Project 3 : Juxtaposition

The image I have chosen is a picture of a tree branch stuck in a fence. The image raises various questions. These are questions such as how did the fence get intertwined with the branch. There is also the thought if it was done intentionally. If it was intentionally done then the thought that follows is why.
I chose this image because I felt that it was very out of the ordinary. It almost seemed as though a tree was cut and the remains of it are stuck in the fence. However, it may be likely that the branch was placed there into the fence. This is likely because that is an area where people do a lot of things for art purposes. For example in that same area there is a wall spray painted with an interesting looking design. This leads me to believe that the branch may have been placed there intentionally.
The branch appears to be significant because of the fence. The pattern on the fence serves as a background that makes the tree branch stand out. The tree branch stands out more in the fence than it would in most other places.

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