The negative effects of technology in society

So my topic is about the negative┬átechnology has in society . I know some might disagree and say technology has no negative effect because its helping and improving lives . That might be so but I thought to myself , if there are any negative effects on technology out there what are they ? So thats basically what helped me settle into this topic . I remember some classmates mentioned how technology makes people lazy now in days because almost everything is right at there fingertips . But others said it gives people with disabilities the ability to get things they need like say groceries . Both to me are valid points but I would like to read up on this subject more . As I was browsing I found a web page that actually gives you specifically four negative effects technology has on society . First one on the list was elevated exasperation . As I read the reasons why it says it brings exasperation I could help but laugh to myself . The web page states,” technology affects children’s psyche by consequently leading ┬áto increased frustration ” . The example it provides is , when a person is either told to do something or in some way interrupted while texting or playing a game they instantly get angry and frustrated . This occurs especially in children and its said this kind of behavior affects parent and children relationships . So again this topic is really interesting me and I can relate to it because its going on all around me and I’ve even experienced it myself .

Annotated Bibliography

The URL above is where I got some of the research I wrote about , for those interested to see the other three effects on the list you can go check out this website, I found it really informative . What the websites shows ,again , are what they think are four negative effects of technology and each effect is followed by an example and description of each one . Most of which or about how it affects children’s and how it all effects there learning development .