response to the “secret” and parodies

I understood the message of the film “the secret” but I do not agree. “what you think is what will happen?” “law of attraction” people dying from natural causes, I doubt they thought about actually suffering and dying that way. okay “yes’ you should always have a positive mindset at all times but that doesn’t mean that everything in life will coincide with your thoughts.This is life!!! you expect the unexpected. Everything bad that’s happened in my life, wasn’t even a thought. I didn’t want to attract those things but they’ve happened. and what about the good things that I’ve been thinking about my whole life, well they haven’t happened. Am I to be blamed because I didn’t think positive enough?!

The SNL sketch confirmed everything that I’ve been thinking about the “secret”. Its a big Joke!! Pamela Hedley seemed delusional trying to use the “secret” to get back with her husband. Rhonda Byrne seemed as if she was the puppet master, pulling on the strings, letting Pamela think that she was actually in the right state of mind, committing foolery because it was all done in positive thinking. Thinking positive about Pamela actually getting back with her husband caused her to do negative acts, thus getting a case held against her. So positive thinking should include acting accordingly. Not do whatever by all means. The character Olessi from Sudan ate the book, so i really didn’t understand his role in the film. The book should be made a parody of because its a load of crap; inaccurate and unrealistic.

The Post 24 Calamity introduced that everything is a cause and effect. but things separate us by class, social, economic and race etc… Everything is blatantly obvious. You want something, you go get it. that simple. The tittle of the characters were totally contracted to the knowledge of what we see on the screen then what we expect. Nothing had a connection. So called experts making claims but they weren’t experts at all. Using fancy labels to seem as though they had more knowledge than they actually had. again introducing that “The Secret” is a load of crap. cockamamie ideas presented by people who think they know what they’re talking about because of their educational tittle and or background.