Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This project taught me the most so far, i’ve never really studied colors, or color theory, and i went in knowing very little.¬† I think from what i learned, it can help me better understand the themes that i repeat on in my personal work. For this project , i think i could have done phase 2 a little neater? maybe i should’ve just used more tape, but overall i’m pretty content with everything done.


Phase 1: Discover

Phase 2: Define

Phase 3: Develop

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

the¬† prompt we were given was ‘Cold’, so we went with band name that would showcase that, we all chose ‘Bitter Whistle’ because not only did it match our prompt, but i feel like you can almost feel it, i would describe it more as a cold wind. We also chose Icy Shriek and Sharp Snarl, to match.¬† To further evoke this feeling of a cold temperature, i went with lighter blues, and a navy blue for the text. While working on the poster, what i struggled with was the circular design. I wanted it to be near black in the center, but i couldn’t figure out how.

Saturation Studies: Phase 4

This Project thought me a lot about warm and cool colors and how to represent them. It also thought me a lot about the different ways to combine colors to achieve each level of saturation and value. I also learned a lot about visual weight, balance, and symmetry. This was a very interesting project, one that I will look back on when creating future work.