The Secret and The Law Of Attraction

During the last two sessions last week we watched three videos one on “The Secret” and two parodies about the secret. From watching “The secret” 20 minute video a lot of questions aroused that i needed answers to. Various claims were made but there was no supportive evidence to back up these claims that were made.Rhonda Bryne not once was present in the video yet she had visionary people etc backing up the theory of the secret and the law of attraction. To persuade people into buying into her theory. The law of attraction will give you what you want every time. You become what you attract the most, you become what you think about the most. Whatever your thinking and feeling creates your future/ creates your life. Rhonda Bryne is stating that for example if you consistently think of a fancy car all day and night it will appear in your drive way in the morning which isn’t logical, very unlikely. If there’s something an individual desire or wants they have to take the steps  into making it a reality ( go and get it).I understand the message of the video ” the secret” but i do not necessarily agree with it. The parodies were against the message of the secret  making jokes of it the secret is one big joke. Society and Life isn’t based on thoughts not everyone gets what they want every time just because they thought of it life does work that way. Life is like the roll of dice you never know what your going to get .