Second draft proposal

I decided to change my topic because I felt I wouldn’t be able to write a lot about it. I decided to choose the topic of how the media and technology affects love. Love is something everyone wants. It seems as if life isn’t complete with finding that special someone. What about love is so special? What makes everyone want it so badly? Could it be the role media plays in it? Love is in almost every movie, it seems it’s not a movie without romance. When one does not find love that can affect ones happiness and wellbeing. In todays society and everything that is shown to us it’s all about love and finding that special someone. People look at couples and say “I want that!” but in reality don’t really know what that is. Not having it can make someone sad and hurt because of it. I want to research the affect the media and technology has on love and how it can affect someones happiness and wellbeing.

Jake and Melissa Kircher. “Does media distort love? A look at our corrupting views of romance, relationships and sexuality”. Relevant. Web. 12 April 2011.

This site brought be a view on how social media and technology affects ones views on love. This site gave me the idea to see how the role it has on people and how it can affect their wellbeing. It explains how the media shows us that love conquers all and that it will make you happy and solve all your problems. Also how showing this certain kind of love in media can affect the way people begin to find love and how they look for it because it is seen a certain way.

Tyler Curry. “How Social Media Are Ruining Your Love Life”. The Blog. Web. 26 November 2013.

This website shows views on social media is ruining ones love life. Nowadays people fall in love online or even plane a date that way. It basically says when you fall in love with him you have to fall in love with Facebook or instagram as well. When you go on a date nowadays you have to look them up online and see who they are and see their social media. It can affect our dating life. These websites helped me get a better understand of different way social media and technology can affect love.