Class notes 11/20/14

Sources and Annotations

We all started with a topic that was to broad and with time we have tried to narrow it down to be more specific.


A large part of the research paper is research. Try to research as much as possible, at least look at 12 sources that have to do with your topic to help in the process of getting informed. Most of the research you have looked at may not even make it into your essay, which is fine because it does not have to. It is just for you to gain knowledge on the topic.

The goal of research was to find out the important points on the topic.Be come experts in the topic therefore we are able to ask questions and narrow down to an specific aspect of the topic.

Browsing the web

The primary source engine we all usually go to is Google which is a place to start to look for information and which also helps to go more in depth. When searching a topic on Google we find that a lot of results pop up on the topic that are probably not any good use for the research paper.

Browse websites and articles, if there are links click on links they will refer you to further information about the topic.

Wikipedia is a good place to go. A lot of people are scared to use Wikipedia because it is known for not being accurate, but then again a lot of things posted on the internet aren’t. Therefore, you should always do further research and compare the information you have found to see if it is credible. NOT to cite but to just learn background information. When you go to Wikipedia a scroll all the way down you will find a lot of links and references that could lead to important articles.

A good way to narrow down the search results are by going to which in fact the results found in Google scholar are more credible because they have been reviewed. To access some article you may have to pay but please do not pay. If you feel like that article might be helpful for your topic first check the school library website, which might have the same article for free!

Evaluating a source 

Step 1: read it

Step 2: ask yourself: Is it useful?

Step 3: Is it credible?

To find out if it is credible ask yourself:

– Who is the author? It should have an author, if it doesn’t then you probably should not use it. How to find the author? Go to the about page. In the about page you will find a lot of information about who wrote the article, there view on the article, and when it was published.

– Where was it published? Knowing where it was published also helps you know if it is credible for example if the article is from the New York Times or if the article comes from a website that ends in .gov then you would know that those articles are credible.

– How current is the article? It is important to ask yourself this because you may need different research for your topic. For example, if your topic is on how modern technology affects individuals then, you will need current information about technology and the affects it has.

– Determine what the view point of the topic is being represented. This could make a big difference in your research. You need to show that you are aware of the view point.

– Determine the effectiveness of the topic.

Annotated Bibliography 

We have already completed two drafts.

If there are any more questions on what the annotated bibliography should have or be please read the assignment, which could be found on the schedule.

10% of the grade is the annotated bibliography and the proposal.

Each annotation should be 150 words. Which should include a brief overall summary of the article, the main idea, and the significance of the article. The summary part should be the longest part of the annotation and the rest should be an explanation of why the article is important and how does it help your paper evolve. In the summary do not write “the article says or talks about” the article can not speak. You could use other words such as: explains,reveals, states, argues, expresses, shows, describes, and many more.

Evaluation: show the understanding of your source. Ask yourself: Why is this important for your paper? Why is it useful? What is the viewpoint?

The annotated bibliography should be in:

  • Alphabetical order
  • Single spaced
  • In third person
  • In MLA citation

The finial annotated bibliography should have 6 UPDATED SOURCES. If you have changed your topic as you have narrowed it down do not forget to go back and change your annotations!

We have a couple more days until the semester is over so lets finish strong! We could all do it! 🙂


Negative effects of drug use

My first proposal I feel like I was very vague. I narrowed my topic to one way to prevent suicide in adolescents is by the absence of drug use. I find this topic interesting because it shows the reality of the negative effects drugs have in individuals. I want to focus more on the drug use in teenagers because the decisions that a teenager makes has a huge impact in the beginning of their adult hood. If an individual is well educated in the negative effects of drug use they are more likely to not have the urge to try it. It is also beneficial if they have a stable lifestyle such as having a support system that could guide them in the right direction, talk about their problems with, and depend on them for any questions or concerns they have. The stage of teenage years are known as the time where the most confusion and overwhelming takes place. Therefore, to prevent teenagers to seek to drugs as an escape it is important for them to have someone that they could count on and also learn how to problem solve without getting overwhelmed. Drug abuse is one of the leading causes of suicides in the world. Once a teenager is hooked on a drug it is hard to sober them up because they don’t want to live the hard reality they have been escaping all these time. Drug use also stops and prevents an individual to develop in life. It also makes it harder for them to set goals for themselves, which means they will be less likely to evolve in life. If a teenager is well educated in the negative effects of drug use the more likely teenagers will not consume drugs.

Annotated sources:

“10 Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs.” Promises Addiction Treatment Alcohol Drug Rehab Malibu. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.

This article mentions ten reasons why teenagers consume drugs in their life. The ten reasons the article gave are all very common to have and experience as teenagers. For example, one of the reasons the article gives is modeling parent’s behavior. In fact this reason is key because throughout the teenager’s life they never really had a guardian that could guide them to the right path and help them make the correct decisions. But it is also very controversial because if the teenager grew up with a parent that abused drug use and they saw how it affected their parents they will stay away from drugs. Another important factor is that teenagers try drugs for curiosity of to escape realty for a moment and in the long run they end up becoming addicted.

“Why Do Teens Use Drugs?” Why Do Teens Use Drugs? N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2014.

This article explains why young adults find the need to use drugs. Teenagers sometimes feel like they don’t fit in with the rest of their peers. Sometimes not fitting in becomes overwhelming in a teenagers life that they are willing to do anything to fit in. A teenager might just use drugs once to fit in but in reality they will continue to use it to fit in or just because they liked it. The use of drugs is to change the way an individual feels at a moment. With time if the individual keeps using drugs to escape and feel better about a problem, the individual will always depend on the drug.

This article mentions that drug use among teenagers has been a problem for many years. The drug use in teenagers is because they have not reached maturity. Once they have passed the teenage years without learning from their mistakes and continue to consume drugs, then that a problem because they have now become dependent in drugs to cope with their everyday problems. This article also gives out ways a teenager can be treated once they have abused and become dependent on drug use. One of the treatments is to have family based therapies which shows how important it is to have a support system at a young age.


The importance of a support system

Choosing a topic was extremely difficult. I didn’t know where or how to start. I knew it had to be related to happiness and well-being but I couldn’t think of anything in specific that related. Therefore, I chose to go backwards and research the opposite of happiness which is death. In my research paper I want to focus on young adults so I researched the top 5 reasons of suicide in teenage years. I found out that overall teenagers that commit suicide are depress for a long time. Some reasons of suicide are because  they do not have the support they need from their parents or guardian at a young age, low self-esteem, struggling with sexual orientation, drug abuse, and much more. Putting all of these reasons together I came to the conclusion that the lack of a support system in their life has a huge effect on their outcome in life. Without a support system of adults in their life they will also lack the knowledge of problem solving. Problem solving could be extremely beneficial in an individual’s life because the individual will know how to overcome the obstacle without bring themselves down and stressing over it.

Since most young adults without a support system lack good problem solving they will tend to deal and mask their problems momentarily with the use of drugs. The use of drugs is an easy and fast way out of the stress or problems going on in an individual’s life. Most adults that consume and are addicted to drugs have started to use them from a young age making it hard to quit. For my research paper I wanted to talk about teenagers masking their problems with drugs and feeling at ease for the time they are drugged up but how it affects their well-being in their future. Also how much more beneficial it would it be if teenagers had more support and more knowledge on how to deal with obstacles without the use of drugs. The more a teenager is hooked on a drug the harder it will be for the individual to grow as a person and the harder it will be to progress in life because drugs are like a time capsule is stops the crave to be better and to develop.

Annotated Source:

“Get Informed.” Teen Suicides: What Are the Risk Factors? N.p., n.d. Web. 12

Nov. 2014.

This article mentions the top reasons why young individuals commit suicide at such a young age. Most of the teenagers that commit suicide is because they do not have the support they need to grow up and mature to the point they are self-sufficient. Also the overwhelming and obstacles these teenagers go through are hard to deal alone. Therefore, since they do not have anyone to guide them they tend to use drugs to mask their stress of not being able to overcome their daily obstacles. The drugs that are being consumed make the individual feel at ease for that moment that once the drug effects go away they will crave more which will eventually lead to a drug addiction. This article also mentions ways that young adults could prevent suicide just has communicating better with others, better problem solving, more restrictions to drug access, and more access to clinics that could help them become self-sufficient in their future.

My Happy Place: Central Park

Out of the many places I have visited in New York my favorite place that brings me happiness is Central Park. Central Park is a calm place full of nature located right in the center of the chaotic city of Manhattan. I have lived in New York for about 15 years and I still have not visited all of central park because it is huge. My goal is to someday finally say that I have been all around central park.

In my opinion Central Park is one of the most beautiful places in New York City. It is gorgeous year around, it is always perfect to go to central park. In the summer anyone could go take a walk, ride bikes, roller blade, claim rocks or even just sit down on top of the huge rocks overlooking at the skyscrapers enjoying a picnic. In the fall the leaves start to change colors and start to fall down. Taking a walk down the park hearing the crunching noise of the leaves on the ground while looking over the trees made up of all the different shades of red. In the in the winter the tress get covered with snow. It seems as if you were walking down a winter wonderland. I love watching people playing with the snow such as snow ball fighting, making snowmen, or making snow angles. In the spring flowers start to bloom and trees come back to life. Central park started to bloom back to life with delicate pastel colors such as lavender, pinks, yellows, and greens. It doesn’t matter what season of the year it is I will always love to visit Central Park because of the beautiful view of nature and the tranquility it transmits to me.

Not only does it look beautiful but it also has a lot of sentimental values. Ever since I could remember my parents used to take me and my siblings to Central Park on their days off. My siblings and I used to run around playing tag in the play grounds, racing up the rocks, committing on who learned how to ride a bike faster. I also remember going to the zoo and feeding the animals. After a long week of parents working we took a day off to go relax and spend time together sitting in the grass with snacks enjoying the beautiful weather. Once we got a dog we used to go take him for walks and try to teach him how to play fetch but he never learned.

As time passed we all grew up and stopped going to Central Park as frequently as we used to. Still to this day I love going to Central Park on my free time because it brings back childhood memories. I also love going to just take a break from all the chaos in my life and just sit down and enjoy nature. In the winter I also go to the ice skating rank with friends. Central Park is a place that makes me happy because there is endless things to do. It is also a place that has a lot of sentimental value.

central park spring central park summer fall central parkwinter-central-park-background-image-free-central-park-hd-wallpapers

Tracking Happiness

The majority of people use technology at least once a day, making it easy to try to track happiness using technology. At first I didn’t think that happiness would be something that could be measured. How can it be measured if it’s a personal emotion it depends on how the person is feeling which is usually not the same all the time. All these websites talk about how they want to measure happiness by tracking what they do in their daily life. Different people have different ideas and approaches in how to measure a person’s well-being which will eventually lead to happiness.

In the first two websites they used an app named The H(app)athon App which is used to track a person’s values. They believe that the actions that are taken affect an individual’s happiness. When the app is downloaded they ask you to take a survey. The survey that is taken matches the individual with actives that they could do that will help boost up their happiness. The app also helps to see where an individual’s life is out of balance and then try to balance it out for it could benefit the well-being. In my opinion I think that that this app will help a couple of people but not everyone. It will help some people because some people may actually take it serious and follow what the app says to do which will make them feel like they are improving their well-being. It may not help others because not everyone will be consistent or truthful with the app. Also, not everyone is the same, what makes one person happy may not me the same for the other, it is not one size fits all.

The next two websites mention on how Santa Monica is trying to measure well-being and making it a city that is truly connected to its people. They believe that by reflecting how the community is back to the community, the community will realize and make it easier to improve its well-being. The Wellbeing project is researching all around the world to understand the strengths and challenges people face in their lives. Although, Santa Monica is beautiful, has nice weather, and feels like paradise, it is number two of the top ten most stressed out cities in America. It is in the top two because there is a lot of traffic and living there is too expensive. I think that by people taking action and by trying to improve wellbeing there is going to be a positive change. The more people work together on this project the more of an outcome there will be because that will mean that a lot of people are willing to work to improve their happiness. If everyone works together in Santa Monica and achieves their project on well-being it will have a great outcome in the whole world.

The last website talks about how happiness is influenced depending the geographical location that the person is currently in. For instance, the saddest part in New York City is Maspeth Park, Brooklyn because of its pollution and lack on sanitation. The happiest place in New York City is Times Square because it is a place where tourist go filled with excitement and joy feeling they have arrived to New York. This was all measured by looking at the tweets people have posted and analyzing their location at the moment. In my opinion that was a very smart way to track happiness. People usually tweet what they feel with no pressure or thought that they are being evaluated on how happy they are. Therefore, I feel like they will be much more truthful with their emotions. It is also a very smart way to track happiness because now people tweet more than ever. Technology has become a daily routine to mostly everyone. As technology continues to improve and advance there will be more accurate measurement on individual’s happiness and on what makes an individual truly happy.

Controlling the Unvierse with One Thought

In class we watched the first 20 minutes of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne where mainly introduced the law of attraction. Rhonda Byrne starts of the video by saying that she researched history to find out about the secret. The video mentioned that applying the secret could bring an individual happiness, health, and wealth. There are many experts in the video such as philosopher, metaphysician, entrepreneur, visionary, and author that talk about their thoughts about the secret. They all agreed that the secret could change an individual’s life depending their thoughts. The video mentioned that no matter where you are or who you are the law of attraction follows you. The law of attraction is that whatever an individual thinks about that will happen. If there are negative thoughts then negative things will happen in their life. They described the law of attraction in three words which are thoughts become things.The film gave several examples of how the secret has affected people. For instance the lady that wanted the necklace she saw on display. As she looked at the necklace she concentrated on thinking positive and imagining herself wearing it. After time has passed by she receives the same necklace from a guy. With this example they wanted to show how thinking positive thoughts attract the things a person desires.

In class we also watched two parody films that in a way made fun of the film “The Secret”. One parody that we watched was SNL Oprah The Secret which is a mockery of Oprah’s talk show. In this video Rhonda Byrne was always smiling portraying that she was happy because she found the secret and applies it to her life. She also mentions that she was not a doctor or a scientist but yet she found this amazing and life changing secret. Pamela which is one of the people that believe in the secret said that the secret has changed her life for the better. She claims that the secret helped her when her husband left her for another woman. She started to have positive thoughts of her husband coming back which resulted her in getting a restriction order. Byrne asks her if her and her husband are back together, she answered no but then that was thinking negative. Pamela changed her answer and said they were together which is not true. Therefore, that proved that the secret is just a way of lying to yourself rather than being realistic about the problem.

In my opinion I don’t think that the law of attraction is true because it is impossible to control the universe just with thoughts. Of course that thinking positive is always a good thing it does change the way an individual sees things and changes the mood of a person. A person that thinks negative is going to feel sad rather than a person that thinks positive which will have a happy life because they are not bring themselves down. Thoughts have a strong affect in a person’s mood but has no effect in getting the things an individual wants. For instance, if an individual wants to become a chief they can’t just think about it and magically become a chief. They will have to work hard and learn the basic skills need to become a chief. The individual will have to practice and be dedicated in order to achieve their goal. It is impossible to just sit down and start thinking about becoming a chief and the next morning have all the knowledge needed. If that was the case why would people even bother to go to school or work, everyone will just think of what they want and get it. The universe obviously does not work like that because then everyone will have a perfect life.As humans there are emotions involved. A person can’t always be happy because it is normal not to be pleased by everything or to have a bad day. Negative emotions help an individual understand and appreciate the good things in life.



Chapter 4: Models of Service Delivery

Chapter 4

  1. Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families and/or communities.
  2. Medical, Public Health, Human Services

Medical model is for an individual that has a problem that is either a sickness or disease. These individuals depend on a physician to provide treatment or a cure for their sickness or disease. The medical model system consists of the symptom, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. It follows these steps in order to provide well-being to the individual.

Public health provides well-being for the entire community. Public health is defined in three ways. The first is by examining the history of the developments, the achievements, and the health successes. The second one is to achieve the mission of promoting physical and mental health to prevent any diseases, injuries, or disabilities. For instance, preventing epidemics being able to control the epidemic before the community is in danger. The third is to learn how to adapt to the circumstances of life. Learning how to handle problems in life in order to maintain physical and mental health to provide satisfaction in an individual’s life.

Human services is between the individual and the environment and balancing out the two of them. For example if a client has a mental illness it will affect their behavior. The human service model will treat this client by working with both the individual and the environment that is around him. In this model it is important to focus on the positive aspects of the client rather than the negatives.

  1. Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness.

Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness by arguing and practicing that individuals with mental illness should be treated with respect and with mental care not with punishments or with persecutions. Philippe Pinel combined his knowledge with Pussin’s principles and developed the moral method. The moral method says that mental illness is an imbalance that the patient has and could be treated with extensive observation and very detailed therapies. This impacted the well-being of mental illness because it benefits the client more rather than punishing them like before.

  1. Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human services profession.

The psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession because it made the clients talk about their thoughts and emotions with the professional. The professional analysis all the thoughts and emotions of the client and then comes up with a treatment plan that will help the client in the future.

  1. Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses.

Medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illness because they provide the client medicine that helps them control their behavior, relieve depression, or ease pain. Resulting in the client to be able to control negative behaviors and to live a non-harmful life.

  1. Describe how electroshock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.

Electroshock treatment can promote well-being of the client because it leaves the client unconscious. When the client starts to gain consciousness again they might experience memory loss or confusion. After several weeks the behavioral problem seems to leave.

  1. Describe how the “strength based” model approach promotes the well-being of the clients/society.

The strength based model approach promotes the well-being of the client because the professional tells the client to think about the problems or situations that were solved in the past. This promotes the well-being of the client because it helps the client realize their strength and the possibilities they have to deal with the problems they have and how to cope with them.

Improving Essay 1

Writing the first draft was the most difficult. It was hard to pick an argument and then to find claims to support the argument. After I was done with my first draft I knew that I needed help revising it and feedback on it. The peer review that we were assigned to do were every helpful. The peer review worksheet was very helpful. It helped me look at each part of the essay and analyze if it was correct or could be better. All the questions in the worksheet went step by step asking specific questions that I would have probably not asked myself. As I was editing my two classmate’s essays and giving them back feedback I will also realize that I had done the same mistakes.

In class we got into groups and discus what we had found in each other’s essay and how it could be better. My peers mentioned what I could do to make my essay better and my argument stronger. In my essay I only achieved one transitional sentence from one paragraph to the next. I have to go back and add transitional sentences to the rest of my paragraphs for it could flow smoothly. I also have to work on achieving topic sentences for my body paragraph. I finally understand what a topic sentence is and what it consist of. At first I just thought it was the main idea. Therefore, I always just stated the claim which was incorrect because it should be a very detailed main idea plus an explanation of how it supports the thesis. I also had sentences that were general and made my peers ask “so what?” I thought I had explained it clearly but I was wrong. I have to go back and either take that sentence out or explain it more and connect it to my argument better.

My essay doesn’t have noticeable opposing viewpoints. I have to counter claim my argument in order to make it stronger. It is hard to include counter claims because they have to be mentioned but cannot be stronger then my argument.

As my example I used famous people to explain and show how sometimes having excessive amount of money can be negative. I was told that for my example I have to be more specific and more detailed on how money can be negative. To make it more specific I am going to use a certain celebrity and explain how it affected them.

I also had a bit of trouble in my conclusion. I was a little difficult to sum up the whole essay in one small paragraph without being repetitive. I have to work on how to restate my thesis and claims in different words.

After I reread my own essay I realized that I could be more specific and analyze more on how it affects an individual’s happiness. I also noticed some grammar mistakes and typos that I have done. Rereading my essay after a week gap really made me see it differently and notice a lot of things that could be changed. Just like the handout on editing and proofreading mention to get some distance between the text because if you read it right after you wrote it the text will be too familiar. Making it hard to identify mistakes.

Chapter 2: A History of Helping and Chapter 3: Human Service Today

Chapter 2

  1. Describe the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well-being of clients who were in distress.

The techniques and solutions used to aid in the well-being of clients who were in distress weren’t anything in comparison to the way they are now. Mental illnesses were believed to be caused by evil spirits. A way of treatment that was used was trephining the skull which is removing a disks of the bone. This was done because they thought that the holes will allow the evil spirits to escape. Another way of treatment was exorcizing. Exorcizing is religious rites done to take out the evil spirits from the body.

  1. Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and society.

In the middle ages human well-being services were provided by institutions such as orphanages, the church, the government, hospitals, and the insane asylum. The two major institutions were the hospital and the insane asylum. The hospital provided medical assistance to the ill and also provided food and housing for those in need. Having these institutions showed that the concern of the illness and provided help. Although they tried to provide help the patients didn’t receive effective treatments and the living conditions were poor. Now in present day human service workers have to go through training and acquire knowledge. Going through training and gaining knowledge helps the professional determine the right treatment plan for the client.

  1. Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans by providing affordable health insurance. These benefits the well-being of many Americans because now they are able to have health insurance with minimum pay or no pay. This provides help for those that were not able to afford it and reduces the amount of people that are sick and have no help.

  1. Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society.

Social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society by individualism, laissez fair, and social Darwinism. Individualism was that poverty was a sign of spiritual weakness and that hard work leads to success. Laissez fair does not focus on individual responsibility but on the government’s responsibility. Social Darwinism is an attempt to help those in need and in return it will facilitate the survival of the “unfit”.

  1. Describe how the mental health movement promoted the well-being of clients/society.

The mental health movement promoted the well-being of clients/society because it provided free clinics for mentally ill patients went and were treated and were social services were provided as well. The profession of clinical psychology was created which also helped the well-being because the treatments will be more efficient.

  1. Describe how the human service movement promoted the well-being of clients/society.

The human service movement promoted the well-being of clients/society by establishing leadership to provide development and training. The mental health treatment shifted from institution to community because there was an increase in clients. This made it possible to provide help to all clients.

  1. Describe how entitlement benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare) promote the well-being of individuals/society.

Entitlement benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare promoted the well-being of individuals/society because it provides health insurance to those that are not able to pay for their medical bills or the children’s medical bill. Now more welfare recipients work unlike before which provides well-being because it is helping the person become more self-sufficient with time.

  1. Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society.

The legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society by The Medicare Prescription Drug Act in 2003, this provided help to the patients that need medicine and weren’t able to afford it. It promotes the well-being of individuals and society because they are receiving the help they need.


Chapter 3

  1. Describe how the trends of technology, in the field of human services, are attempting to aid a client’s well-being.

The trends of technology in the field of human services are attempting to aid the client’s well-being by providing more efficient and effective service. Technology is also a good way to service the clients that have limited access. Confidentially is still kept through the use of technology.

  1. Describe how technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients.

Technology can promote well-being in professional development for human service workers and ultimately clients by providing the professional with easy and fast access to the latest information about different populations, knowledge, and new skills. This will ultimately promote well-being for the client because the professional will the able to assist them better with new skills and knowledge, providing the client with a more effective treatment.

  1. Describe what managed care is, and how it promotes client well-being.

Managed care is information that is being received or send out and keeping it organized. It is also a way to send information to other organizations or with the workers. This promotes the well-being of the client because the professional will have everything organized and will be able to have everything ready for the client.

  1. Describe some of the limitations of managed care and how it can impact on well-being.

Some of the limitations of managed care are that at times lower level of care is provided. Therefore it is not providing the client with the help and correct treatment the client may need.

  1. Describe what service delivery means and how it promotes well-being.

Service delivery is an interaction between the professional and the client. The professional will talk about and offer the client information, services, or things the client could do to promote its well-being. This will provide well-being because there is interaction between the helper and the client, which provides a more effective treatment and a better relationship with the professional.

  1. Describe how human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific populations.

Human service professionals pay attention to various groups in order to promote well-being of specific population by gaining knowledge on different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. This promotes the well-being of a specific population because the professional will be familiar with the culture and traditions that specific population follow. Helping the professional better understand and determine the treatment for the client.

  1. Describe how what is happening internationally promotes or hinders the well-being of US citizens.

What is happening internationally affects the well-being of US citizens. For example as the population and immigration increase there is going to being more resources needed which will hinder the well-being of US citizens.

  1. Describe how the concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being.

The concept of “teaching a man to fish” promotes well-being because the professional could only teach the client skills on how to live a better life. The professional can’t just give the client all the answers because then that wouldn’t be really helping the client. Just like “teaching a man to fish” eventually they will learn if they learn the skills. They will never learn if it is always done for them. Once the human service worker gives the client the skills and knowledge then the will be able to do things for themselves and eventually become self-sufficient.

  1. Describe how cultural competency can promote well-being.

Cultural competency can promote well-being because the professional will have a better understanding of different cultures. Making the professional able to deal with different type of people and help them in the ways they need help. It will also help the professional better understand the background of the client. Therefore the professional will provide a treatment that fits them.

Achieving Happiness

Wouldn’t an individual want to know the tricks and secrets on how to achieve happiness? Ones goal and desire is to be and live a happy lifestyle. There is various definitions on what happiness is and what brings an individual happiness. Although, every individual is different there has been several studies that show how one can boost their happiness in their everyday life. Most people will assume that the rich are happier than the poor. Shockley having an excessive amount of money does not influence in ones happiness. Happiness is achieved by factors such as socializing, experiences, and the way an individual spends money not by the amount.