11/25/14 Class notes

Peer review of research essay pre-drafts

  1. Introduction: key terms, focus/ limit topic, arguement
  2. Background info: relevant? complete?
  3. Body paragraphs: topic sentences/claims; incorporation of sources/ transitions
  4. in text citations/ works cited
  • bring ideas from articles to incorporate into paragraphs
  • final draft of proposal should be precise with essay intro
  • background info: info readers need to understand essay
  • background info should really be focused in last draft
  • research should help to be well rounded expertise

vocabulary                                                                                                                       orient- sense of whats going on

  • orient reader to topic
  • cant assume readers understand topic
  • decide what info is absolutely important

intro- introduction to entire essay and topic

Everyone try to make second paragraph of first full draft to be background

  • set stage
  • give readers info to understand topic
  • clarification of key terms

introduce and signal quotes (analyze or support claim) no comma between name and date. Introduce and define topic. last sentence is thesis statement.

repetition in body paragraphs

  • make sure main idea isn’t the same in each paragraph
  • your argument is the way you connect
  • analyze sources


  • work cited pg
  • in text citations