Class notes: Thesis statements and more

Reading “The Inclusive Museum” by Sina Bahram, from The Senses eBook

What is a thesis statement?

  • It’s not a question: it can be the answer to a question
  • it’s the main idea of the piece (essay, article, etc)
  • the claim that it makes or argument it establishes
  • is it an opinion or fact? it’s an opinion supported by facts
  • it’s specific to a topic, but it pushes that topic into something arguable, supportable with evidence
  • comes at the end of your introduction
  • road map of your essay
  • it’s a draft until you’re done!
  • it’s appropriate to the assignment in topic, scope, approach, etc


Although [thing we expect], actually [thing readers don’t necessarily expect].

Although both buildings represent workspace in downtown Brooklyn, they represent diverse approaches to architectural design that developed over the last 150 years.

Although [similarities we expect], actually [difference we come to discover]

Although both the built environment and the natural environment are located in downtown Brooklyn, they represent different materials, designs, and therefore, different experiences for Brooklynites.

Although [difference we expect], actually [similarity we didn’t necessarily expect]

Although the photograph makes these buildings seem like they are next to each other, they are far apart in terms of architectural design, uses, and ???.