websites on happy : review

Of course all the websites are about feeling happy and what can you do to get happy in your life . I really liked what the website ” hedonometer ”  provides, a graph that charts out the different holidays of the year and how many positive tweets were done during the holiday . I kinda had a hunch of which holiday would have the most , Christmas . I mean how can Christmas not win .As soon as Christmas is getting near every one and everything gets merry . But enough of that the other websites also had different information’s and tools you can use to help you get a better perspective which I really liked especially the research and the science behind happiness . What I found fun was theres actually a survey you take on happify that helps personalize your own happy . I thought it was weird at first but I really think its a good idea because I guess it can help give you a sort of layout on the things that make you happy and even help discover what you want to accomplish in life that would make you happy .