Second Draft Proposal

So as I still decided to keep looking on about my topic technology and the effects it has on teenagers health various articles came up about this topic. Many things having to do with their sleep, paying attention in class, body posture and etc. This topic is very controversial because so many teenagers are constantly using technology for every little thing such as, looking up a contact, searching through Google, playing video games, texting someone and etc. How bad your health can become can also determine your happiness/well-being because if you don’t have a good health most likely you won’t be so happy about much in life. Although, many good things can come out from using technology such as, learning how to socialize more, teaching kids in an engaging way and etc.This is a topic that can be viewed from two different point of views in a good way in which it can teach kids or disrupt their health. I’m interested in this topic because nowadays technology is used for so many things but how much teenagers use it we don’t really know the effects it can have on us and I want to find these kinds of things out. I want to find out the statistics and facts about technology and the effects it produces on teenagers. So many little things can effect us from using technology so much. How you use the computer can affect your body posture. When using the computer you should be at a desk and use a chair or something that can help support your back to be straight. When texting this could lead to anxiety, falling grades, and etc because you’re not paying attention to the important things but always want to be texting. We are constantly seeing how much teenagers are on their technological devices not knowing the effects these things has on them.

Hafner, Katie. “Texting May Be Taking a Toll.” The New York Times 25 May 2009. Web. 17 Nov. 2014. <>.

This article had to do with all the studies done on teenagers about technology and the health effects. This article mentions the types of effects it has on teenagers such as distraction in school, falling grades, sleep deprivation and etc. Also by how much you text would begin to result in cramping in your thumbs. Just like when you write a lot nonstop your hand begins to hurt. Many teenagers are becoming very attentive to their phones only even while eating out, walking in busy streets and late at night when their parents have fallen asleep. They are becoming more obsessed with wanting to answer their phones. Like mentioned in the article teenagers are also becoming less aware about things because they are more interested in answering their phone right away when they feel it vibrate or light up. Basically, the more you begin to use your phones and other technological devices you’re doing more harm to yourself rather than another person.

Clinton, Chelsea, and James Steyer. “Is the Internet hurting children?.” CNN 21 05 2012, n. pag. Web. 16 Nov. 2014. <>.

Beginning from a very young age children are becoming more aware about technology because they are introduced to it by their parents. So many kids are spending more time with their technological devices than with their parents. So much media and technology is impacting teenagers lives. They are having limited attention span, lower comprehension, poor focus and etc. It has become so complex this topic that we really don’t understand these effects. Things I didn’t know that technology could effect in so much. This article also mentions how all of this technology has even changed the way we think and feel about ourselves. So much technology is like already doing this. Also this article mentions how much technology could be changing our education, help advance our democracy and etc in the near future. In the article a researcher at Harvard says, “we have no choice but to engage with this new reality and work to ensure that it affects our kids in healthy, responsible ways”(Gardner 3). Even though kids are involved with technology it should be used in a positive way as well.

“Here’s What A Constantly Plugged-In life Is Doing To Kids’ Bodies .” Huffington Post 17 10 2013, n. pag. Web. 16 Nov. 2014. <>.

This article is all about these negative effects technology has on teenagers such as, hunched over, fingers and wrist suffering, sight could be affected, sleep is disrupted, losing bit of hearing, and brains are different. So many effects of using technology and teenagers are not stopping from using less of it. Although, this article mentions these effects and ways in which the teenager can change this a little more. For each topic mentioned about the effects they mention a brief description about why teenagers sight might be affected or sleep disrupted. Than they mention how you could reduce these effects. The effects of sleeping being disrupted is from so much light the brain confuses so you stay up later. Things you could do to reduce that would be getting at least your 9.25 hours of sleep or making a plan with your parents of no phone after 11pm. All the other topics were just like this in a way letting you ways you could reduce and be more healthy for your life.