Urban Artifacts: Phase 4 Deliver

 I thought this project was overall fine, i wish i could have used lines and color, but maybe for i future project i might be able to. This project helped me learn that there are many little details in our environment that we often overlook, but it’s good to stop, and appropriate it once in a while.

I think for this project i could have benefited from working more slowly,  like having more time to design the pictures and really working on it, and moving a bit slower when doing my designs in ink.

For our next project i want to focus more on the design element, and give myself more time with the concept so that i can make it more appealing to look at.  Phase 3       Phase 2      Phase 1     

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4


In my opinions I though this project was kind of cool. I mean it did take a while to finish the project but honestly I though I could’ve been done in a shorter amount of time. Although some parts were unclear to me, I should’ve made more effort to understand some parts of the project. Honestly my planning should’ve ben more on point because I assumed this project was a bit less complex than it actually was but it turns out I was a little bit wrong. I also learned that materials are very important when it comes to some projects that involve thought and precision. I plan to apply what I learned in this project through other projects so I can be more open minded and organized.


Phase 1:  https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosenspevackfylcf18/2018/09/05/urban-artifacts-phase-1-8/

Phase 2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosenspevackfylcf18/2018/10/21/urban-artifacts-phase-2-8/

Phase 3: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosenspevackfylcf18/2018/10/21/urban-artifacts-phase-3-9/

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

Short Description: 

This part of the project is related to the previous project because, I’m using the same photos from the previous project. The only difference is that I updated my refined sketches to make it appear more of an inked composition.



I spent about Two Days working on my Inked compositions. It took me two days because I had to think my way through the inked compositions and I also thought about ways to edit the drawing to make it look presentable to the audience and to also feel satisfied with my work.

Urban artifacts: phase 4

Doing this project really made me understand what stable and ambiguous really meant, and also that it can be conveyed in many different ways by different people. it could be sown anywhere, from little things on the street to even buildings on your street. it has also taught me the importance of positive and negative space, placement and contrast.


phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2


These are the sketches that I had for my final two photographs that I wanted to use for the compositions. I had trouble finding out what were the ambiguous and stable figure/ground compositions. I spent about an hour on these sketches.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

My thoughts about this project was that I knew it was gonna be easy to determine which image is stable and ambiguous, even I had challenges where some I couldn’t identify. I would have done better is instead just drawing a cube as my stable image, I would have taken a different shape in the ambiguous image to make people’s eye follow and see the unity in it more. I would apply what I learned to my next project is to most importantly, don’t make things more challenging than it is.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3



Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

These are my sketches of the photography work I did for phase 1 where we had to take 6 pictures in total. On the top is my stable sketches while underneath it, is my ambiguous sketches. The total of times I spend on my sketches was a hour and a half.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Ambiguous figure/ground relationship
Stable figure/ground relationship



This project has thought me many things. I learned about the difference between geometric and organic shapes. I learned a lot about positive and negative space and how they correlate to stable and ambiguous figure/ground relationships. This project has thought me the importance of positive and negative space and the different aspects they convey. When you have a Stable figure/ground relationship, you are likely trying to draw the audience attention to the figure, with an ambiguous figure/ground relationship, you are making the audience choose there own view on what is the figure, what’s the ground. These are something I will take into account in future projects or art pieces.


Phase 1


Phase 3