Project #4: A Glossument Image and Text Gallery

Project #4: A Glossument Image and Text Gallery

Imagine this: A local gallery is putting together a show, and you believe that our Learning Community’s work inspired by Tom Phillips’s artistic rendering of text, A Humument, deserves to be considered for an installation. This work, words from our shared glossary represented on the pages of your book turned into art/text pieces, needs to be represented for their consideration. The gallery curators request that in addition to submitting your piece, you submit a cover letter that pitches the installation as a whole as well your contribution to it (your altered book, the short didactic panels that will be placed next to your artwork on the gallery displays, and a longer piece to be included alongside a copy of your work in the exhibit catalogue). These written pieces should highlight your understanding of design terminology, of altered book projects, of the project of expanding one’s vocabulary, and your understanding of the whole piece you have created.

This project, therefore, has multiple parts:

Your book: please review the description and requirements for your Glossument.

Research: You will contribute to a shared Annotated Bibliography so that your writing about your Glossument reflects an informed approach.

Formal Cover Letter: You will propose the installation by referring to your work and your classmates’ work, as well as relevant research, so that reviewers understand the materials, their scope, and their importance.

Didactic panels for your favorite 4 pages: each 50 words, describing important aspects of the pages, plus the artist’s name, artwork’s title, and medium. We will discuss genre conventions for this kind of writing.

Exhibit Catalogue Entry: 600-750 words. This should be done in third person. Your writing should be clear, descriptive, detailed, and should express the argument, message, or purpose your artwork conveys, particularly with the use of design terminology. We will discuss genre conventions for this kind of writing.

In completing this assignment, you will:

  • Consider audience, genre conventions, purpose, voice, and scope in writing the different parts of the project
  • Participate in types of expression that you have learned about (eg, altered books, art techniques, collage poetry)
  • Think critically about your work
  • Research relevant topics and share results via a collaborative Annotated Bibliography
  • Put your ideas in conversation with ideas the class gathers through research techniques
  • Reflect on your own work, on your classmates’ work, and the larger body of work that informs yours

Entries for Shared Annotated Bibliography Due: first 2 by 11/12/18 (library session); all 5 by 11/14

Exhibit Catalogue Entry Drafting: 11/19

Didactic Panel Drafting: 11/21

Formal Cover Letter Drafting: 11/26

Complete draft due: 12/3

Final peer review and revisions: 12/10

Final versions due: 12/12