Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project taught me the most so far, i’ve never really studied colors, or color theory, and i went in knowing very little.  I think from what i learned, it can help me better understand the themes that i repeat on in my personal work. For this project , i think i could have done phase 2 a little neater? maybe i should’ve just used more tape, but overall i’m pretty content with everything done.


Phase 1: Discover

Phase 2: Define

Phase 3: Develop

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

the  prompt we were given was ‘Cold’, so we went with band name that would showcase that, we all chose ‘Bitter Whistle’ because not only did it match our prompt, but i feel like you can almost feel it, i would describe it more as a cold wind. We also chose Icy Shriek and Sharp Snarl, to match.  To further evoke this feeling of a cold temperature, i went with lighter blues, and a navy blue for the text. While working on the poster, what i struggled with was the circular design. I wanted it to be near black in the center, but i couldn’t figure out how.

Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This Project thought me a lot about warm and cool colors and how to represent them. It also thought me a lot about the different ways to combine colors to achieve each level of saturation and value. I also learned a lot about visual weight, balance, and symmetry. This was a very interesting project, one that I will look back on when creating future work.