Cover Letter

New York City College of Technology
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

December 12, 2018

Micheal Smith, DFA
Art Gallery
123 Ink Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Dear Mr.Smith,

I am writing to you to inquire about your art gallery space and propose an installation based on the work my classmates and I have compiled. I am a Communication Design student at New York City College of Technology currently studying Graphic Design and raster and vector graphics. I take interest in digital art, motion graphics, illustration, and street art. Together with my classmates, we have developed an installation entitled ” a Glossument”. Inspired by Tom Phillips ” A Humument,” this project focuses on taking a book, painting, create a collage and/or using cutting or carving techniques, all to create or transform the book into something new, different, and original.

Our installations include a series of altered books filled with representations of words chosen from our class glossument =. These words are represented through image or text. Each book created follows the author or artist theme of choice. M work, in particular, has a dark, horror theme. It is filled with visual representations of words that follow this particular theme in some way.

My classmates and I hope that this installation is of interest to you and your gallery. If you feel like asking me any questions, please feel free to contact me, my address is written above, in the top right corner of this letter. I look forward to your reply and any questions you want to ask.

Sincerely yours,


Color Harmony: Phase 4

This is the project I liked the most because I liked looking into color theories and finding out what I think would go nicely with my Glossument. I enjoyed it because i had to really think what would go with my title, and the theme of my book and I think I picked the right one.

I think something I could’ve done better was not rushing it because that what ended up happening with Phase 3, and tried to make it more creative like make it really look like the photo i chose.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Color Harmony: Phase 3

My book cover was heavily based on the colors that I used for phase 2 of the vintage photograph of my mother. I wanted it to look used but have the same bold typography I was using throughout my whole book. The orange colors were hard to make with the paint but I’m happy with how it came out.

This process took me an hour and half. I used acrylic paint and tape.

Color harmony: Phase 3

The K-Files

Hours spent- 2

The picture that I based my book cover off of was a painting of a sunset with trees. I can’t really draw so I mad a abstract like cover that represents all colors that I used to make the color proportions.



Definition- persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution.

I found this word In the text of  “Here Poverty and Privilege are Neighbors; Income Gaps are a Source of Resentment and guilt” by Janny Scott where  it talks about how the wealthy people were “shunned” as they were being pushed into by neighbors.


Final Glossary write-up


Fictitious, Diatribe, encompasses, Carousing, Affluent, Disparate, Inadvertent, Sociology, Omnipotent, Cartographer, Flabbergasted, Juxtaposition, Bind, Prolific, Perennial,

During the whole semester we had a  glossument project in which we had to find or cite approximately one word per week based on class readings or outside sources. So basically the main concept is this Was basically defining these words and define them. We also had to site the sources on where we found the definitions and provide the titles of the readings. Added to that, we had to comprehend these words by exposing what they meant in our own words. That was a pretty good task be cause that gave us a better understanding of the words meaning. In my case, half of My words we’re  found in class reading or in relation to the class. The other half of my words were found on outside sources such as advertisements, subway stations,, sport center reports, YouTube videos, and even my peers from my class and other classes. that I just to happen to have access to on an consistent basis. All in all this project really helped me understand how words can have different meanings and how it can affect our everyday lives. Based on this project I was able to read more articles with a more open-minded understanding. For example, i even started using new words in many of my conversations and text messages with friends and family and in some cases even some of my professors. My personal favorite words includes fictitious, flabbergasted, and affluent. This project for sure has helped improved my vocabulary and it had also helped me articulate my words in a fashion in where i feel as if i can be understood by my peers better.



Didatic 4

This book requires readers to open a piece of folded paper. In the paper there lies the word matriarch and a picuture. Matriarch means a woman who is the head of a family or tribe. The picture is a picture of a crown with the word queen in it. A queen represents a matriarch because it can be a mother of a king.


Prodigious (Adjective): 

1a obsolete : being an omen : PORTENTOUS
b : resembling or befitting a prodigy : STRANGE, UNUSUAL
2 : causing amazement or wonder
3 : extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree : ENORMOUS

I encountered the word in  a sentence found in the article ” A Literary Visitor Strolls in From the Airport”, written by Charles McGrath”. The sentence the word was written in says, “Smoking is Mr. self’s only remaining vice. He used to be a prodigious drinker and drug-taker, famous for late – night altercations, not always coherent public appearance and marathon hours at trendy spots like Groucho Club.”The word was written to describe Mr.Self’s immense ability to drink.

Didatic 1

This page in the book has a folded paper and it will require you to open the paper to see the definition and drawing.  The word in the page is expenditure. This word means the act of spending, expending, especially funds. I drew the picture that shows a stack of cash with wings, showing that definition the act of spending will cause the money to be gone quick.

Catalogue Entry

The glossument book called i heard the book called my name is originally remade from a book called i heard the owl call my name. In this book, it contains vocabulary that the artist discovered and learnt throughout the first semester of the first college year. The pages in the book are covered in black paint and the idea was inspired by blackout poetry from “A Humument” by Tom Phillip. The author is not much of a artist so it was a first time experience. This glossument book was made by Giraffe, a first year college student.

Giraffe made a lot of research before starting this project to make sure the book isn’t wasted. Giraffe’s inspiration was from a ted talk video that was showed in class and some articles. One article Giraffe learned from was “What is Blackout Poetry?”. The article was the first step for Giraffe, her first time doing blackout poetry. The article gave her guides for blackout poetry, what to do right and what not to do. These research has gave Giraffe many ideas on how to customize the glossument book using a different way of blackout poetry.

The author’s concept was to cover the pages in black and use a folded paper with writings and drawings on the inside, when seeing the folded paper, you will be required to open it and read it, similar to opening a book again. The author wanted to give the readers a sense of a new book when opening the page within the glossument book instead of just having a feeling of opening the book before it was edited. Giraffe wanted to draw the readers to the book like its calling them to open my paper just like the title of the book, “I heard the Book Call My Name”. The material used for the pages in the book was gouache paint, sketchbook paper, pencils and inking pen.

The process on making this project requires a great sacrifice of the book. You would need to rip some pages out due to the fact that the sketchbook folded paper takes up the space and also paint every two pages with black paint. It takes a lot of time because the paint, two pages because the pages are very thin and can be paint through. It also needs to dry before being able to paint the next page. After the pages of the paint drys the artist folded and cut up sketchbook paper and glued it to the painted page. Then comes the glossary words and art that is drawn and written into the sketchbook paper. The author used only one concept, blackout poetry and didn’t want to use others because it wouldn’t look organized, she wanted to stick to one thing only.

The theme of Giraffe’s book is a plain simple book. She didn’t want to make it complicated and confused the readers and lead them to something else and this was the first time for her when it comes to art. She mostly just enjoys working on digital so she decided to work on a theme that suits her. Some colors she used in this glossument book is black and white. This project was a simple project it wasn’t all that hard but it takes time. Giraffe has used that time to create pages in a page in her book.