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The social media: the affects it can have on an adolescents mental health

The internet is used every day and by every one . But people don’t sit down and think is the internet really a good thing . Parents would say the internet is a distraction to people and the world . It takes there focus away from what’s important and brings it to the nonsense that the internet offers . Which now in days it offers almost anything you would want or want to know . But opinions like these bring our attention away from what could be something actually important like , what affects can the internet, mainly the social media , have on someone’s mental health , mainly the social media . My focus is on the affects it can have on an adolescents mental health . Affects such as depression caused by cyber bullying or even a teenager becoming an addict for extreme usage of the internet . Some teens can’t go a day with out checking there face book page or twitter and so on . Little did they know there addicts to it and be totally mindless of it .

From the research performed there’s a lot of info on how the social media helps teens make friends over the internet and also connect to old friends and keeping in contact . Every one loves there social media websites and apps but there should be a limit to how many times one uses it a day . Peoples behaviors of social media usage can pretty soon develop into an addiction . The website “Alter Net “ which has an article on the personal health section called , “ Social Media Dependency Has Become a Mental Health Issue “ written by Emma Stein . Stein discusses the issue of teenagers becoming obsessed with taking selfies . Recent news about a 19 yr old boy who attempted to commit suicide after being obsessed with taking selfies in the UK has received public attention . Because of this issue its brining people to question the dependency’s teens have on social media . The article also states , surveys that were published by CASA columbia collected results that concluded , teens 12-17 that use social media every day are more likely to use tobacco alcohol and marijuana . These results were backed up by the fact that if teens are exposed to pictures of alcohol or drugs in social media sites more likely they would want to try it for them selves .

It is also found that social media can often lead teens to develop into depression . As mentioned before social media helps people connect with friends and make new friends but what happens when there is peer rejections . That can affect the way a person feels about them selves or there self view . Another issue is cyber bullying , the web page “ California Teen Health “ provides information on research conducted in California that had to do with adolescent behavior health and social media . The site states , approximately 23% of teens were reported to being threatened by a peer ( CHIS, 2001) bullying causes higher levels of depression and anxiety and in some cases this can be linked to cases of teen suicides ( Kowalski, 2009) .

second draft research proposal

So at first my research topic was about the negative effects of technology , but after wards I realized that my project was supposed to be about well being and happiness . Negative doesn’t scream happiness so I switched negative to positive and instead of society it’s the children . So now my topic is the many positive effects technology has on children . Effects like motivating kids to learn , find help for things like homework , and even change the ways children think about things . For example in the website , ” Psychology today ” , shows an article written by Jim Taylor which discusses how technology is changing the way children think and focus . Taylor expresses the idea of how technology can be beneficial because children minds are still developing  . Another source I found was an article ,” Your Wired kid ” , written by Annie Murphy Paul . In her article Paul mentions how scientist have conducted test and that it has actually been proven that kids who play games on the internet or even a video game console , reflexes improve and so does there ability to stay focused . These are just some of the examples of why Im doing this topic , to inform readers that technology and technology advancement helps a child’s well being and helps them build skills that can improve their learning development all of which are positive effects .

This website is the article I wrote about , Your Wired kid , written by Annie Murphy Paul . This article is about the misinterpretation about video games . Meaning that video games aren’t all bad it can actually benefit your child’s mind . It can give sharper vision and also the ability to be a better multitasker.

This is an article written by , Jim Taylor , that shows ways on how technology can actually help with brain development depending on the technology the child is exposed to and also at what age .

Now this website which I did not mention in my proposal but found interesting to read is an article written by , Hutinger Patricia L. etc. , that is based on assistive technology helping children with disability’s . Two year studies were conducted on this subject with children who had already 2 to 10 years of experience with this kind of technology assistence.

The negative effects of technology in society

So my topic is about the negative technology has in society . I know some might disagree and say technology has no negative effect because its helping and improving lives . That might be so but I thought to myself , if there are any negative effects on technology out there what are they ? So thats basically what helped me settle into this topic . I remember some classmates mentioned how technology makes people lazy now in days because almost everything is right at there fingertips . But others said it gives people with disabilities the ability to get things they need like say groceries . Both to me are valid points but I would like to read up on this subject more . As I was browsing I found a web page that actually gives you specifically four negative effects technology has on society . First one on the list was elevated exasperation . As I read the reasons why it says it brings exasperation I could help but laugh to myself . The web page states,” technology affects children’s psyche by consequently leading  to increased frustration ” . The example it provides is , when a person is either told to do something or in some way interrupted while texting or playing a game they instantly get angry and frustrated . This occurs especially in children and its said this kind of behavior affects parent and children relationships . So again this topic is really interesting me and I can relate to it because its going on all around me and I’ve even experienced it myself .

Annotated Bibliography

The URL above is where I got some of the research I wrote about , for those interested to see the other three effects on the list you can go check out this website, I found it really informative . What the websites shows ,again , are what they think are four negative effects of technology and each effect is followed by an example and description of each one . Most of which or about how it affects children’s and how it all effects there learning development .

My happy place in NYC

So after much thought I would have to say My happiest place in New York City is …

the # 2 school . I know that’s a weird name for a school but that’s the name of it . I didnt actually go to the school but my parents , aunts and uncles would take my cousins and I there to play in the playground that was there . Its my happy place because of the memories that I have of the playground . The memories of my family , sometimes I would look at the pictures and see my brother and I sitting on the slides holding hands smiling for the camera . Every time I think about the school it brings all that back in my mind and I cant help but smile because there years I cant ever go back to but their years I will always cherish forever .

websites on happy : review

Of course all the websites are about feeling happy and what can you do to get happy in your life . I really liked what the website ” hedonometer ”  provides, a graph that charts out the different holidays of the year and how many positive tweets were done during the holiday . I kinda had a hunch of which holiday would have the most , Christmas . I mean how can Christmas not win .As soon as Christmas is getting near every one and everything gets merry . But enough of that the other websites also had different information’s and tools you can use to help you get a better perspective which I really liked especially the research and the science behind happiness . What I found fun was theres actually a survey you take on happify that helps personalize your own happy . I thought it was weird at first but I really think its a good idea because I guess it can help give you a sort of layout on the things that make you happy and even help discover what you want to accomplish in life that would make you happy .

10/28 Class notes

Discussion on ” The Secret ”

The secret is a self help book

Its a money making buisness

  • Being self efficient , self service , improvement , professional development .

self help positive psychology 

Example : life coaches – a guide to help you in life  ( self actualization)

ideas that were described in the beginning of the film

  • Positive minds = positive things
  • What you think is what you get
  • Law of attraction , thoughts become things

One to one correspondence

Limitations ?     wanting something but dont have the money


  • having acceptance on the things that occur to you that are out of your control , instead use your thoughts to motivate you to take the steps needed to get to it
  • competing desires

ex : a woman wanting or desiring a married man , in reality she can not have him

Reality/ obstacles / limitations

using the secret to accomplish minor issues like ex: graduating school

success depends on the individual

Osmosis – getting absorbed

Explicit – blunt or direct

ad hominem – ( used in free write )  criticism directed at something about the person one is criticizing, rather than something independent of that person .

The films use experts such as authors , philosophers , and entreprenuers to help persuade the audience that the secret really exist and it in fact works.

Announcements :  Mid term grades are going to be given on thursday !!


Response to , ” The Secret”

So during the week we watched a brief clip of the film , ” The Secret ” . Also watched two video parodies based on the film too . Honestly Im still confused as to what the secret is , the film makes it seem like the law of attraction is the secret but it still brings questions . The two videos make fun of the fact that the secret is just common sense to things we already know in life . What I would like to know is how the author , Rhonda Byrne , came about with this so call secret . I have to agree with the parodies , Rhonda Byrne seems like she just rewords certain common sense situations and making them sound like it’s a formula that has to be followed . For example , in the SNL parody the comedians joke on how a man is wealthy and has an expensive house because he has wealthy parents . As to what the film said the man was wealthy because he focused his energy and thoughts on it and the universe made it happen . Which in my opinion thats a little far fetched . Still the secret kinda gets to you and makes you rethink the decisions you’ve made .

Peer review reflection

So we finally got to do our first session of peer review and I got to say I really liked it . Yes I felt like I was being roast but it was a  really good experience and hearing what my fellow group members had to say really helped me a lot in my essay. They noticed things I would have never seen which thanks to them will benefit my final piece  of writing . Also I liked hearing there own ideas on what can be incorporated to make my essay flow better . Which was really appreciated

essay 1,First Draft thesis

   Happiness can be expressed in so many ways and can be shown in so many actions . But experiencing happiness is different for every one. Every human is different , different likes and interests. I think thats why happiness is such a huge trend because every one wants to look and feel happy. But I don’t think being happy is something that should be number one on every ones list  . From the texts I’ve read , it is said that people learn from there experiences and also their mistakes . So can we learn from happiness as well ?

Chp 8 HUS Questions

Describe how the clients empowerment model for change effectively impact’s a clients well being.

–  This method is used to prioritize a clients goal and what they want to see change when receiving treatment . Its a way of organizing a clients agenda to be able to network with government , political , and social process in the community.  In this case what the professional would do is work with the community and help builds skills for the clients to use for themselves and for their own change .

Describe how a community based agency’s mission and goals promotes well being and happiness for their clients.

– any agencies mission and goal is the safety and service that are dedicated to the client . Its important to know what an agencies policies are so that you know your giving all you possibly can to the client. Its also important for the professional to know right away what an agencies guidelines and even job description so that the professional is certain that he/she want to go forward with the job with the agency. This gives clients a breath of fresh air to know that their stepping into the right direction with an agency who thats well organized and goes to great lengths to give the clients the best .

Describe how an agencies organizational chart promotes well being through the chain of command.

–  The chain of command lets people know the different departments that are their to define who has higher power within the agency. It helps inform people on who they should talk to and know exactly where to go or who to go to to find the perfect service they need .

Describe how the referral process is utilized in relation to the client’s well being.

–  client can get a referral when the client themselves requests it or on the occasion that the helper cannot give the appropriate service to solve a clients problem.For example if a client is violent or suicidal and are in desperate need of intensive therapy and sadly the helper can not provide that kind of service the a referral would be the appropriate action to take. This helps the client get the service they need and the professional that has the right experience to help them. In other words it help guide the client to the right treatment they deserve.

Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well being goals.

– What an informal consist of is many organizations working together it also includes informal help by friends and family who work to provide needed support. In organizational networks  the individuals , colleagues, teachers,and supervisors , help reduce duplication services and also help eliminate service gaps which in fact aid the clients.

Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well being of the client.

–  Paper work and documentation help the professional know before hand about a client and what there are going to deal with in a particular case. It also serves as a permanent record for future use wether the client decides to go with a different professional. Finally , documentation help in aid of the client by benefiting the service of the client and also the community.

Describe how stress “burnout” of the worker can impact the clients well being.

– I think it would not be helpful at all to the client because you wouldn’t be giving all your attention and devotion to the client so you would really wouldn’t be doing your job. If I were the client I would feel betrayed by the helper and probably would not want to see another professional again , I would think they are all like that . You would have to learn how to have control .