PROJECT #1: My College Experience

Colloge so far is a mixed bag for me. The fact that I have to do most of school work online is very new to me. I need a City Tech ID to even get on the site and sign up. But I do love travel around the campus. Walking to my next class while listening to my music is what I really enjoy doing. I love being more independent here unlike highschool. Luckily all of my classes are in the same building so getting lost isn’t a issue. Now all I got to do is survive the boring classes to get to my major. The back tracking to different parts of the building just to get my self situated is very annoying. I so used to having my work given to me. Nice and simple. Doing this extra stuff I have to get use to. I just hope my freshman year goes smoothly. Now for my Major. I want to make videogame and do animation. I’ve been playing videogames for most of my life. Seeing how games are now of days like removing content that should be in the game and making you pay for it. That’s method is called Downloadable Content or DLC for short. I want make games how they use to be. Making you earn stuff on your own without paying extra money. Back to 90s and early 2000s.

PROJECT #1: My College Experience

My Experience of he first few at city tech was quite a mess but very liberal. The very first day at city tech August 28, 2018 had started very messy because according to my schedule, it said that I have English class at the Midway building and as soon as I got there, I didn’t  have a city tech ID to enter the building with ease so I had to carry my schedule and the city tech map around my hand including my personal ID. As I was in the Midway building, I had to ask the officer for directions to get to my class and she told me to take the stairs to the second floor. By the time I was in the midway building, I was already 15-30 minutes late to class and I rush to find my class. But somehow I confused myself for finding the stairs. It took my around 3-4 minutes to try find the stairs leading to the second floor because when I took the stairs I first found, there was more stairs that I had to climb and I thought I was taking the wrong stairs. Little did I know, I was taking the correct stairs leading to the second floor, I just needed to climb further and when I reached for the classroom, suddenly there’s a note telling me that the class was moved back to the Name building on the 6th floor. I was frustrated but what choice did I have so I’d headed back to the Name building and I had to take the stairs to get to the 6th floor because I knew I had no time waiting for the elevator. I was very tired of taking stair and as soon as I reached for the 6th floor. I was stuck at a situation of which side was the class. I first took the right hall was and I was trying to find my class and I was looking at every class number on top of the door. I thought I was taking the right directions because the numbers were following up to my classroom but I ended up into a dead end and I checked my schedule twice or more and realize that took the wrong hallway. So I took the left hallway, on my way the class numbers were listed on the left wall and I didn’t noticed it and finally I’d made it almost an hour late and professor Rosen apologies for the sudden change. That day was one of the worst and messiest day I had, that was just not my day.

Finished project#2

Hey there! My name is Garance Lynch, I am a student at New York City College of Technology and I major in Communications Design. Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been interested in art in general. At school art class was always my favorite class. I was always very imaginative and drew anything that came to mind, art made me feel free. The art I’m particularly interested in now is digital art and street art. I have a passion for drawing and illustrating. I’m a burger guy, I really love cheeseburgers. I love to hang out with friends with no family, play video games, watch movies, anime, and listen to music. I consider myself to be an outgoing person. I think it’s great to meet new people and make new friends. My personal philosophy is to “Do you”, do what makes you happy, do what you love and to never let anyone tell you otherwise. This personal philosophy that I follow basically encourages open-mindedness. I feel it’s important to do what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and free. I hope to one day become a Graphic Designer or Marketing Designer. Before I can even think of my career, I am focused on getting great grades in college and eventually graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree.
The Avatar I chose was one of many murals created by a street artist Called Buff Monster. I chose this as my Avatar because it reflects on my interest in Street art. The mural contains different bright colored, funny looking monster characters. This art corporate a lot of humor, imagination, and creativity all aspects I feel have. In his art pieces he uses a lot of bold, long flowing organic lines and organic shapes, and warm colors such as green,pink,orange , and yellow, that really pop and grab your attention, this gives off a really fun, exciting, and chill vibe, all characteristics I feel can be used to describe me.

Although I feel the image I chose  as my Avatar does a great job at depicting who I am and what my intrest are, there are a few things people might misinterpret when looking at my Avatar. One misinterpretation people might have is that I major in illustrations instead of communication design.  People might be confused by this because of  the goofy characters seen in the image. People might also think that I want to become an professional illustrator, a career where I can create my own characters . As cool as that would be, it’s not something I want to pursue.As I said in my bio, I would like to one day pursue a career in graphic design or marketing design. These are some misinterpretations some people might make when viwevie my avatar.
After I completed my profile, I felt as though I did a great job at conveying what kind of person I am. My profile talks about the things I like and love, It talks about the things I care about, and the things I’m passionate about. I also feel that my profile conveys personality very well. I feel I wrote enough information to give people an idea of what kind of guy I am. When creating this profile I admit it was pretty hard, it’s not really easy to talk about myself, but for the most part, I feel that I wrote about who I am truthfully am, instead of trying to write about what people want to hear. I hope people like the person I am and maybe we can become friends. I hope that people can get a clear idea on what type of person I am, I also hope that this profile can help attract many creative artistic people with similar intrests and Ideas.

my college experience

Being a new college student can be very hard, but i did not fine my fine week that difficult. i was excited to start college and expected it to be something completely different than how it actually is.

I taught that the classes were going to be harder but i have found them to be really easy. like my math class, i taught i was going to learn some big math formula but all the professor did was fractions and percentages, I have found other class like my foundation drawing class very interesting, i didn’t know how to draw so i am looking forward to learn more from that class.

I also taught the students were going to be more like high school student, but i am happy that everybody has their own life and they don’t feel like they have to be in everybody’s business. how like how civilize all the students are. i like the fact that there is a lot of students, there is student at any time of the day, even in the really late classes. All the students are actually here to work and learn, nobody is here to make fun of the student or professor.

one of my few problems are the elevator, they are either broken or the are too full, sometimes i just take the stairs because it took too long and the line was way too long. Same problem with the I.D card, i had to stand for close to 2 hours to get it, it’s the same with the financial aid, everything is really long and takes time.

so far my college experience has been really good, and very different from what i taught it was going to be. i am looking forward to the rest of the semester and the next 3 years.