Controlling the Unvierse with One Thought

In class we watched the first 20 minutes of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne where mainly introduced the law of attraction. Rhonda Byrne starts of the video by saying that she researched history to find out about the secret. The video mentioned that applying the secret could bring an individual happiness, health, and wealth. There are many experts in the video such as philosopher, metaphysician, entrepreneur, visionary, and author that talk about their thoughts about the secret. They all agreed that the secret could change an individual’s life depending their thoughts. The video mentioned that no matter where you are or who you are the law of attraction follows you. The law of attraction is that whatever an individual thinks about that will happen. If there are negative thoughts then negative things will happen in their life. They described the law of attraction in three words which are thoughts become things.The film gave several examples of how the secret has affected people. For instance the lady that wanted the necklace she saw on display. As she looked at the necklace she concentrated on thinking positive and imagining herself wearing it. After time has passed by she receives the same necklace from a guy. With this example they wanted to show how thinking positive thoughts attract the things a person desires.

In class we also watched two parody films that in a way made fun of the film “The Secret”. One parody that we watched was SNL Oprah The Secret which is a mockery of Oprah’s talk show. In this video Rhonda Byrne was always smiling portraying that she was happy because she found the secret and applies it to her life. She also mentions that she was not a doctor or a scientist but yet she found this amazing and life changing secret. Pamela which is one of the people that believe in the secret said that the secret has changed her life for the better. She claims that the secret helped her when her husband left her for another woman. She started to have positive thoughts of her husband coming back which resulted her in getting a restriction order. Byrne asks her if her and her husband are back together, she answered no but then that was thinking negative. Pamela changed her answer and said they were together which is not true. Therefore, that proved that the secret is just a way of lying to yourself rather than being realistic about the problem.

In my opinion I don’t think that the law of attraction is true because it is impossible to control the universe just with thoughts. Of course that thinking positive is always a good thing it does change the way an individual sees things and changes the mood of a person. A person that thinks negative is going to feel sad rather than a person that thinks positive which will have a happy life because they are not bring themselves down. Thoughts have a strong affect in a person’s mood but has no effect in getting the things an individual wants. For instance, if an individual wants to become a chief they can’t just think about it and magically become a chief. They will have to work hard and learn the basic skills need to become a chief. The individual will have to practice and be dedicated in order to achieve their goal. It is impossible to just sit down and start thinking about becoming a chief and the next morning have all the knowledge needed. If that was the case why would people even bother to go to school or work, everyone will just think of what they want and get it. The universe obviously does not work like that because then everyone will have a perfect life.As humans there are emotions involved. A person can’t always be happy because it is normal not to be pleased by everything or to have a bad day. Negative emotions help an individual understand and appreciate the good things in life.