10/28 Class notes

Discussion on ” The Secret ”

The secret is a self help book

Its a money making buisness

  • Being self efficient , self service , improvement , professional development .

self help positive psychology 

Example : life coaches – a guide to help you in life  ( self actualization)

ideas that were described in the beginning of the film

  • Positive minds = positive things
  • What you think is what you get
  • Law of attraction , thoughts become things

One to one correspondence

Limitations ?     wanting something but dont have the money


  • having acceptance on the things that occur to you that are out of your control , instead use your thoughts to motivate you to take the steps needed to get to it
  • competing desires

ex : a woman wanting or desiring a married man , in reality she can not have him

Reality/ obstacles / limitations

using the secret to accomplish minor issues like ex: graduating school

success depends on the individual

Osmosis – getting absorbed

Explicit – blunt or direct

ad hominem – ( used in free write )  criticism directed at something about the person one is criticizing, rather than something independent of that person .

The films use experts such as authors , philosophers , and entreprenuers to help persuade the audience that the secret really exist and it in fact works.

Announcements :  Mid term grades are going to be given on thursday !!