Class Notes: Glossument project


  • What do you hope to get from the Glossument project?
  • What do you need to do to successfully complete the project?
  • What questions do you have about the project? OR: what roadblocks have you encountered?

What goes into the catalog entry?

  • covers the 4 pages/spreads you’ve written didactic panels for, or more (can address the Glossument book overall).
  • specific focus on the 4 you’ve chosen to highlight–not all general
  • inspiration
    • you might include some bio that addresses you as a designer/artist/writer as is relevant to this project
    • personal aesthetic/design aesthetic
    • even if it’s to say “this is a departure from the artist’s previous work, which focused more on X and Y instead of Z”
  • motivation(s)
  • THEME(S)
  • research: show that you know what’s come before, that you’re aware of others’ projects
  • technique


  • complete 4-6 pages/spreads in your Glossument book
  • post by Friday one didactic panel
  • aim to complete the 4 didactic panel drafts for Monday
  • in class, start to outline our catalog entry
  • please bring your book with you for class
  • we will revise our schedule to complete Project #4
  • be sure to be up-to-date on glossary entries, 12-13 words