Class notes 11/18

Research Proposal Presentations

The goal of today was to get feedback on your proposal.

The key of the presentation was to explain your topic, what specifically will you be studying, what is the relevance of your topic to you and others, show the research you found and answer questions.


Her topic had to do with how certain music can affect teenagers. In her research she found more negative research such as how violent music affects teenagers. She related to her own relationship with music and how much she loves it.

Her topic needs to be narrowed down to the type of music and if she wants to focus on the positive or negative impact music has on teenagers.


Her topic is positive psychology and how people arent assisted in achieving happiness. She talked about how doctors just give their patients pills instead of focusing on how to improve their happiness. She also discusses also how doctors misdiagnosis patients. She also brought up a interesting point of how doctors only ask two questions and tell if you are depressed or not and if you are your are just given medicine. She related her topic to her little cousin and how he deals with the same thing. She discussed a lot of things in one topic but it was able to be narrowed down to “Overuse and mistreatment of medicine by doctors”

Some comments were how doctors may have a different definition of happiness and what it takes to achieve it


Her topic is the affect an incarcerated parent has on the well-being of a child. She wants to focus on how it affects a child’s education. There are negative and positive to the topic but she hopes to focus on finding positive research since parents are incarcerated maybe it will motivate the child.  She also discusses how it affects a child overall, such as mental issues, PTSD, anger issues etc. which can affect their education. A question was brought up about the age group and she decided to choose children in elementary school.


Topic is the positive affects of technology on kids. Research shows it improves the way of thinking and brain development. After doing research she believes technology has a positive affect.

During Greys presentation Professor Belli asked us all to write this down:


Back to Greys presentation she was asked what specific technology she was going to use and the specific age group. She wants to focus on video but needs to narrow it down to the age group.


Topic is how happiness is found more in third world countries then in developed countries. Her research compares things such as freedom and economy. She found a article that shows the Top 10 countries that are the happiest as well. She wants to also compare the lifestyles in different countries such as comparing New York to India. She was given a lot of comments of narrowing down her topic. She needs to narrow down which countries and lifestyles because it sounds as if she wants to research all of it which can be too much. Also to looking at different countries there are other factors such as religion, culture and race. She just needs to narrow down her topic more to specifics.


Topic is if strict parents/Tiger parents have a good impact on a child’s education and success later in life or if its just a stereotype. Strict parents in Chinese culture are known as tiger parents. It was said that he needs to inform his readers abut what the Chinese conception of happiness is. During the questioning Professor Belli brought of the question, What information does my reader have to know? The reader needs to know exactly what your talking about in order to understand it. Jack needs to explain the Chinese culture conception of happiness in order to better understand his topic.


Topic is how the absence of a parent can affect the life of a child. Research showed fathers have a bigger impact on the child. A child’s personality is something that can be affected by the absence of a parent. She knows she wants to focus on the father and on abandonment.


Topic is well-being on children in foster care. These children deal with things such as anxiety, stress and feelings of confusion. There is a lot of negative aspects on foster care. She needs to narrow down what kind of foster care she will be focusing on and the age of the children. She should discuss foster care more and how the system works so the reader can know more about it.

*Become and expert on the big picture of your topic.


Topic is how technology affects your emotions, specifically social networking. She wasn’t sure on the type of technology she was focusing on, first she discussed social networking but then brought up apps. She needs to narrow down her topic to the technology being used and the specific people. She finally said the topic she really wants to focus on which is Why is it so important to feel we need all these forms of technology? 


Meetings with Professor Belli are coming up.

THURSDAY: Peer review on as well as discussing annotations/citations and how to incorporate sources as well as discussing plagiarism. ESSAY #2 IS DUE.

*Key is to make connections among your various points. Biggest grade is how well you are proving your point and the structure.

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