Chp 8 HUS Questions

Describe how the clients empowerment model for change effectively impact’s a clients well being.

–  This method is used to prioritize a clients goal and what they want to see change when receiving treatment . Its a way of organizing a clients agenda to be able to network with government , political , and social process in the community.  In this case what the professional would do is work with the community and help builds skills for the clients to use for themselves and for their own change .

Describe how a community based agency’s mission and goals promotes well being and happiness for their clients.

– any agencies mission and goal is the safety and service that are dedicated to the client . Its important to know what an agencies policies are so that you know your giving all you possibly can to the client. Its also important for the professional to know right away what an agencies guidelines and even job description so that the professional is certain that he/she want to go forward with the job with the agency. This gives clients a breath of fresh air to know that their stepping into the right direction with an agency who thats well organized and goes to great lengths to give the clients the best .

Describe how an agencies organizational chart promotes well being through the chain of command.

–  The chain of command lets people know the different departments that are their to define who has higher power within the agency. It helps inform people on who they should talk to and know exactly where to go or who to go to to find the perfect service they need .

Describe how the referral process is utilized in relation to the client’s well being.

–  client can get a referral when the client themselves requests it or on the occasion that the helper cannot give the appropriate service to solve a clients problem.For example if a client is violent or suicidal and are in desperate need of intensive therapy and sadly the helper can not provide that kind of service the a referral would be the appropriate action to take. This helps the client get the service they need and the professional that has the right experience to help them. In other words it help guide the client to the right treatment they deserve.

Describe how an informal network can aid in the referral and well being goals.

– What an informal consist of is many organizations working together it also includes informal help by friends and family who work to provide needed support. In organizational networks  the individuals , colleagues, teachers,and supervisors , help reduce duplication services and also help eliminate service gaps which in fact aid the clients.

Describe how documentation and paperwork requirements aid in the well being of the client.

–  Paper work and documentation help the professional know before hand about a client and what there are going to deal with in a particular case. It also serves as a permanent record for future use wether the client decides to go with a different professional. Finally , documentation help in aid of the client by benefiting the service of the client and also the community.

Describe how stress “burnout” of the worker can impact the clients well being.

– I think it would not be helpful at all to the client because you wouldn’t be giving all your attention and devotion to the client so you would really wouldn’t be doing your job. If I were the client I would feel betrayed by the helper and probably would not want to see another professional again , I would think they are all like that . You would have to learn how to have control .