or unique. With other related factors the more money you might have the more you can share with others and try and make a difference. To sustain well-being you share with others because in doing that you become a happier person and use your money in a good way. As Lyubomirsky states, “Having money means that we have the ability to contribute substantively to our loved ones and communities, and even change the world”. To buy your happiness sharing your wealth to impact the lives of others affects your well-being. Many experiments are tested to see how individuals think about money and how to spend it. A study done in the University of British Colombia surveyed a group of employees before and after they had received a financial windfall. And its conclusion came to be that those whose bonus was spent on charities or buying something for others were the happiest because of that. How you give to others is rewarding when you see how happy you might make that person. Overall to buy your happiness you share experiences and money with others whom might not only be family.

Whenever you do something good for others it makes you a little happy. I know that if I help someone with something and they recognize I did something good to get noticed by them makes me happy. I don’t yet work enough to know how money can change me in a way if I will be the type to share my wealth and experiences with others or keep most for myself. But treating friends if they can’t get something or spending on family I think is always a good thing and will make me happy. Although, I feel that yes giving to others will make them happy and me because I have done something good besides spend on material things but when I feel like a person could do better or could have tried I don’t feel the urge to give away. When I see poor people on the streets I feel sad for them but I rarely give money because I think how bad could it have been for you to change for the better of you and not be out on the streets or did you just become so lazy and decide to drop everything in your life. Those are my perspectives on buying your happiness or others.

How to help the clients well-being

  1. Describe problems in living and how the individuals experience these problems in terms of their sense of well-being.

Problems that individual experience might be not finding a job, avoiding bad habits and peer pressured. Also problems like moving to a new country or a natural disaster happening. The way the individuals respond to these problems in living is giving up or having a hard time to accept something that happened. They also feel like if everyone else doesn’t like something or does something they should as well.

  1. Describe how can human services networking aid in the well-being of clients.

Human services networking can aid in the well-being of the clients because through television everything is being globally talked. Human services will still provide a way for people to seek help. Such as still having schools, religious organizations, and recreation centers to do this. But with Electronic communication this will spread and aid in the well-being of clients.

  1. Describe how utilizing an interdisciplinary approach within the work of a human service professional can aid to the well-being of a client/society.

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach can aid to the well-being of a client because you get a better understanding of where the clients are coming from. You get full knowledge of individuals and full understanding to the relationship between each individual or family.

  1. Describe how social care, social control and rehabilitation contributes to the well being of an individual? Society?

Social care will help those who cannot help themselves. They will give a service to these people to assist them with their problems. Social control is services given to those who don’t really need help but also have failed to help themselves or violate society’s rules. Rehabilitation is fixing a problem a client once had.

  1. Describe how the relationship between the worker and client can be an integral part in the well-being of a client.

This can be an integral part in the well-being of a client because you create a relationship to learn how to guide the client. You try to help the needs of the client as much as you can. You try and give the client a sense of trustworthiness that you want to help them achieve their goals.

  1. Describe the clinical/professional job tasks the human service professional performs in aiding the well-being goal(s) of the client.

The human service professionals make the client feel capable of change by treating them as human beings who think and act. They use a teaching role to make the clients solve their own problems in life. Human service professionals teach the clients to recognize when things around them change and to learn that, that can be changed. The human service professional plays an educator role to teach important things to the client that will stay in his or her life forever.

  1. Describe how being a generalist human service worker aids in the well-being of those they serve.

Being a generalist aids in the well-being of others because they can work with different groups of people. They have different skills to be able to work with different job functions. With the skills these generalist have they are able to understand how this could fit for the client and agency goals.

  1. Describe how the clinical/professional may steer the client to be self-sufficient.

When an individual is self-sufficient he or she will strengthen their self-esteem. Professionals enable the clients to become self-sufficient into making their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions. They become encouraged to take control of their lives if they are able to. They than believe that they can make the changes necessary to be self-sufficient.

  1. Describe how the human service delivery system provides Alameda with social care, social control, and rehabilitation in order to create a path of well-being in her life.

Human service delivery provided Alameda with social care, social control and rehabilitation by giving her opportunities to fix herself. They encouraged her to try and join a program in school to help her onto the right path in life. They gave her options for herself and her newborn baby into how to really care for the child and what should be the right thing to do. They wanted to give her options to not fall back into the wrong path once again.

10.  Describe how evidence based practice knowledge can be utilized by the professional to aid in the client’s well-being.

They give as much support to try and help the individuals or groups. They want to change the way individuals see themselves so they help them be self-sufficient taking control over their own lives and making the best out of it.





How Happy Can You Really Become?

As stated in this article “How to buy happiness” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton they state how happy can you really be if you are a loner or a giver. They state that your happiness can’t be bought by material goods but for lasting happiness giving to others can make you a happier person. To give to others your experiencing new things and are also getting closer to people. Don’t always enjoy things on your own, to make yourself feel happier you spend on others. They stated “Decades of research point to the importance of social contact for improving mental and physical health.” They proved this by doing an experiment which they handed out Starbucks gift cards and that group who had to buy something for someone else was happier. They shared that experience with the person.

I agree with this article because sometimes you need to do things for others to make yourself feel happy that you did something for someone else. I myself know that if I want to go somewhere I ask my brother to tag along because I don’t want to be by myself. Having things to do with others can bring up your self-esteem and build a more positive attitude for yourself and towards other individuals.

Lilisbeth Castillo Response to “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know by John Tierney

In this 2011 article it states how things can hopefully change people’s happiness such as having parks or bike paths or even mass transit but this isn’t always to people’s satisfaction. For example if the metro card fare stays $2.50 people will be happy with that but if the fare goes up to $3.25 no one will be happy about that. I don’t agree that happiness can be measured or promoted because every time something is wrong or people don’t like an idea than the government will have to change it to make people happy. If this is the case than they will always have to change or bring new ideas to satisfy people’s happiness. One thing I don’t agree with the article is how this is a good idea because policies can be changed to make people happier but what if it isn’t such a good policy and the government doesn’t agree with than people won’t be happy.

I don’t agree too much that happiness should be measured or promoted by the government because people are always changing there minds on things. People want things the easy way sometimes and things that will make them real happy. Unless the survey focuses only on specific things that can really make people happy and they don’t change that than maybe people can actually be happy about things for sometime.

Things that can be important to people’s well being can be having opportunities as a child to make things right. Having a place that you feel comfortable to talk about things. Having many options to join something that you might become good at. For the well being of the community I feel that resources and services are always good because people have many places to go to when they have many resources around them such as post offices, supermarkets, school etc. If there are many services to in a community you have help available for you always.

There can possibly be conflict between individual and community well-being because an individual might want something that the community feels is not worth it. Also the community might not listen to just one person’s well being but try and think as a whole.

Lilisbeth Castillo


This was my last day in the Dominican Republic this summer.

Hello my name is Lilisbeth Castillo I prefer if people call me Lili because it’s just easier and they won’t mess up my actual name. I’m 17 soon to be 18 in October I have a younger brother and older sister I will soon be an auntie. I have two dogs and three cats. So much going on in the family. Besides that while I was in high school my interests were in playing sports such as softball and volleyball which I enjoyed very much and became good at. I like to go to the beach, spending time with the family, going to adventure parks and going on trips to the Dominican Republic. During my summer I went to the Dominican Republic where I went to parties and spent time with the family. Than the rest of my summer was spent here working at my parents store on sundays and going to the beach and hanging out.

Being in City Tech for my first year experience I want it to go smoothly. I want to have many opportunities to really go deep into Human Services to become a social worker for kids who need the opportunity to get out of there homes if there not treated well. To help those kids who are in need. Because listening to how some kids get treated in there homes breaks my heart to think how bad they have life and how I could possibly help them. That’s what I want to start getting out of being in City Tech.

My weakness in writing sometimes is not having as much things to write about if I feel I already said everything I could,or my verbal tenses which I miss out on sometimes. My strengths in writing is breaking down a theme to different topics to write about I can do that a little bit better. I enjoy that I can write about things that pop in my head. I dislike the fact that writing sometimes has to be really long and I don’t find much to keep talking about and I feel that I repeat on and on. My sense of Happiness is to always feel good about yourself and to have a good self-esteem. Also to have people that care about you like a boyfriend or family makes you happy and to feel loved. For this course I hope to get a better understanding of how people feel and to dig deep into different words.