Research Project Pre-Draft

The Effects Music Portrays on the Behavior of Teenagers towards Parents


Many people view music as a reliever of stress, a comfort in a time of grief and also a source that helps them isolate one from the world. From yester years unto now people still see music as a key to help exploit different feelings and emotions. Every age group of people has different preferences of music. As babies, parents would play music that’s up beat fun and immature. Immature meaning that it is showing emotional development of someone that is young in age. As the child grows the parent would then begin to play music that is educational and would help the child construct and build learning skills. As the child grows and becomes an adolescent and a teenager they start to listen to music that best fits their personality and culture. Then as that person gets older and enter into adulthood they would then become a bit more sophisticated. At that point they would listen to music that is more mature a refined. One of the most pressuring stages of a person’s life is when they are a teenager. Now a day’s teenager’s behavior is more often based on the music they associate themselves with. As many may say, music is the key to the soul. Sometimes people may not even realize that they are reacting on the music that they listen to. Teenagers are at the age where they are trying to find themselves, and because music is such a great influence they give off a behavior that is portrayed from the music. This essay is mainly based on how music effects teenager’s behaviors, especially towards their parents. It is also about how music preferences can form what kind of person a teenager can be and who they associate themselves with. Parents may not realize it but music may be the cause of their sons or daughters erratic behavior.

When the word ‘music’ is defined it says that it is “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” (Google Search). Therefore one can say that it is a way to speak but without talking. A way to show and not tell. “You can usually tell how someone’s feeling by the type of music he or she is listening to at the time.”(Mariam S, Smithtown, How Music Affects Teens). The website contained an article written by Mariam S, Smithtown that speaks about different types of music and how it affects teenagers. If a person meets someone and all they are listening to are slow, sad, and depressing music they can more than likely assume that they are in a gloomy state of mind. This is one way an individual can notice how a person is reacting. Sometimes as a teenager it may be difficult to show exactly how they feel. Emotions are sometimes hard to understand and hard to cope with. As a result, teenagers turns to music for help. Music does not do things that people may do so this is why most teens rather listen to music than listen to their parents. Since music is so easy to turn to it then starts to sculpt the pathway of a teen’s life.

This article talks about how certain types of music can define who a person is. The article explains how teens cling more to the people who are more like them. Not because they want to be mean to others but because they like the same type of music as they do. Friends are usually created because the individuals realized that they are alike in certain ways and they can relate to each other.This may also happen because people who have different taste in music may not want to associate with people who have different tastes in music because they will debate about whose music preference is better and why they think the other persons taste in music is weird or not as good as theirs. As the economy becomes more modernized music has become way easier to get a hold of.

It is now way easier for teenagers to get a hold of all kinds of music. This is mainly because 9 out of 10 teens have a cellphone, iPod, CD player, radio, mp3 players etc. It is also easy for teens to access music because there are countless apps and websites that can be used to download music. Some websites and apps contains a fee but many of them are now created free of charge which makes it even easier. Out of all genres of music, rap music is the most explicit one of them all. According to Tara Parker-pope who wrote the article “Under the Influence of…Music?” states that 77% of the most popular rap songs referenced to alcohol and drugs. This shows that most of the music that teens are listening to is rap. A total of 53% speaks of marijuana use, tobacco use, depicted alcohol use and the use of other drug substances. Teenagers listens to an average of almost three hours of music per day. After listening to these sorts of music all the time you may not realize it but it starts to take a toll on ones mind.