This section will list the demos presented in class. For additional technical guides and inspiration, refer to the References and Techniques pages.

Getting Started

  • Choose a Book to Alter.
    • Consider the size, shape, and content/theme of the book.
    • Look for a hard cover book that has a sewn signatures and a little bit of spaces between the pages and cover.
    • The book should not be falling apart or contain brittle pages.
    • Skim the book to find a “thread” or theme that speaks to you.

Preparing Your Book

  • Consider the entire book. Find natural or logical separations in the book. These could be chapters or images or even existing words or phrases that you like. Because we will be altering a minimum of 10-15 pages (or 2-page spreads), think about how you will distribute those altered pages across the book.
  • Remove pages.  Depending on how you alter the book, it will likely become thicker with the addition of paint or collage. Consider removing pages throughout the book, at the separations defined in step 1,  to prepare for additions and alterations.  Remove pages by leaving a small 1/4″ stub near the center of the book.Depending on the thickness of the paper, remove 2-3 pages in sections throughout the book. Some people recommend removing 2 pages, keeping 2 pages, removing 2 pages, keeping 2 pages, etc.. However, this depends on how much content you anticipate adding to your book.If you think you might like to try adding a little niche or anything sculptural, like carving through whole sections, you should leave some large sections intact for that.

    stubs from pages removed
  • Glue pages. After removing sections of the book, glue the facing pages together to hide the removed pages.
  • Follow these videos or find others for reference:

Blackout text Technique

Glazes, Gesso, Washes