My Escape

Living in a big city such as New York City there are various areas for me that brings me happiness. The area that stands out the most to me is central park. The environment and just being around nature calms me. Central park is such a beautiful park there’s a large amount of areas where i can just relax not having to worry about being bothered, either sitting on a bench or laying my blanket out on the grass to read a book. If I happen to be having a hard day sitting in the park to clear my mind allows my stress and worries to diminish, its my way of escaping all of the troubles in the world such as my work load for my college courses. I’m a nature person I love to be around nature such as flowers, grass, and picnic settings. Even when the season’s change the vibe of central park will never change for me, that happy feeling will never disappear.

Sitting in central park on a warm summer day reading a book while the winds blows is very relaxing. A huge factor for me in my happiness is being relaxed, satisfied and completely calm and content. Being able to be taken to a complete different place not having to worry about anything and just feeling free,it amazes me that one special place can do that for me. Nothing matters the moment I’m  there because the only feeling i have is happiness I’m not feeling sad, depressed, nor angry it takes me to a different world.

Although, central park is my happy place I’m not the only one I’ve noticed on days that I’ve been there that many people seemed very happy as well. From children running around playing enjoying the weather, Individuals training for a marathon, street performers dancing, and couples taking their first steps into marriage. Central park is such an amazing, beautiful, peaceful environment.