Class Notes 11/13

First off, let me apologize for my late post. I completely forgot about it and just got reminded by Professor Belli for the second time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I hope everyone met with Professor Belli for there conference about our research projects. That  was time for us to go to her with any questions, concerns ideas and suggestions that you might have had. If you missed your conference it was considered as an absence!

Continue to focus on your topics. Any texts are accepted once you can raw a reference to your topic and it is supportive.

Make sure to define all terms and parameters in your proposal and paper. Explain any new information you might have mentioned.

Research project must have

-work cited page

-annotated bibliography

-six to eight pages of research

-cover page

(read the research project page under assignments for any further information.



-Always cite

-When you write word for word (w/out credit) use quotations

-summarizing, paraphrase, quotations must all be cited otherwise considered as plagiarism.

To cite a rephrased idea of an author use an in text citation. Ex. (Belli 15)

Language- if you copy the word order it is considered plagiarism.

When in doubt cite. It is better to over cite than to not cite at all.

Due Dates

Tues 11/25 Pre draft of research project. (introduction and first three body paragraphs)

Tues 12/2 Final Draft of Research Proposal and 6 Annotated Sources