Research Project Proposal:

When I first starting to think about what my topic was going to be it was difficult to pick something. I started to think about what do people talk about nowadays that makes them happy or unhappy. Then I thought about how age affects ones happiness. I thought of this because lately a lot of people around me have been complaining about their age and the fear of getting old. These people usually say the same thing “I’m getting old” or “Do I look old?” I’m sure a lot of people my age have heard the famous, “I wish I was your age”. So I researched how age affects happiness and kept reading articles with something in common which is The U-bend of life. The U is supposed to represent the ups and downs one goes through with age. It shows how people start out happy then things go downhill in youth to middle age then when one starts to move towards old age they begin to finally achieve happiness.  After reading this article it made me really think about it because although people do fear getting old can ones age really affect their happiness? This topic really is very interesting to me and I look forward to finding out more about it.

This site above explains the U-bend of life with age. I ran into other articles with the same concept but this one I stayed on more than the others and I felt explained what the U-bend of life actually was.