Existing or coming about seemingly at random or by chance or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will” -Merriam-Webster

The word was use in the article “Why Collaborate?” by Ellen Lupton in the sentence “In my own experiences as a student, I have enjoyed voluntary, informal collaborations with my friends, but I have resent being forces into arbitrary, mismatched teams in the name of social correctness.”

The author uses the word in order to further emphasis how despite collaboration can be fun with the right people and some you have known well enough to work with, there will be times where that won’t be the case and will against your own, force to collaborate with someone who you may not see eye to eye but will seem to come with a beneficial result.

Color harmony: Phase 3

The K-Files

Hours spent- 2

The picture that I based my book cover off of was a painting of a sunset with trees. I can’t really draw so I mad a abstract like cover that represents all colors that I used to make the color proportions.



Definition- persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution.

I found this word In the text of  “Here Poverty and Privilege are Neighbors; Income Gaps are a Source of Resentment and guilt” by Janny Scott where  it talks about how the wealthy people were “shunned” as they were being pushed into by neighbors.





Definition- “essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.”

“here, poverty and privilege are neighbors, income gaps are a source of resentment and guilt” where it states “A defining characteristic New York city its is economic diversity, The juxtaposition of people of disparate circumstances in limited spaces.”


Word: Bind (Verb)

Definition: to make secure by tying


Encounter: I encountered this word in my typography class and my Graphic principles class.

Comprehension: I now understand how this word is used in society, It’s like putting two things physically together. For example, you can bind a whole bunch of paper to turn it into a book.


Word: Juxtaposition (Noun)

Definition: the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast or to create an interesting effect


Encounter: I encountered that word through my class semester-long projects and we had countless reading based on juxtapositions.

Comprehension: Juxtapositions can be used anywhere in modern civilization. For example, Sand and ocean, tall and short, fast slow.


Word: Prolific (Adjective)

Definition: producing young or fruit especially freely.


Encounter: I encountered this word at a concert me and one of my friends went to, the singer happened to

Comprehension: I know could say that I understand fully how this word is used in society. For example, its like I have a plant and I water it every day if it grows then that means its prolific in terms of growth and productivity.

My Glossarry Entries


Doing the glossary a not difficult to commit also wasn’t very time consuming, so that was good as well. The glossary assignment was very beneficial for me and I’m sure everyone else in my English class. With the Glossary, I was able to do many things. The glossary helped me add a bunch of fresh new words into my personal glossary of words I have mentally stored in my mind. The glossary was very useful in that it allowed people to share words that some may or may not know. It allowed students to view these words, try and comprehend the meaning of these words, and store them in their mental glossary themselves. The glossary was also a major help when it came to looking for more words. The glossary was very useful when we needed to find some words to use, words that fit the team of our glossument project. I’m sure like me, other students in my class had to look for some words that followed the theme of their glossument book. Since the glossary is shared with every student, we had access to words that fit our theme. The Glossary made it feel as though everyone in the class was working together, helping each student complete their project. It felt as though it was a group assignment, fellow students uniting working together as one. That to me was the best thing the project brought to the table. This was very beneficial, it helped each student finish what was probably the most major project given to us this semester, given the fact that it took us all the whole semester and we were basically preparing to complete this project from the start.






















1: one that fits together with the structural members of ships and puts them into position for riveting or welding

2: a naval enlisted man who works in sheet metal and performs the work of a plumber aboard ship

The word was found in the passage, ” Reading Lucy” by Jennifer Egan. In the passage, the author writes, ” Lucy described herself as a shipfitter 3/c, meaning third class, ( buzz: soon to be 2/c I think, ” she told Alfred in June) and she often seemed to have the aid of a “helper,” also female.

In the sentence, the author explains above that lucy i a third class shipfitter, soon to be second class. A shipfitter a marine occupational classification used both by naval activities and among ship builders.



1: of, relating to, or constituting a biography

2: consisting of biographies 

3: relating to a list briefly identifying persons 


This word as found in the passage ” Brooklyn Was Mine”, by Chris Knutsen and Valerie Steiker. In the sentence in which the word was found in, the author writes, ” I already knew the outcome of this debate from the biographical note accompanying the letter: Lucy would follow Alfred Del Monte and work as a waitress.”

The describes a note as biographical, meaning that this note most likely contains biographic description inside dealing with a particular person’s life.