Thoughts and Steps To Improvement

As I walked into class on Tuesday I became nervous because Professor Belli explained to the class last week Thursday that the follow class would be strictly peer review. When it comes to situations like this i doubt myself a bit and my work. Professor Belli gave instructions and told us to find our groups almost half the class wasn’t there but in my head I’m like ” no, I’m not ready just yet”. Dulce wasn’t present yet so it was me and Natasha so i decided to relax, Dulce and Natasha are cool so i knew i’ll receive good feedback and they wouldn’t talk down about my work or not give me enough(not to say my fellow peers wouldn’t do the same). Although, that’s what my initially thoughts were. Peer review started I decided to do Natasha First hen she would start my peer review but Dulce walked in so i was the last do go and the girls didn’t have enough time to fully peer review me. Although, I just had a little less then 15 minutes what i got out of it was good enough for me even though i thought the girls would say my essay was bad and have me change a lot of thing they didn’t. Natasha gave a few suggestions on how to fix things and explain quotes a little more the note she left me was great and very helpful as well as Dulce did. I came into class nervous and left out happy and satisfied the essay wasn’t bad after all just need to be spruced up bit like fixing quotes explaining more and fixing a topic sentence in my third or second body and adding more sentences into my intro. I took ll their advise into consideration and quickly went home to work on it. Excited for the next peer review being able to help others a well as them help me we’re all striving to become better writers.

Feedbacks To a Better Essay

Writing the first essay of college can be really difficult. It’d required many revisions and many thinking. In class, I had received a few suggestion to make the essay better. However, I felt a little down after receiving both my peers and professor intake on my essay. I was shocked, I though my first daft was pretty good. I didn’t stop. I just relaxed for one hour and before I know it, I start working on my essay again. I deleted many sentences I don’t need. I then started to write on paper what I can do to make the thesis more stand out. I wrote down the thesis three times with different wording. I then started to write down my argument points. I then type my argument points and looking over the article to find quotes that relates to what I saying. I didn’t do everything in one day. The next morning (today) I worked on it more. Since a class was canceled I had time to work on it fully without rushing. This is when I got my 2nd daft. I plan to basically edit my 2nd daft for my final daft. One big struggle I have are grammar problems. I hope I can work on that before the I have to hand in my final daft.

In the middle of my revision, I just can’t think of any more to add to my essay. I still need like 1/4 of the page left to be filled. I was so blocked out. So, I started writing my cover letter, just to make me type something rather then just sitting there looking at the 1/4 of the page that is blank. At a point I was thinking, this is how I’m going to hand it in like that. Its was 6pm and I am still in the school lunchroom, typing my essay while my friends eat onion rings. I then finally had my thoughts and I put them in the essay.

I learn that sometimes in writing, not just in an essay, but in writing a novel too that a writer’s block can occur, but it’s only for a while. I would eventually know what I want to put in, and continue with writing. I also learn that writing ideas in points can help me translate those ideas into paragraphs and lastly into a full essay. Lastly but not least, I also learn that you might think your writing a perfectly done, but in other eyes, they might not understand your arguement/thesis clearly enough, or they might think that there are some things that they feel like they can be taken out, but I don’t want too. It’s sometimes hard to use the “backspace” button when it comes to writing.

Since, I learn a lot from the process for this essay, I plan to write my next essay the same way. Writing down points, points about the points and then develop it into an essay.  I actually really proud of my 2nd daft. I hope to revise and edit it one last time before Tuesday.