Research Proposal: Positive psychology

The main topic of this research paper is going to be positive psychology. This topic seems intriguing because of it’s unique views, not many people have even heard of the concept. Positive psychology revolves around the idea that people are often aided to become basically neutral in life, when they should be assisted on becoming happy. It’s a branch in psychology that focuses on the idea of people and the mentally ill being assisted in becoming happy not just “normal”. Often when individuals are diagnosed with depression they are given medication and therapy to get them to a place where they’re okay with life. Not jumping for joy but not in a dark place like they were, but when this concept is brought into play it makes people think, is that any better? If people are being helped to get out of that bad place and emotional state then why leave them half way? Wouldn’t it be more helpful in helping them achieve happiness? This is why this idea is so interesting. The fact that it is believed that these individuals are being helped by just making them feel OK isn’t a service. Feeling neutral isn’t happiness or content, it’s just getting by. People shouldn’t just get by in life, they should experience happiness and live their life to it’s full extent, actually enjoy it. When people seek medical help for their problems or are recommended to get help, their goal or mission isn’t to be mentally OK, it’s to achieve happiness. This idea was often thought of but not too deeply. It could have crossed the minds of people that there is no point in seeking this assistance if it is not doing what it should be, but because it hasn’t been given much attention it became dismissed. This idea of trying to make people happy and not just OK is fascinating especially if you’ve witnessed someone going through depression and also in therapy. It gives you more of an insight on how people are helped to only achieve the bare minimum of happiness. Throughout this research paper, the focus is be on how doctors aren’t putting their all into making their clients happy but more so into just getting them to a “normal” state.

Proulx, Elise. “Three Insights from the Frontiers of Positive Psychology.”Http:// 7 Aug. 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2014.

This was one of the sites that I came across in which speaks on positive psychology and how it is becoming more commonly thought of. The concept is beginning to get more attention than ever and people are starting to explore it more. They also state where people are starting to give it more importance and how. There are also tips on how and why people should themselves explore positive psychology more and it’s benefits. The idea of dwelling is also brought up and how it can do people a lot of harm without even noticing. Since it is common to think back on negative ideas it isn’t thought about how that could hinder you on your future.