The importance of a support system

Choosing a topic was extremely difficult. I didn’t know where or how to start. I knew it had to be related to happiness and well-being but I couldn’t think of anything in specific that related. Therefore, I chose to go backwards and research the opposite of happiness which is death. In my research paper I want to focus on young adults so I researched the top 5 reasons of suicide in teenage years. I found out that overall teenagers that commit suicide are depress for a long time. Some reasons of suicide are because  they do not have the support they need from their parents or guardian at a young age, low self-esteem, struggling with sexual orientation, drug abuse, and much more. Putting all of these reasons together I came to the conclusion that the lack of a support system in their life has a huge effect on their outcome in life. Without a support system of adults in their life they will also lack the knowledge of problem solving. Problem solving could be extremely beneficial in an individual’s life because the individual will know how to overcome the obstacle without bring themselves down and stressing over it.

Since most young adults without a support system lack good problem solving they will tend to deal and mask their problems momentarily with the use of drugs. The use of drugs is an easy and fast way out of the stress or problems going on in an individual’s life. Most adults that consume and are addicted to drugs have started to use them from a young age making it hard to quit. For my research paper I wanted to talk about teenagers masking their problems with drugs and feeling at ease for the time they are drugged up but how it affects their well-being in their future. Also how much more beneficial it would it be if teenagers had more support and more knowledge on how to deal with obstacles without the use of drugs. The more a teenager is hooked on a drug the harder it will be for the individual to grow as a person and the harder it will be to progress in life because drugs are like a time capsule is stops the crave to be better and to develop.

Annotated Source:

“Get Informed.” Teen Suicides: What Are the Risk Factors? N.p., n.d. Web. 12

Nov. 2014.

This article mentions the top reasons why young individuals commit suicide at such a young age. Most of the teenagers that commit suicide is because they do not have the support they need to grow up and mature to the point they are self-sufficient. Also the overwhelming and obstacles these teenagers go through are hard to deal alone. Therefore, since they do not have anyone to guide them they tend to use drugs to mask their stress of not being able to overcome their daily obstacles. The drugs that are being consumed make the individual feel at ease for that moment that once the drug effects go away they will crave more which will eventually lead to a drug addiction. This article also mentions ways that young adults could prevent suicide just has communicating better with others, better problem solving, more restrictions to drug access, and more access to clinics that could help them become self-sufficient in their future.